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Regarding the Moments Countdown…

If you folks wish to send me your thoughts on the moments you voted for (via my e-mail at bcronin@comicbookrsources.com), I would be glad to mix them in with the moments as they get counted down.

Just be sure to title the e-mail something obvious like “Moment Comment” or something like that, so I know what the e-mail is regarding.

Oh, and just as an aside, looking at the moments who made the list today, how amazing is this Bruno Premiani panel of the Doom Patrol basically giving the finger to the villain who holds their lives in his hands?

Powerful stuff.


As great as this moment is, I think it is one of those whose impact has been lessened by resurrections and whatnot. Back when I was a kid and started reading comics, the Doom Patrol was like a comic fan legend because these characters not only gave their life, they stayed dead. It was crazy — a whole team that had been killed off, to save a few civilians. Trying to find back issues of Doom Patrol was very hard because everyone wanted to see this for themselves. Now that they’ve been back for years and years, though, this moment just can’t have the same impact for new readers.

I’m not complaining about them being brought back or anything, mind you. I’m just not sure newer fans can totally appreciate why this moment is such a memorable one for older fans.

Yeah, is an awesome moment, but it hasn’t bring brought that much for the next writers the Doom Patrol has have, only in the sense. “Yeah, we died once and now for some reasons we are still here”. I love what Grant and Giffen and others writers have done with the Doom Patrol but the characters have never say, “Hey, remember when we die to save life? Yeah, that was awesome!” Is like they are ashamed of that

I would also like to think of it as Arnold Drake giving the finger to everybody who didn’t buy his batshit crazy awesome comic.

Brian: for once I made my comments on the various choices *before* the list came out, so I won’t repeat myself now. :)

Well, except for this one here, since it is apropos: Sorry, but I don’t see the Doom Patrol’s deaths as heroic. How did they know that Zahl would keep his word and not destroy the fishing village anyway? They didn’t. If this were more like Ferro Lad’s sacrifice, who DID know that his death would save the galaxy (AND he also saved Superboy by taking his place) THEN I would be impressed. Oh well at least they were defiant to the end.

I dunno, the Chief looks to me like he might be having second thoughts – “Excuse me, what was the question again?”

Well, I just love what Grant and Giffen and others writers have done with the Doom Patrol.

Heh she could just lift that net off.


August 11, 2010 at 11:58 am

I didn’t want to add to the chorus of “I thought this or that moment should have been higher on the list” in the regular feature, but since you’ve posted this moment on it’s own… I really did think this deserved to be higher.

I starting reading comics long after their sacrifice, but even in the 80’s (before their rebirth) it was seen as a big deal.

The deaths may have been undone and all that, but Silver-Age heroes actually dying as the way to end their series, ballsy stuff.

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