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To Those Who Answered Our Call to Artists…

Obviously, since it is Monday and the sketches will be debuting tomorrow, if you have not been contacted by me, then you were not one of the five artists chosen by the super secret panel. I’m sorry about that. There was an amazing outpouring of talent – so much so that the panel was extremely divided on the artists, with roughly 30 or so artists receiving votes in the balloting (the panel was a twelve-member committee), so it was clearly no easy task getting it down to just five artists.

Outside of my apologies for you not being picked, I was thinking that perhaps a kind of cool idea would be to do a gallery of people who tried out next week to show off your skills and promote your art blogs/DeviantArt galleries/whatever.

So, if you’d like to participate, e-mail me a sketch at bcronin@comicbookresources.com and I’ll feature it here next Thursday along with a link to your site.

For the theme, you can use this week’s sketch theme – just draw your “dream” inter-company crossover.


Thank you! I’ll have a submission soon. It will be excellent. It involves a conflict between the two most dangerous men named after animals.

I didn’t even hear about this but I’ll try my hand at the “dream” intercompany crossover sketch. :)

Are the “guest” submissions due this Thursday (the fifth) or next Thursday?

Next Thursday, Anonymous, the 12th.

Well, poo.

But I DO have an idea for a consolation sketch. It involves platform boots, crazy demon creatures, and breath mints.

Is there a link to where the Monday Sketches are shown?

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