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September 2010 Reader Art Gallery!

Every week, we have six artists do sketches based on reader suggestions. The feature is called The Line It Is Drawn (check it out here). Well, once a month I am letting any reader who wants to share their OWN drawings send in one drawing apiece based on one of the topics that the Line It Is Drawn artists used in the previous month (in this case, August). I’ll feature the art with the artist’s name and the artist’s website (if any).

Here is our first monthly reader art gallery!


The art is posted in the order I received them…try to guess which piece was drawn for which past The Line It Is Drawn theme!

First, Douglas Nelson, whose site is here.

Next is Julius Villanueva, whose site is here.

Next is Rob Keenaghan, whose piece is NSFW enough that I am making you click here to view it. Here is his website.

Next is Ben Cohen, whose site is here.

Next is Chaz F., whose site is here.

Next is Tom Tung, whose site is here.

Next is Boy Akkerman, whose site is here.

Next is Wilson….

Next is Jess Harrold, whose site is here.

Next is Michael Magtanong, whose site is here.

Next is Jason Welborn, whose site is here.

Next is AJ Ryan, whose site is here.

Next up is Ian Miller, whose site is here.

Next is Julio Molina-Muscara, whose site is here.

Finally, here’s Rufus Edge, whose site is here.

Thanks to all of our readers who sent in art! Feel free to start sending in art (one piece per artist) for next month’s gallery, which will appear on the second Thursday in October!!


Haha, love Ryan’s Batman/Full Metal Alchemist! Alex Armstrong always makes me laugh :)

So cool. The “Mickey Man” one is awesome, and I also dig the Fantastic Four / Arrested Development mashup. The hands-down winner though is Spider-Man in ancient Egypt. It literally took me a few seconds to realize that this was a superhero drawing, that’s how well the artist captured the pyramid vibe.

Oh and maybe it’s just me, but I’m not seeing Julio Molina-Muscara’s pic.

Some nice stuff. I dig the Batman and Outsiders one most, right off the bat, but they all have something interesting to them.

However, I’m out of touch with some of the things that are “mashed up”, so it would be nice to have a note saying what the piece is supposed to be. I may be just out of touch though, so don’t mind me.

Ha! Some really great ideas. I love the Egyptian Spidey too. Really well done. I think I saw that on the wall in an episode of Lost. Tobius Funke as the Thing is funny! And the Nick Fury Mouse is also awesome. Oo-eck!

All the cartoon dogs together is a great idea & piece of art too. I recognise most – Santa’s Little Helper makes it look like there’s sugar in the water – but Scooby is a little small. He’s a great dane, after all. ;)

The Outsiders piece is magnificent.

Also: “Doctor Doom horny, Michael.”

Loved Nick Fury/Dangermouse! (and Dum Dum/Penfold!) Marvelman/Mickey pretty cool too!

Great stuff all around! :)
Loved the Cartoon Dogs (look at Brian!), and the Vixen/Storm team-up is beautiful, but IMHO Egyptian Spider-Man is the winner – That picture came out AWESOME!



Oh MAN! The Galactus vs Phineas and Herb made me both laugh AND smile! Great work! :D

But all of them were pretty creative as well. This is something I miss on today’s comics, the will to go beyond the usual and just have fun creatively. Great works overall.

Hmm… when you stop and think about it, Kirby’s OMAC was sort of the first cyberpunk comic: corporations controlling the world in the future, enhanced humans used as weapons, sentient A. I.s etc. Great match with The Matrix!

Could Egyptian-Spider-Man be fighting Hawkman? (I first guessed The Vulture, but he doesn’t look that “vulturish.” And Hawk IS from ancient Egypt!

My “Best Drawn One” choice goes to Storm & Vixen.

Wow, it took me a while to recognize what Batman had been crossed with (Full Metal Alchemist.) I’m behind in my Anime watching these days, gotta catch up…

lol Think of the chaos Phin and Herb would cause with The Ultimate Nullifier…? *shudders*

Did Doom cry out “WARNERS!!!” at that ghastly Bugs Bunny fate?

First it was Kim Possible, now it’s Danger Mouse…. can there be anyone paired with SHIELD that can’t come out cool??? *gets handed note* …. O yeah.. I forgot about Hassellhoff…*cringes*

OMAtrix was awesome, edging out Egypider-Man by an eye….

(yup it bad joke day)

i second the note of having the mash up original source listed, as some of them i don’t recognize either. Thanks,

Tremblefish / Wilson Plaza

September 10, 2010 at 3:06 pm

I think these are all SUPER creative [ – PUN! ! – ] and a whole lot of fun besides!
Liked them all but must say I really LOVED the “MARVELMICKEY” piece; it’s somehow a ‘quantum hyper-icon’.

– ‘Effin’ –

Also (and I think I’m not alone here), I would ABSOLUTELY buy a STORM / VIXEN comic.
Oh, and by the by, THANX for all the positive feedback.
Let’s keep this going folks! You inspire me.

All of the drawings are great but that OMAC/Matrix is just crazy awesome.

If someone drew Throg versus Sword of the Atom, I would love them forever.

Marvelmickey and the Phineas and Ferb vs Galactus were definitely my favorites this go round

Awesome work across the board. I really like the Captain America/ GW crossing pic.

Spidergypt-Man for the win!

The Thing as a never-nude. Thank God.

A bit confused here. 1) Where/how do we submit the art? 2) So everything submitted after this post is restricted to the Aug TLID, or are the ones in this post supposed to be based on the Aug one? Hard to tell because the submissions above don’t seem to be restricted to any one challenge.

Dangermouse, Agent of SHIELD is awesome!

batman and the outsiders is genius.

Thanks AJ Ryan. Your piece is very nice as the ones you show at DeviantArt.

My favorite one is Spider-Man in Egypt by Jason Welborn :)

It’s Ferb, not Herb.

(hmmm…ponders a Phineas & Ferb/WKRP xover…..)

I agree, some notation about what’s being mashed would be nice…

(like the nsfw I didn’t get..nor the Storm/Vixen one)

Loved Phineas and Pherb! and the guy who drew Storm and Vixen is awesome.

This is a wonderful idea for a regular feature. Some of these guys should be working in the business. The Cap is great but I feel bad singling it out as so many others were good too.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with some of the references.

1. Douglas Nelson gives us Bugs Bunny and Doctor Doom.

2. Julius Villanueva mashes Mickey Mouse with Miracle Man.

3. Rob Keenaghan introduces Superman to Naked Justice.

4. Ben Cohen presents Lockjaw and Droopy Dog, Scooby-Doo, Huckleberry Hound, Brian Griffin, Dino etc…

5. Chaz F. remakes the classic film The Outsiders with the classic team of Batman and The Outsiders.

6. Tom Tung pits Galactus against Phineas and Ferb.

7. Boy Akkerman has Damian taking up the bow and arrow ala Robin Hood by way of William Tell.

8. Wilson combines The Omac Project with The Matrix.

9. Jess Harold replaces Nick Fury with Danger Mouse, Agent of SHIELD.

10. Michael Mugtanong teams Storm with Vixen.

11. Jean Welborn sends Spiderman back to ancient Egypt.

12. AJ Ryan (THATS ME!) introduces Batman to Fullmetal Alchemist.

13. Ian Miller blends the Fantastic Four with Arrested Development (nice touch with Tobias/Thing).

14. Julio Molina-Muscara shows how Captain America helped George Washington cross the Delaware.

15. Rufus Edge lets Franklin Richards have his own Toy Story.

Now that you have all the names of the references feel free to google anything you don’t recognize.

Thanks AJ for that comprehensive listing :)

Thanks for the kind words and for supporting this feature! Not only is it an awesome idea, it’s a hell of a lot o’ fun! Great work from everybody!

That’s one of the best Vixens I have EVER seen.

Thanks for the kind words, it’s a privilege to be included alongside these great pieces, particularly that superb Egyptian Spidey. Thanks to Brian for putting this together, and to the readers for supporting it. Long may it continue!

So cool!!

I’m honored to be a part of the first of hopefully many more Reader Art Galleries for The Line It Is Drawn feature! And in the company of such talented and cheeky artists to boot!

Many thanks to Brian Cronin for throwing the party and fellow CSBG & CBR enthusiasts for the kind words! Really means a lot. Glad y’all digs!



Looking at the Batman and the Outsiders artwork, I now understand one of the scenes from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

NoMoreDucks (Boy Akkerman)

September 14, 2010 at 4:49 am

@ AJRyan
Argh!!!, that was Wilhelm Tell wasn’t it? I always get those 2 confused :(

Thanks. This posting of my work just lead to an AWESOME sale. Much appreciated.

Love Jean Welborn’s spider-man in ancient Egypt. and Julius Villanueva Micky Miracle Man Mouse is inspiring.

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