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A Year of Cool Comics – Day 245

Here is the latest in our year-long look at one cool comic (whether it be a self-contained work, an ongoing comic or a run on a long-running title that featured multiple creative teams on it over the years) a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the comics posted so far!

Today we look at Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra’s Adventures in the Rifle Brigade…


It is quite possible that there is not a single comic book writer out there nowadays who is a bigger fan of war comics than the great Garth Ennis. So therefore, who better to do an over-the-top parody of war story cliches than Ennis?

And that is the heart of Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, which is expertly drawn by Carlos Ezquerra.

First off, Ennis gives us the ultimate collection of ridiculous stereotypes as the team…

Then he places them into ridiculous situations, like when they attempt to pass themselves off as German soldiers

In a brilliant sequence right before this, Ennis shows us a group of German soldiers hanging out talking about how much they have to live for and how they are looking forward to their lives past the war. Before the Rifle Brigade shoots them all, of course. Twisted stuff.

A recurring gag in the series is one of the members of the team keeps faking fatal wounds to get Darcy to do stuff like kiss him or more as the series progresses.

This first mini-series was 3 issues, followed by another 3 issue series soon after. This only gives you a glimpse of the madcap, bizarre nature of these stories. Definitely a blast for any fans of war comics or war films!


It is a good, breezy, fun read. And because of Cecil, I learned what a “John Thomas” is to the limeys (I hadn’t yet seen Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life), and I still say “Show me the love of tigers.”

Jolly good fun, eh? Gotta love that wry Ennis humour.

Wonder what’s Ennis gonna do now that the second series of Battlefields is at an end?

I wonder if Tarantino has read these. The concept is very, very similar to Inglorious Basterds.

Full Blown Retardedness.

I normally like Ennis’s stuff, but these ones were too far for me to enjoy, much like DIcks. If you like Dicks, you’ll probably like these.

I have the first issue of the second mini, and it’s definitely over the top, but it is kind of fun. And Ezquerra is awesome. I loved the Strontium Dog stuff I’ve seen of his.

If DC/Vertigo is collecting forgotten treasures, they ought to do this. Of course, after losing the Boys, they may not want to…. (Well, there is different management now.)

“Distinguishing features : Scottishness”: Cracks me up every time.

Both minis have been collected in the Adventures in the Rifle Brigade tpb. You might even be able to find a copy somewhere.

Real fun silliness. I wouldn’t put it in the same sentence as Dicks though. Dicks was really awful.

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