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Top Five “Great Scott” Exclamations on Challengers of the Unknown Covers

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a look at one of the most fun aspects of old issues of Challengers of the Unknown – the crazy exclamations the characters would often shout on the covers! I am going to only count those that begin with the classic “Great Scott!” opening…


5. Showcase #6

Their first cover appearance is practically sedate compared to some of their later exclamations…

4. Challengers of the Unknown #14

Rocky’s exclamation almost seems normal here…

3. Challengers of the Unknown #9

This one gets higher because of the oddity of Ace taking the time out while they duck to make the exclamation….

2. Challengers of the Unknown #13

Very astute observation/exclamation, Prof!

1. Challengers of the Unknown #18

But not as astute as this one! That was quite a mouthful!!

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Great Scott! Word balloons!

I’m one of those fans that actually like word/thought balloons and captions on covers, as opposed to the straight-up portraiture of today. The dialog was always exaggerated, mostly unnecessary, and definitely added to the sense of ‘fun’ of reading comics.

My favorite part is how the statement gets to move around between characters. Were it the FF, I think Reed would be the only one who got to say it.

By the way, who was Scott and what was so great about him anyway?

Scott is the guy who does Scott’s Classic Comics corner, and he’s great because he shows off cool old comics (such as these).

The cover for #18 is amazing… GREAT SCOTT! It introduces Cosmo as well!

I miss dialogue on comic covers.

What was I saying about breeds of dogs…? I mean seriously? Wasn’t Great Scott the catchphrase of like, EVERYBODY in the Silver Age?

I think Brian just wanted to show off these wonderfully wacky Silver Age Challengers covers. For which I’m grateful, as I’m never seen them before. Really, the CotU don’t get the respect they deserve today. Oh, and what was Cosmo like?

These are cool. Who was the artist on most of these?

And here’s a question: is “Challengers of the Unknown” a (semi-)common phrase outside of the comic? I ask because on the New Pornographers great album “Challengers”, they use the phrase in the title track. If it’s a phrase pretty much exclusive to the comics, that makes the NP even cooler than I thought.

I’m Scott.

Yes, I am great.

It’s one of my favorite expressions! I encourage you to use it all as often as possible!

More!! Exclamation!!! POINTS!!!!!!!

The truth behind one of the most overused and outdated phrases in comic history!


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