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Top Five “Great” Exclamations By Superman on Covers!

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a list inspired by the recent Top Five “Great Scott” Exclamations on Challengers of the Unknown Covers. That got me thinking to all the times Superman would exclaim “Great ____!” on the covers to his comics. So here are the top five Superman exclamations that begin with the word “Great”!!



These ones aren’t Superman exclamations, but how can you do a list like this and not at least pay lip service to Perry White shouting, “Great Caeser’s Ghost!”?

And so long as we have Perry White, how about Lois Lane shouting “Great Heavens!”

Now on to Superman!!


You would think there would have been a cover with Superman shouting “Great Rao!,” but if there is, I sure haven’t seen it. If someone knows of one, let me know and I’ll add it. Otherwise it just has to stay an honorable “never actually happened” mention!

“Great Stars!”

This one is really a toss-up between the one at #5. I can see going with either one of them.

5. “Great Suns!”

I figure Superman’s powers DO come from the Sun, so this is appropriate!

4. “Great Moons of Krypton!”

I love how specific this one is.

3. “Great Guns!”

This one I love for the sheer nonsensical nature of it. What does that even MEAN?!?

2. “Great Scott!”

A reliable classic. Superman used this one a lot.

1. “Great Krypton!”

This one, however, is his go-to exclamation.

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


That Grundy one is hilarious. I love “Great Stars” but only because the conculsion to that story must of been “And it turns out they were just crazy and Billy died on the moon”.

Guns is an archaic euphemism for breasts, so there is a (probably unintentional) double entendre.

“Great guns” would be more appropriate with Turner’s Supergirl.

Dean is correct.

Is there any cover that says “O Merciful Rao!”?

I read that quote in Alan Moore’s “Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow”.

How about a cover that says “BURN!!”?

“Great Moons Of Krypton” aside, that Solomon Grundy one is a really great cover. The angle on the tramway and the city below is downright vertigo-inducing. Man, I love Curt Swan.

Man, Superman used to be great. The one with him exposing his robot innards would make a fantastic plot for the new Superman movie. Someone forward a copy to Christopher Nolan.

I was always partial to “Holy Frickin’ Hell!” or “Jesus H. Christ!” myself, but I guess I can see why they went with “Great Scott” and “Great Krypton” instead.

Pretty sure that Gundy cover is by Garcia-Lopez, considering a)it’s his style and b)you can see his credit just above Grundy’s right foot.

I could only remember him ever saying ‘Great Scott’ and ‘Great Krypton’, although I’ve seen that Supergirl cover before (I just didn’t ever remember the ‘Great Guns’ I guess).
Did he build a robot Clark Kent as well, or did the Robot Superman have to play both roles?
Why would he want wax statues of people he sees every day already? (But the first appearance of Streaky– that’s a momentous occasion. Has Streaky appeared any in recent decades?)

Superman never made any money saving the world from Solomon Grundy.

Superman should be more discerning. Not everything can be great. I was half-waiting for “Great Pile of Tacos!” to make it’s way onto the list.

See, in some ways I would prefer Superman to talk like this in every modern appearance. It just cements how much of an incorruptible character he is — he has no dark side, no character flaw; he’s just polite to everybody. Even when a writer has him say “damn” it seems offensive to me.

I did just see an old cover that had Superman exclaiming “Shades of Satan!” but it was topical, because he was in fact fighting some kind of occult menace.

For a while there almost every World’s Finest cover had Superman, Batman, Robin or even some random passerby yelling “Great Scott!”

It’s not “Great,” but my favorite Supermanism will always be “I’ll be a three-eyed Kryptonian babootch!” Talk about specific!

I generally tend to think of “Great Scott” rather than “Great Krypton” as Superman’s go-to expression in part because of the Filmation cartoons of the 1960s where it was used all the time. As a result, “Great Krypton!” feels more like an upstart.

There are other cover instances of “Great Moons of Krypton” even, although I think it was Supergirl using it.

I think Solomon Grundy just wants Superman’s cape as a blanket to wrap his teddy bear in. Poor little guy’s all cold and everything, out there in the swamp…

Lol old superman was so much better

The Grundy cover has done it’s job…I gots to know why he *is* stealing the cape!

I always imagine Silver age Superman sounding like Hank Hill.

I too would’ve nominated “Great Scott!” as the most-used Super-ejaculation.

Tom F. wrote:
How about a cover that says “BURN!!”?

This one springs to mind: “Laser War Over Metropolis”, SUPERMAN #322:

Again by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, with story threads continued from the Solomon Grundy issue (#320) Brian included.

Dave wrote:
my favorite Supermanism will always be
“I’ll be a three-eyed Kryptonian babootch!”

Did he use it as Superman? I only remember Superboy saying it once, when Dev-Em turned down membership in the Legion.

I’m having a difficult time resisting the urge to make a joke about that last comment.

Okay. Mike Blake wasn’t there when I wrote that.

Garcia-Lopez is awesome. I wish he did more interior work these days.


Larry Niven already did it for you.

my fav exclamation from superman was when he told luthor.. eat a dick nigga !!!…oooor was that from the boondocks…hmmmmm..

Jose Garcia-Lopez did the #4 and #5 covers. That’s why they pop out compared to the other covers. Why they look better than 99% of the covers you see today.

Not a cover, but here’s a WW2 example in his comic strip where Hitler does something so outrageous that Superman uses Perry White’s trademark exclamation!


Just think if Garcia-Lopez had been given permanent cover AND interior assignments to the Superman books when the first Chris Reeve film was released in ’78.

There might not even have BEEN a Byrne reboot!

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