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Guess the Real Spoiler! (September 8, 2010) Updated with Answer

Labour Day has delayed books in the US by a day this week, but not in Canada, because, when we get a day off, we work twice as hard to keep on schedule. That means it’s time for another round of Guess the Real Spoiler, the game where I will give you spoilers for every comic I read this week and you will try and guess which is real. Of course, don’t participate if you don’t want to be spoiled (as even fake spoilers can contain a germ of reality or maybe just be way better than what happens, therefore spoiling your reading experience when you find out what really happens). I will update the post tomorrow around noon with the answer. Now, on to the game!

Edit: The answer is now at the end of the post…

This time, we’ve got 13 comics…

Amazing Spider-Man #641: The reason why Peter and Mary Jane broke up? In erasing the knowledge of his secret identity from the world, Mary Jane also lost her knowledge of Spider-Man’s identity and Peter broke up with her to protect her.

Batman and Robin #14: Simon Hurt shoots Dick Grayson in the head.

Batman: Odyssey #3: That dinosaur in the museum is a robot that attacks Batman and Robin, killing many of the criminals in the process, all a plot by… Killer Croc!

Daytripper #10: The story of how Brás’s parents met and how he was conceived, ending with his death via miscarriage.

Doc Savage #6: Doc Savage knows of a terrorist plot, but he’s stuck in prison because of the events of the book’s first arc — and Washington, DC is nuked.

Greek Street #15: Eddie is killed by the monstrous woman stalking the streets of London.

The Incredibles #13: Violet’s boyfriend (and son of a former supervillain) betrays the family to the evil group of supervillains that have been plotting against the Incredibles.

Irredeemable #17: Modeus hates the Plutonian because he is his future child, born after the Plutonian raped his mother… an act that hasn’t actually occurred yet. But will.

New Avengers #4: Iron Fist returns to Earth and promptly punches Dr. Strange in the face.

The Thanos Imperative #4: Thanos is resurrected via the ‘statue’ of Thanos on Titan that was never reanimated in the Cancerverse.

Thor #614: Tyr gives his life — and soul — to protect Hel from the Disir.

Thor the Mighty Avenger #4: The Warriors Three come to Earth and Hogun promptly punches Thor in the face because of whatever happened that got Thor banished to Earth.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #2: Blade is staked.

Guess the real spoiler! Have fun!

The Answer: New Avengers #4. Thanks for playing. Glad that I could fool so many of you.


Batman & Robin #14 (I’ll get my books in a few hours, so I thought I’d play while I could).

Batman & Robin 14.

Batman & Robin #13 opened with a flashforward of same, and something tells me that might be the cliffhanger this month, but something also tells me that that is what you want me to think!

If Daytripper does end like that, that would be neat.

Perhaps, Bill… perhaps.

I’ll guess Greek Street, even though it ends next issue

Man, the daytripper ending would be neat. But would you be mean enough to spoil the ending of one of the more special book out right now???? Really?

I’m going with the Thor spoiler.

Thanos Imperative. Just because I think Batman and Robin is too obvious.

I’m guessing it’s either Thor or New Avengers.

Irredeemable #17

that seems like something Mark Waid would need to take a shower for.

Thanos Imperative is my guess.

Mysterious Stranger

September 8, 2010 at 1:26 pm

Based on how the story in Thor has been going, I’m gonna have to go with the Thor spoiler being real. It just seems fitting with the way things have built to this point.

Then again, that Killer Croc/Batcave dinosaur one is pretty good too.

There should have been just one more prompt punching in the face. at least i would have thought it funny.

I wish it was Amazing Spider-man, but that would make too much sense for it to be real.

Batman and Robin #14, because Morrison said it would happen at SDCC

I’m guessing the Thanos Imperative ‘cuz you have a Thanos-crush on the character.


Daytripper: How many times must a Bras die before he lives to die again for the final time. Reminds me of a John Byrne title in Alpha Flight “How long must a man lie in the earth ‘ere he rot?”

Go figure. ;-)

Wow this has gotten harder and harder each time…I am going with the crowd here and say either Thor situation will happen more readily than the others. Tyr’s “heroic” death for the win!

The Crazed Spruce

September 8, 2010 at 3:44 pm

I’m guessing The Incredibles, even though the New Avengers one would be awesome, and even though I didn’t even know there was an Incredibles comic book ’til I read this post.

(And even though I am in Canada, I don’t live anywhere near a comic shop, so I can still participate.)

Spider Jerusalem

September 8, 2010 at 7:22 pm

New or Ultimate Avengers.

Hoping for the New Avengers spoiler to be true. A good face punching is always nice, and Strange has it coming for spending the past few years as a complete screw-up.

“I wish it was Amazing Spider-man, but that would make too much sense for it to be real.”
I’m going to agree with that one, and I will instead have to pick Batman and Robin as the real spoiler. Although I also wonder if Chad’s baiting us with such a simple, promising answer. We’ll find out tomorrow!

New Avengers. Punchin.

The answer is New Avengers #4. As always, I was pleased that most of you guessed other comics. The Batman & Robin one was a cheap trick — but effective.

And, of course, I wouldn’t actually spoil Daytripper — nor Irredeemable. Those need to be experienced for themselves.

Well i’m sure thats going to be a laugh out scene then, esp with the art.

So what’s the “horrible, shower-worthy spoiler” for Irredeemable then? It’s not like I’m not going to just go to the comic store, flip to the back of the book and look at it.

You could maybe buy the book, Squashua.

Do you think that the Plutonian is right? I just read Irredeemable today. I liked the issue a lot. A lot of cool things happened. The Survivor was a jerk in the issue and now there’s a bit of a consistency problem. How can the Survivor be so powerful with the new knowledge we have?

Yay! The face-punching was well worth the admission fee.

“You could maybe buy the book, Squashua.”

Price point.

Then I’d suggest waiting for the trade… or getting over it and putting your money down for a very good comic.

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