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Top Five Month RETURNS!

You thought you were safe – you thought it was all over, but you were wrong – two years since we last saw it, TOP FIVE MONTH RETURNS!!!!

Bookmark/check this space for the list of top five as the month continues!

1. Top Five Characters From the Marvel 1993 Annuals

2. Top Five Titans Cover Appearances by Characters

3. Top Five Thor Covers by Walt Simonson

4. Top Five Characters Whose Real Names Are Way Too “On Point”

5. Top Five #300 Issues

6. Top Five Bloodlines Characters

7. Top Five Mike Zeck G.I. Joe Covers

8. Top Five Justice League Unlimited Characters Who Should Also Be Members of the “Real” Justice League of America

9. Top Five Most Famous Characters To Debut In Issues Where They Were Not The Most Famous Character Introduced In That Issue

10. Top Five Thing vs. Hulk Covers

11. Top Five Characters to Debut in the Pages of the Avengers

12. Top Five Comic Characters That Share Names With Major League Baseball Teams!

13. Top Five “Great Scott” Exclamations on Challengers of the Unknown Covers

14. Top Five “Near Miss” Relationships Between Avengers Teammates

15. Top Five “Great” Exclamations by Superman on Covers!

16. Top Five Comic Book Tigers

17. Top Five Characters Introduced in Batman or Detective Comics in Last Two Decades

18. Top Five Yellow Characters

19. Top Five Characters Who Debuted in Tales of Suspense

20. Top Five Comic Book Characters Who Debuted in Comic-Based Cartoons

21. Top Five 400th Issues

22. Top Five Lies/Deceptions by Professor X

23. Top Five DC Comics Annual Themes

24. Top Five Joneses – Part 1

25. Top Five Joneses – Part 2

26. Top Five Joneses – Part 3

27. Top Five Carl Barks Creations Not Named Scrooge McDuck

28. Top Five Daredevil Writers

29. Top Five Daredevil Artists

30. Top Five John Romita-Designed Costumes

And feel free to use the comments here to make suggestions of Top Fives that you would like to see this month!



* Top 5 Bloodlines characters? (I’m assuming you plan this already as you did the Top 5 characters from Marvel annuals.)
* Top 5 Ultraverse characters?
* Top 5 cross-company specials? (Not just Marvel / DC, but also possibly including Punisher / Archie, Batman / Predator, etc.)
* Top 5 Justice League members?
* Top 5 Avengers members?
* Top 5 Marvel or DC characters who have never been a member of either the Justice League or Avengers?
*Top 5 Comic Book tragedies? (Nothing snarky, but things like Gwen Stacy, Iris Allen, Jean DeWolf, etc.)


top 5 New Universe characters.

top 5 revamps of Red Circle characters.

top 5 indie B&W Superheroes.

top 5 erotic comics

top 5 DC version of Marvel characters & vis-versa (you know, analogues)

top 5 longest runing subplots

top 5 humor comics

top 5 best bang for the buck

Top Five NEW Members of the Fantastic Four (Not the Originals)

Top Five Fives (The Inferior Five, The Fatal Five…etc)

Top Five Comic characters not introduced in comics (Harley Quinn, Firestar, etc)

Top five superhero voice actors.

Top five characters who we really don’t know who they are (I’m thinking of the Joker, the Phantom Stranger, Black Orchid before Gaiman got to her…).

Top five vehicles (has this been done before?). (I want to see the Zoo Cruiser get its props.)

Top five villains seen only in Hostess ads.

Here are 5 of my lowly suggestions:

* Top 5 characters whom were killed off in their first appearance!
* Top 5 uses of an established DC character by Neil Gaiman in ‘The Sandman’ books!
* Top 5 super hero girlfriends/boyfriends/significant others!
* Top 5 super hero kids who stuck around (as in, not AU or “imaginary tales” characters)!
* Top 5 hilariously awesome Dr. Droom moments!

I love this month! Can’t wait to see what comes up!

Top Five Comic Characters Played in a Movie by Chris Evans

“Top five villains seen only in Hostess ads”

Please, please do this one.

Top 5 Clones
Top 5 90s Robot-Suit Villains (e.g Jury, Annex, etc)
Top 5 Pages Drawn by Cam Stewart / JH Williams III / Quitely (anybody good)
Top 5 Vertigo Series Launched After Sandman #75
Top 5 Superhero Gadgets


Top 5 Good but Overrated Storylines,

in order of ascending disparity between quality and reputation. I want to stress that the stories should be GOOD otherwise it just devolves into “Some idiots actually like this crap?” type snarkiness.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Top Five Feuds between creators
2. Top Five Feuds between characters/groups
3. Top Five Replacements (new character taking over existing heroic identity)
4. Top Five Robots
5. Top Five Archenemy Relationships

1. Todd McFarlane and anyone, esp. Peter David
2. Thing and Yancy Street gang
3. Jacques Foccart following Lyle Norg as “Invisible Kid” in Legion of Super-Heroes
4. Machine Man
5. Batman/Joker

Hey, I had to do a list of five just to fit the theme…


Top five Warren Ellis creations
Top five Robin moments
Top five issues of Concrete
Top five supervillain teamups

Top Five Women Wolverine Has Bedded

Also works for Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Arsenal, Nightwing, Hercules, etc. Also, Black Widow and She-Hulk have some pretty famous notches in their bedposts if you want to count down their Top 5 .

Top 5 characters you wish had stayed dead…
Top 5 DC runs that should get the hardcover treatment a la Starman, JLA, and Gotham Central…
Top 5 creative teams that should have had an extended run on a character instead of just a special story (Miller/Mazzuchelli Batman, Dematteis/Zeck Spider-Man, Moore/Gibbons Superman, Claremont/Art Adams X-Men, Gaiman/McKean Hellblazer, etc.)
Top 5 worst things to happen to DC continuity/top 5 worst for Marvel continuity (I’m thinking disasters like The Clone Saga, Civil War, the various messes made of Supergirl and Hawkman, Jason Todd’s return, etc.)
Top 5 Batman artists (so many to choose from here…)
Top 5 writer/character wishlists (Alan Moore-Fantastic Four, Kurt Busiek-Dick Grayson, Jeff Smith-Justice League International, Brian Michael Bendis-Batman, Ed Brubaker-Wolverine, etc.)

Top Five (Wo)men Wolverine has Beheaded

top five moments when a character turns to look at someone off panel that hasn’t been revealed to the reader and exclaims “YOU?!?!”

Top Five Grant Morrison Stand-Ins

Top Five Ellis Chainsmoking Bastards

Top 5 artists that draw the Hottest Women

“top five moments when a character turns to look at someone off panel that hasn’t been revealed to the reader and exclaims “YOU?!?!””



This is pretty damn cool!

My suggestion:

Top 5 Uses of Nudity In Comics

– and a nomination: Princess Zarda in Max Supreme Power. Yeah, it’s old, but still… yowza!

Un Mas: Top 5 “No Prize” Moments

Top 5 “Let’s Get Ready To RRRRRUUUMMMBBLE!” covers. Covers that promoted the greatest scraps in comic book history between 2 characters!
(e.g. Uncanny X-Men 222, Detective 400, Incredible Hulk 181)

Top 5 “In This Issue…Somebody Dies” Comics
(e.g. Daredevil 181, Amazing Spider-Man 121, A Death In The Family)

Top 5 inexplicable abrupt characterization changes.

Like for example Speedball’s totally new personality in the first issue of New Warriors.

The Beast’s change from a brute who spoke like the Thing and Nick Fury to a highly educated guy with fancy language.

The Beast’s change from a highly educated guy with fancy language to the merry prankster comic relief he became when he joined the Avengers and became blue and furry.

The Beast’s change to classy scientist with a noble, professorial air.

The problem with top 5’s is that for the most part we can most likely guess the top three. For example, if you did a top 5 archers Hawkeye and Green Arrow would definitely be one and two.

How about top 5 Algamated characters? Not necessarily the headliners.

Top 5 crossovers. I remember a Cap storyline that went on for 6 or 7 issues that ended in a Hulk comic.

How about top 5 costumes derived from other heroes. Like Kid Flash, Batgirl, etc.

Best retcons. I know we generally hate them, but there had to be some we liked? Right?

Top 5 Mike Zeck GI Joe covers

Top 5 ways to tell Joe Kelly and Joe Casey apart

C’mon, I can’t be the only one who confuses them!

Top 5 cancelled too soon Keith Giffen titles (Heckler, Vext, Reign of the Zodiac, Suicide Squad, Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos, Punx, Trencher, March Hare….)

Top five characters that were used once and never seen again!

Top 5 covers to DC War comics.

Top 5 most iconic Booster Gold covers.

Top Five Deaths of Jean Grey

Or, conversely

Top 5 Deaths of Professor Xavier.

Top 5 Heroes with the Captain Universe Powers.

Top 5 Children of Super Heroes.

Top 5 deaths that have STUCK!

I like James M’s suggestion: Top 5 deaths where they stayed dead. But, hmmm, there might not be enough who actually stayed dead to total five…

Seriously, how about just “Top 5 deaths”. When Red Skull died (for a while) in Captain America 300, I thought the story was executed so well Marvel should have left him dead for that reason alone…

I like Third Man’s suggestion: Top 5 worst things to happen to DC continuity/top 5 worst for Marvel continuity.

To add my own to the suggestion pile, how about Top 5 comics companies that died. (On a sarcastic note, you could do Top 5 dead comics companies whose characters were bought up by DC.)

How about Top 5 flaming arse-holes who ever worked at DC or Marvel? That would make an interesting read…

Top 5 Hand-Held Weapons in Comics (belonging to one character)

(Thor’s Hammer, Sandman’s gas gun, DD’s billy clubs, Wonder Woman’s Bracelets, Catwoman’s whip, The Shadow’s .45’s)

Top 5 talking animals that are not funny animals
Top 5 Green Lanterns not from Earth
Top 5 “day jobs” held by superhero secret identities
Top 5 time displaced heroes
Top 5 villains with a color in their name
Top 5 fire using characters

I feel like I could do this all day.

Top 5 Halloween Themed Issues
Top 5 Christmas Themed Issues

Top five Grant Morrison revamped/created characters that have never again seen the light of day, or who have been handled poorly.

Top 5 Jim Aparo Brave & The Bold Covers

Top 5 Pre-Crisis DCU Earth-2 Moments

Top 5 Captain Marvel Knock-Off’s

Top 5 Unmade No-Brainer Superhero Movies

Top 5 Company Crossovers

Top 5 Names that are used by DC and Marvel characters . ( such as Sandman).
Top 5 Red Krytponite Superman transformations.

if you do ‘top 5 worst things to happen in Marvel’ put Ultimatum at #1

Top 5 creative teams you would like to see in the next Wednesday Comics.

Here’s mine:

Chip Kidd and David Mazzucchelli

Gail Simone, J.H. Williams III and Dave Stewart

Paul Levitz and George Pérez

Geoff Johns and Alex Ross

Kevin Smith and Tim Sale

“Top 5 time displaced heroes” – this gets my additional vote. As does “Top five villains seen only in Hostess ads”.

There are great suggestions here but some of them would take days of work!

Least Successful or Most Forgettable Marvel Star Comics Titles

Top 5 DC characters not animated–Geo-Force & Alan Scott come to mind.

If it’s not too late. Top five members who joined the Legion of Super Heroes under false pretenses.

There’s a lot of them.

How ’bout the TOP FIVE LEE’s in comics? Narrow it down from this bunch:

Stan Lee
Jim Lee
Jae Lee
Lee Weeks
Bryan Lee O’Maley
Alvin Lee
Sunny Lee
Tommy Lee Edwards
Jubilation Lee
Tony Lee

… I’m sure there are others.

Top 5 characters who die on their first appearance (maybe not counting secondary characters whose death define a bigger character – as uncle Ben for Spiderman)

Top 5 superheroes inspired by Superman (Rob Liefeld’s Supreme, Marvel’s Gladiator or Hyperion, for example)

Top 5 mutants that were never X-men

Top 5 uses for Batman’s utility belt

Top 5 riddles by The Riddler

Top 5 biggest brains

Top 5 greatest “stretch” superheroes (Plasticman, Mr. Fantastic, etc. etc)

Top 5 ways comic books have influenced society!


Top 5 Most Humbling Moments in Comics (nominee: Spider-Man tells the Beyonder how to go to the bathroom in Secret Wars II #1)

Top 5 Non-Human Green Lantern Corps Members
Top 5 Legacy Superheroes
Top 5 Headshots in Comics
Top 5 Ultimate Spider-Man Pop Culture References
Top 5 Tattoos in Comics

How about making Top 5 a more regular feature? I would like to see a lot of these lists!

Bummed that we only got 28 days worth – 30 days have September.

Top 5 DC/Marvel Characters that are so much alike they can practically be each others parallel universe counterparts.

Top 5 worst comic book based films.

Top 5 Batmobiles.

Top 5 Roblifeld poses (seriously).

Top 5 Superheros without code names. Bonus: Codename suggestions.

Bummed that we only got 28 days worth – 30 days have September.

They’re there, the list just needs to be updated. I’ll do that now.

Top 5 Superhero mullets ( 90s Supes, Longshot)

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