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Top Five Comic Book Tigers!

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with the top comic book tigers (comic BOOK, mind you, so no Hobbes!).



We can’t do a list of “tigers” without mentioning this panel, right?

Also, I’m not counting Zabu as a Tiger, but if I did, he would easily be #3 on the list!

If you think he should qualify, feel free to just imagine him at #3 and everyone else just bumped down a spot…


Tellos was a fun series and Koj was a cool character.

Ares and Venus from Lions, Tigers and Bears are both interesting characters.

White Tiger

John Ostrander did some clever work with this character, who was an actual tiger evolved into humanoid form. Ostrander explored nicely how someone like that would actually ACT.

White Tiger

I was not a fan of killing off Hector Ayala, but his replacement as White Tiger, Angela Del Toro, has been a good character.

Tyger Tiger

Tyger Tiger was a good supporting character during Claremont’s first Wolverine run.


I’m just amazed that no one has killed Tigorr off over the years!

Tiger Girl

She only had one issue, but it was very memorable. Jerry Siegel and Jack Sparling were the creative team!! Siegel’s writing was a bit too campy, but I liked how he actually had her be a feminist at a time when you would never see a feminist character in comics (heck, barely in ANY medium!)

Tiger Shark

What I love about Tiger Shark is that he’s just a good ol’ fashioned regular bad guy. Oh, they have tried to make him more evil over the years, but he always ends up being just another bad guy at the end. Although he is definitely a victim of “Team-joining=Power-deflating,” as he used to be a solo threat, but once he started joining villain teams, he has seemed like less of an individual threat.

5. White Tiger

This was Christopher Priest’s last ditch effort to try to save Black Panther, and when that failed, he got a few strong issues out Tiger in the Crew. The Crew was a cool book.

4. Tigra

My apologies to Tigra. I overlooked her at first, and she clearly belongs on the list!

3. White Tiger

Hector Ayala does not get nearly the same respect as his 1970s’ peers, like Shang Chi and Iron Fist. What’s up with that?

2. Tawky Tawny

Dude’s a talking tiger that hangs out with Captain Marvel!! AWESOME! He probably should be #1, but I have a soft spot for…

1. Bronze Tiger

Another Ostrander character, Bronze Tiger was one of the best characters from the Suicide Squad, which was one of DC’s best series from the 1980s/1990s.

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Is there a reason for listing Tigorr but not Tigra?

Also, there’s a Batman villain version of Tiger Shark. He’s not worth an honorable mention, but I figure I’d mention him.

Just an oversight, Thok, I’ll toss her in there!

No problem. I’m just keeping you honest.

Bravo on selecting Bronze Tiger for #1. I was expecign Tawky Tawny, and when I saw him at #2, I was surprised, then slightly shamed at not havign thought of Bronze Tiger, as I am a Suicide Squad/Richard Dragon devotee of long standing. An excellent list all around.

The first two are definitely right on!

What no Zabu, seriously. Ouch. Now I know he’s technically a sabretooth cat not tiger but he was always refered too as a tiger and if we’re being biologically accurate the list needs some serious revision.

Poor Zabu.

Batman has the Shark (from the Terrible Trio) and the Great White Shark (Warren White, from the considerably underrated Arkham Asylum: Living Hell mini), but I don’t remember a Tiger Shark in there.

Where’s he from?

Maybe he’s thinking of Tiger MOTH?

C’mon man, Tawky Tawny DEMANDS to be number one! In a polite, natty, slightly cowardly way, of course.

Where’s he from?

Tiger Shark was in Detective 147.

The only people who remember him are the Batman: Brave and the Bold writing staff, who threw him in the Legends of the Dark-Mite and Fury of Firestorm episodes.

Cringer/BattleCat got his start in the mini-comics, so he counts right?

I also would’ve put Zabu at #1.

Nobody killed off Tigorr ‘cuz he’s too a bad-ass character to put down!.

Knew that the Bronze Tiger would get # 1 spot.

I feel like notoriously mediocre Marvel villain “Bengal” should have at least gotten an honorable mention, if you’re going to give Tyger Tiger one.

I’d reverse the top two: but otherwise it’s very good.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that Atlas comics ‘Tiger Man’ didn’t make the list. Still, I had to mention him out of respect — as a kid, I somehow thought he was pretty cool.

What, no Zabu? Also, how is Tawky Tawny not number 1?!?!?!!?

This list needs more Koj from Tellos. One of the best Image books from the company’s best years.

I liked Tellos well enough, but I dunno if I liked it enough to get Koj on to the list.

But just for you, Christopher, I’ll throw him on as an honorable mention!

I dunno, I love Bronze Tiger and Tawky Tawny, but number one on my list would be the Armless Tiger Man: http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/armlesstig.htm

I’d have to agree that Tawky Tawny should have been #1 (when I saw the title, I figured either Tawky or Hobbes would have to be #1, and you ruled out Hobbes), if only because he’s an actual tiger, not just someone using “tiger” in their name. (Bronze Tiger’s pretty cool, too, though.)

I love me some Bronze Tiger, but Tawky should really be tops here.

What? No Bubastis? Bronze Tiger is definitely the best #1, though…

Fun list! I love these totally random categories.

You’ve got the Lions, Tigers and Bears image in there twice. The first one is where a Tellos image should probably be.

What about the tigers from Kamandi?

What about Tony the Tiger? Isn’t he grrrreat?!?

Sorry, my bad.
now I got a hankering for Frosted Flakes.

Hobbes should be number one. I reject your reasoning why he can’t be on the list. I own books that are filled with comics that star a great tiger.

Also, that Omega Men cover is really, really horrible.

Honourable mention for Tiger comic, a UK weekly anthology that ran from September 1954 to March 1985 ? That’s nearly 1600 issues and two years longer than Barry Allen’s silver age career.

Also Tiger Tim – a long running nursery comics character (1920 onwards) that Alan Moore resurrected as a Dr Moreau experiment in the secong LOEG series.

Thanks for the Sam Kieth cover!

I hate Tigra SO MUCH!

Wonder Man : Chris Sims :: Tigra : me

Seriously, she’s a superhero furry.

To David– I thought Bubastis was a lynx.

Yeesh, how many White Tigers are there? When I first saw the category, my first thoughts were the White Tiger (Ayala, the only one I’ve seen before) and Mr Tawny. I don’t know why I didn’t think of Tigra; I love Tigra.

Hey, speaking of all those White Tigers, no love for the Sons of the Tiger?

I think Marcus’s hatred for Tigra must be exceeded only by Bendis’s.

Mr. Tawny wuz ROBBED.

“Suicide Squad, which was one of DC’s best series from the 1980s/1990s.”

AMEN Brother!

Now if @!$#%^#% DC would get off their $%%#%%$^*^!!!! and put out a TPB Collection of it already!!!

I kind of expected to see Shere Khan from Fables get an honorable mention. He had a pretty good run early on.

Since Atlas has been in the news lately, I’d say Tiger-Man at least deserves an honorable mention.


What about Flying Tiger from, what was it, New Warriors? Huh? Where’s he? (or she; I don’t remember anything about the character besides how he was a tiger person who could fly)

Flying Tiger needs love.

Yep, Tawky Tawny should be #1. And Kamandi’s Prince Tuftan should be an honorable mention at least.


Wolverine’s iconic look has much more in common with a tiger than a wolverine, so he tops my list. :P

Nice to see some Bronze Tiger love in the list! ;)
spectreguy(thinking about dragging out the old SS and rereading them!) :)

What about Tigra from the Thunder Cats?

Where’s Peter Parker in the list?

Ah nvm. Slow loading of images XD

Obviously he is a character so utterly rhidiculous that he does not even rate an honorable mention, but for the sheer camp value I just had to bring to everyone’s attention the insane double-amputee Nazi agent known as Armless Tiger Man…


Weirdly enough, Reginald Hudlin actually used Armless Tiger Man as one of the villains in his recent miniseries Captain America and Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers, or as I like to call it, “I have no damn clue how the hell this thing can possibly fit into any sort of previously established Marvel continuity for World War II, but at least it was nice to see Denys Cowan getting work in the comic biz again.”

What? No Hobbes?

White Tiger is a perfect example of Marvel creating characters just so they would not lose the name trademark over time, but not reusing the original for some reason (I’d like to say being original, but I doubt it. Probably they made up the character first and then some editor renamed them when he realized an old trademark was about to expire.)

Also, as a Puerto Rican I was elated to discover Marvel had a Boricua superhero among their roster!!!… Only to see him have HIS ENTIRE FAMILY massacred, and he didn’t even avenge them (Spider-Man had to do it for him, since he was shot too.) And then they killed him off later too. At least they tried to fix it up with his niece (not sure how that worked, never saw the title.)

Good list. I would have put Tawky Tawny as 1, but Bronze Tiger is pretty cool, too.

Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin

September 18, 2010 at 3:09 am

“Another Ostrander character, Bronze Tiger was one of the best characters from the Suicide Squad”

As far as I know, Ostrander didn’t create the Bronze Tiger. His first appearance (as Ben Turner) was in Denny O’Neil’s novel “Dragon’s Fists”, which also introduced Richard Dragon. Dragon’s and Turner’s first comic book appearance was in “Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter” #1. Turner’s Bronze Tiger persona was introduced in “Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter” #18, the series’ last issue.

What about the actual tiger from Mighty Kev?

Nice list, man!
I’d never even heard of characters like Tawky Tawny & Tiger Girl so this was a good piece of comics fun.
In regards to the list, I have to mention that the Kasper Cole version of White Tiger evinces an UGHHHH!!! from me at every mention… sorry – but I can’t dig, man…
Zabu is a favorite and although I know “he’s” supposed to be a smilodon, I think ‘he’ was stated to be a “sabretoothed tiger” in at least early appearances and so: might be more seriously considered for the running.
As for my personal favorite – Hector Ayala is a glaring instance in my mind of a grossly underutilized, unappreciated and indeed, overlooked character. There was a potential in the character that was basically thrown away.
I’m all for a petition to revive Hector Ayala as the WHITE TIGER!
– [ crickets ] –
…Oh well…

I’m disappointed that nobody mentioned Tuftan. Hobbes should have been on this list as well.

I’d put Tawky Tawny as #1, only because I haven’t forgiven the Bronze Tiger for killing Batwoman!

Shere Khan from Fables. A consummate asshole.

Put me down for another vote for Prince Tuftan & the Kamandi tigers!

What about Tiger Mask?

Tawky Tawney is a walking talking facepalm.

Cool list!

Mike Loughlin –
The New Warriors had a Bengal and a Smiling Tiger, but I don’t remember a Flying Tiger.

Because I never say this about anything after about 2000, that White Tiger cover is beautiful, and makes me want to read the book. (The Tellos not so beautiful, but tempts me.)

I’m trying to figure out the difference between this list and the ‘Tiger-themed characters’ list… I’d expected actual tigers on this one, but there’s no such restriction visible. Also, people seem to be responding to the first list here (you eliminated Hobbes on that list, but not this one, but people are talking about said elimination here).
Just curious. And late.

Is Tigra based on Tiger Girl? They’re both tiger-themed feminists.

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