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Friday’s Trivial Pursuit – Imaginary Edition

It’s been a while since I did one of these, and it seems like everyone always enjoys them. Certainly, I do. So it’s time for another Hardcore, Take-No-Prisoners Trivia Contest!

This time, it’s all about Imaginary Stories. You know, alternate-universe, What If, Elseworlds… anything that riffs on alternate outcomes to the REAL history of Marvel and DC characters. We might even throw in a couple of TV superfolks too.

Let’s review the rules.

* DON’T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. If you do I will delete them as soon as possible, and probably I will also gently mock your intelligence and reading comprehension skills. No, you must EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS to ghatcher79 (at) gmail.com. Putting “Trivia quiz” in the subject line would be helpful, as well.

* USING GOOGLE AND WIKIPEDIA IS FROWNED UPON. I’ve tried very hard to make this as internet-proof as I can, but we all know that really can’t be done. So I implore you to cowboy up and try to do this without cheating. Come on, any idiot can type names into a search engine. If you MUST look things up, there’s certainly no rule against it, that would just be mean. But meet me halfway on this — for God’s sake, pull out the real comics and look at them.

* CONTEST ENDS AT MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD. Because the answers will go up in Friday’s column on the 24th.

I learned on the last couple of these that many of you are more thorough than me, often offering multiple possible correct answers or bringing up an angle I might not have considered. So if arbitration should become necessary, I will certainly try to be fair and award points to answers that deserve them, but I reserve the right to say, “Hey, it’s my contest, and I’m doing it this way.” In case of a tie score, the prize goes to the email with the earliest timestamp.

* AND DON’T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! I know, I already said that, but it bears repeating. Seriously, it ruins the fun for everyone.

And what are they playing for, Greg?

Books! Some comics-related stuff, some things that are more in the pulp area, and some that are just cool.

Good stuff! Good stuff!

Last Son of Krypton by Elliott Maggin, the first of his two original Superman novels, and Science Fiction of the 50s, a collection of pulpy goodness edited by Greenberg and Olander.

And additionally we have…

Good stuff! Good stuff!

Volumes one and two of Avengers/Thunderbolts — The Nefaria Protocols and Best Intentions. Written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza, with art from Bagley and Perez on the first and Grummett and Kitson on the second.

And finally, we have…

Good stuff! Good stuff!

Two from the 1970s Laser Books series, Seeds of Change by Thomas Monteleone and Herds by Stephen Goldin.

These are all fun books, but I somehow managed to acquire doubles on them during various outings like our recent bookscouting sojourn. So I’d like them to go to good homes. I’ll happily ship them to the winner.

But of course we all know the REAL prize is showing that your nerd-fu is the mightiest of all. So let’s see what you’ve got. Ready? Here we go.

1. According to What If #4, how many people served as Captain America? Who were they?

Good stuff! Good stuff!

How about according to #5?

2. Lord knows DC has given us a bunch of characters using the name Supergirl, and even quite a few Superwomen.

Kristin Wells is not the correct answer to this question!

We’ve had Linda Danvers, Matrix, Cir-El, Kristin Wells, Lucy Lane, the villainess from Earth-3, and so on. But in addition to them, we’ve had quite a few IMAGINARY super-ladies that either met or in some instances replaced Kal-El, as well. Who were Supermaid and Krypton Girl?

3. Who was the Master of the Future?

4. What was the NAME of the young lady who helped Conan the Barbarian when he Walked the Earth Today in What If #13?

And what was her parting gift to the Cimmerian?

5. Lex Luthor reformed when he was adopted by the Kents in Superman #175.

Story continues below

But who turned EVIL?

6. Who joined forces — sort of — to break up Peter Parker’s wedding to Gwen Stacy?

Truthfully, I always liked this alternate-universe story better than the real one.

7. You’ve all heard of Superboy… but who was Batboy, and what was his connection to the Boy of Steel?

8. Another Superboy Bat-question. When Superboy met the embittered young Bruce Wayne in Superboy #182, he was already well on his way to becoming the Batman. But Bruce wasn’t going to call himself Batman at first, but instead planned to adopt another costumed persona that was even nastier.

What was it?

9. Who was Kitty Grimalkin, and what role did she play in Batman’s life during World War II?

10. According to Valeria, how many members were predicted to be in the Fantastic Four by THE END?

This is a much better book than I was expecting from something with a downer name like THE END!

11. The idea that the entire El family made it to Earth after Krypton exploded isn’t a new one.

Believe it or not, this premise was used in the Weisinger days, too.

Only in the Weisinger-era version, the Kents did not adopt Kal-El. Indeed, in that version, a different person entirely is destined to eventually assume the role of Superman. Who is it?

12. On the short-lived SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED animated series, why exactly did Peter Parker journey to a parallel Earth?

My friend Jim saw the preview for this in San Diego, years ago. I remember when we asked him about it, he scowled and said one word: 'Blows.'

And what was the advantage he gained by changing to a new outfit when he did it?

13. Can you name ALL the participants brawling in the initial super-fight that resulted in the death of Frank Castle’s family, that set him on the path to Kill The Marvel Universe?

14. On the TV show LOIS & CLARK, Lois journeys to a parallel world courtesy of H.G. Wells, only to find that that world’s Lois is dead and Clark Kent is not a superhero. Who is Clark’s loved one that objects so strenuously to his going out and helping people with his super abilities?

And for bonus points — at the end of the episode, who’s the former President that shows up to endorse Perry White at his mayoral rally?

15. Which variety of Kryptonite began as a plot point in a purely Imaginary Superboy story?

By the way? This is only about half of them.

And who used it on Superboy?

16. In Evil’s Might, how does the young Kyle Rayner manage to score a date with hot suffragette Carol Ferris?

This was a fun little mini-series, by the way, with great art from Marshall Rogers.

….and that’s despite her engagement to Inspector Hal Jordan. How does Carol excuse stepping out on her fiance?

17. And finally…WHO exactly does young Tallant have to battle to join the Brotherhood of the Bat?

This was a cool little son-of-Batman mini-series.

There you go. Good luck — and I’ll see you next week.

P.S…. Don’t put your answers down below in the Comments. Yeah, I know, but by the time you get all the way down here, I guarantee you someone will have forgotten. Thanks.


…So I should just go ahead & post my answers here in the comments section, then? ;)

I’m going to post my answers here if that’s okay?

Man, not a chance on any of these, except that I owned a copy of What If 4 when it came out. It’s stirring memories at the fringes of my brain.

Other than Steve, I only remember one – whose identity I will not post here because I vaguely remember reading something about not posting answers in the comments….

What’s the over/under on how many the winner will get? I know none of these answers. I feel shame.

I’ve read FF The End, but don’t remember the answer, so I cannot post it here. The rest… ow!

Although I’m pretty sure that I own the Superman Last Son of Krypton book, so I wouldn’t need this prize anyway. Yeah, that’s how I’ll rationalize it.

And I think this is a throwing down of the gauntlet to other bloggers on this site to do contests. I expect one from Burgas, Bill Reed, Chad. C’mon guys!

Even if I were of a mind to unearth comics from my collection, I could only get three of these. And it took me forever to finally acquire the Gwen Stacy What If and I still can’t even remember what happened. It always amazes me that people would actually know stuff like this off the top of their heads.

Can’t play this go around, Greg. Sorry. I’ve got a store appearance on Wednesday and I’ll be busy prepping between now and then. Have sketchcards and prints to finish up. So no real time to rack my brain and/or go riffling through my ever-dwindling comics collection seeking answers.

Have fun, gang!

Ohhh Man, those are some great prices, I’d KILL to have the Last Son Of Krypton novel! (I do have Maggin’s second novel, Miracle Monday, which btw is my favorite Superman story of ALL time (short story: Superman versus THE DEVIL! And he wins because of his morality!! Take that Quesada!)

Sadly, I know I’ll never get all the answers by myself (though I DO know some of the most obscure ones, such as who Supermaid was! ;) ) and I’m reading this at nearly midnite anyway so even if I wanted to cheat I probably wouldn’t have the time to research them. Ah well, maybe next contest. :)

The problem with not using google / wikipedia is that I know NONE of the materials that the questions covers or even own the said issues.

If someone is not familiar with the said subjects, how can you expect them NOT to use google / wikipedia?

Maybe you’re making the contest so hard to win just so you can keep all the prizes to yourself? ;-)

You know, we go through this every time. Much moaning and groaning, until I point out that the winner need not score ALL the correct answers, just the MOST correct answers. Right now the contestant in the lead has four. He is still winning.

As for the Google part, I can’t enforce it, people will do what they want…. but I just think it’s rude. What skill or knowledge does that demonstrate? Especially when many of them are newer books or recently reprinted and, for crying out loud, the bulk of the questions have a picture of the original comic they’re taken from right there for reference.

And I think this is a throwing down of the gauntlet to other bloggers on this site to do contests. I expect one from Burgas, Bill Reed, Chad. C’mon guys!

Actually, our other Greg has done a couple of Name-that-Panel contests and I think they’re tougher than this. But that’s me.

I’m reading this at nearly midnite anyway so even if I wanted to cheat I probably wouldn’t have the time to research them. Ah well, maybe next contest.

This I don’t get at all. You have a WEEK.

There are two question 4’s.

Well, last time Burgas did a contest, I actually knew a bunch of those without looking. These ones am hard! I didn’t even know that GL Elseworlds existed!

That Spidey What if is the one written by Tony Isabella, right? He featured a blurb about it in his 1000 Comic Books You Must Read book (good stuff, btw). I think he said something about some fans wishing that Marvel had continued the continuity from that issue (or maybe even that Marvel was GOING to continue from that…).

I was a big fan of What If? back in the day, and when I got back into comics a while back, a lot of the stuff I ended up buying were Elseworlds (because you don’t have to know a lot of continuity to enjoy them), etc. and books like FF-The End. May not have a chance, but I’d feel if I didn’t give it a shot…

‘As for the Google part, I can’t enforce it, people will do what they want…. but I just think it’s rude. What skill or knowledge does that demonstrate? Especially when, for crying out loud, the bulk of the questions have a picture of the original comic they’re taken from right there for reference’.
Have you actually seen the prices for the issues listed in questions 2, 4 & 7? It only takes 5 seconds to look up the answers.

Hmmm, I have pretty much the entire run of What IF?, and I have FF: The End. Maybe I have a chance on this one.

Has anybody made a joke about leaving their answers here in the comments? Oh, everybody has? Damn.

Ouch! I could maybe answer four of these by digging into my comics collection, but most of it still is in my parent’s house….

By the way, it will be great fun anyway to read the answers! I am really looking forward to it.

Great column as always, Greg!

There are two question 4?s.

Ouch! Damn it. Fixed now.

I really have to do another name-that-panel contest. I have a ton of stuff to give away.

Have you actually seen the prices for the issues listed in questions 2, 4 & 7? It only takes 5 seconds to look up the answers.

Someday I will do the column about price guides vs. real life. *I* own them and paid roughly $3 each. Many of these have been reprinted as well. Showcases, WHAT IF CLASSIC, BEST OF WHAT IF, DC’S GREATEST IMAGINARY STORIES….

Anyway, answers are coming in, so I know it’s do-able. It just strikes me as funny because I really did think this is the easiest of the three I’ve put up over the last year and a half or so, because a fair amount of this stuff is in print right now, out in trade. I put in the Conan and TV questions mostly because of that.

Yeah, and it’s the TV questions plus a few of the more obscure DC entries that probably kill my chances of a decent score here…

I actually might know the answer to two of these, maybe even three, so I’m happy. :)

Man oh man… There is no way I could answer any of these…

wow, yeah no chance in hell except for like three of ‘em…maybe. good quiz. very impressive.

OK, sent in my answers. Only 5 I knew for sure with a whole lot of guessing for the rest.

Huh, I had almost forgot about Spiderman: Unlimited. Thanks for re-opening old wounds >:(

As Greg well knows I’m all about Alternate Universes and Futures by Spiderman: Unlimited just didn’t work. Good costume design though!

I liked Spiderman Unlimited. In the “this is crap let’s watch more” sense though.

I have that Last Son of Krypton Book, had it since I was a kid around 1990. Is it worth anything or is it just cool for a nostalgia factor?

1. 5; Mark, jake , kevin
2. Su Perwoman

Oh, I kid. I kid.

“This I don’t get at all. You have a WEEK.”

Oops! Sorry, I had logged on at near-midnight when I read your column, and assumed you wanted the answers for the NEXT DAY. (Should’ve read the instructions more carefully, hah? :P ) But seriously, a whole week? And you’re complaining about people using the Net to find the answers? I thought the idea behind these quizzes to show what you know *right then and there.* Giving them extra time doesn’t encourage that.


This ain’t Jeopardy. You’d actually have to look some of this stuff up in the books, if you own them. I doubt even Busiek and Waid could get them right without doing a LITTLE research, just refresh their own memories.

On a slightly different note, I do await your column on price guides versus real life. I have plenty of comics that in theory should be “valuable”, but try giving them away. And others that are “cover price or less” that I would fight you to keep.

It probably would tie in with your column a while back about “the most valuable comic you own”. Although for practical purposes, like for insurance, it’s probably better to point to an inflated price guide to “boost” the value of your collection :)

Sadly i know only one of those off-hand without any help and by the way the Spider-man unlimited cartoon does not blow !

What about blatant joke answers?
I’ll wait and see because I might have a few (joke answers that is, though I might be able to shake some of these out of my memory).

I’ve never seen “Spider-Man Unlimited” but I’m going to choose to believe that the episode about going to another dimension you mention is just this version pasted into “Dementia Five” again, because that would be too awesome for words.

Also, it’s kind of funny the way the story behind those ludicrous variant Batman costumes used in “Brotherhood of the Bat” has been kicking around the comics blogosphere recently; so that’s the actual cover to the “Brotherhood of Rejected 90s Bat-Costume Ideas” book they’ve been talking about…

(I wonder if you get a sillier, spikier getup the lower your rankings in the “entrance fights” mentioned in the question; the better you do, the less embarrassing and easier to move around in your costume is.)

Holy worthless trivia… I have every single one of these questions answered except #14. I’m re-watching that episode of Lois & Clark right now to get it… but after that, I’m submitting my answers.

I submitted my answers yesterday. Not bad considering I only read this on Sunday afternoon. :D

Can I post the answers now? :p

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