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Congrats to Da Fug!

Regular commenter Da Fug is the first person to notice the little hidden message that’s been going on in the Year of Cool Comics Archive since May 11th.

Good eye, Kirk!


Heh. You started that like a week after the ST thing.

I’m curious what else you could use for apostrophes other than ‘Mazing Man.

Heh. You started that like a week after the ST thing.

Well, when the ST thing was finally revealed (and it was funny that the “ST” part wasn’t even discovered at first, just the “S” part of it), a few people were like, “Now I’ll look for hidden messages everywhere!” so I thought it’d be funny to start one, like, right after that! :)

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

August 9, 2010 at 3:07 pm

So what was the deadline to write you going to be?

September. I sat down the other day and wrote out a schedule where the message would finish on exactly August 31st. So Da Fug discovered the message just a few weeks before it would have been revealed.

ETA: And it’s a good thing, as September has THREE Es in it!

Kirk as in Douglas or James T., thank you very much. I think I checked the archive a few days after the “ST” thing but completely forgot to check again until today. It’s kinda hard to catch unless a whole word or sequence is spelled out already. But it’s pretty ridiculous that it went on this long again.

Deadman Robin Incredible Hulk Nova Ka-Zar Young Avengers Outsiders Uncanny Takes Rom Omega Men Vigilante Aquaman Legion of Super-Heroes Thor Infinity Inc. New Gods Enemy Ace

Kirk as in Douglas or James T., thank you very much

I didn’t get what you meant there until I realized I had written Kurt. Oops! My bad! It’s fixed now.

Oh, you sneaky devil.

What was the hidden message. I don’t see any comment from Da Fug in that link.

That’s because Da Fug was following the hidden message. ;)


August 9, 2010 at 6:20 pm

What’s word begins with BYS?

The “S” was the beginning of the next word.

That said, “bystander” begins with “bys”! :)

so do we get told what the message is, or do we have to discover it for ourselves?

The Ugly American

August 9, 2010 at 8:57 pm

People, it doesn’t take a junior high school diploma to do it.

I hated middle school.

I never check the archives, so I don’t feel too bad for not seeing Brian’s message. But it did take me way to long to get Squashua’s message, considering I knew there was a message to look for. Nicely done, both of you.

Apparently an Idiot

August 10, 2010 at 12:46 am

I got Cronin’s by starting back from ‘Mazing Man because of Thok’s comment. But I can’t get Squashua’s at all. A little help, please, if anybody reads this.

I think it’s “Drink your ovaltine.” “Uncanny Takes” is supposed to be “Uncanny Tales”

[finds message]

[slaps forehead]

Cute one Brian. Remind me to check the master list more often.

Yeah, but since the ‘Mazing Man has Magnus right after it, don’t you have an extra M in there? Or can I not read right? Either way, nicely done.

Are you continuing with the lineup you had left (as in, I assume, EPTEMBERFIRST), to complete the message, or what? Or do we just find out for ourselves :)

When any of you got to “Drink”, didn’t you just finish it right up auto-magically?

No, because some of us are under 100, Squashua ;)

Just kidding, but “drink Ovaltine” isn’t necessarily a slogan used too much today. I know about it from reading about old-timey radio stuff, but not everyone’s gonna know that.

“Drink Ovaltine” is a reference to a movie from 1983, A Christmas Story.

Yeah, but since the ‘Mazing Man has Magnus right after it, don’t you have an extra M in there?

‘Mazing Man is not an M.

D’oh, now I get the ‘ reference. So if this was a music blog, you would have used a Frank Zappa album :)

Oh, and I actually haven’t ever seen a Christmas Story, so I didn’t know the reference from that, and that’s my bad. And I meant no offense to Squashua, I was just kidding around. But the hidden message would have been easier to read

So really, just ignore my posts. Cuz I can be dum.

I was counting the second words in titles, like an idiot. So i was like “Drihnk Ya Out? Do I gotta skip letters or something? No, that doesn’t work.” Whoops.

@Travis – What’s “Oatih hutek” mean?

And it’s “Drink Your Ovaltine”, people. Little Orphan Annie would be ashamed of you all.

It’s Aztec for “use the enter key next time, Squashua!” :)

If Annie’s ashamed of us, she should mention it tomorrow in her comic strip. Oh wait…

Ah, I love ya, Squashua. Just bustin’

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