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Top Fives Joneses…Part the Third

Top Five Month (check here to see an archive of all the top five lists featured so far) continues with a three-part take on “Keeping Up With the Joneses” by looking at the top five comic book artists, comic book writers and comic book characters with the last name of Jones.

Today we look at the top five characters with the last name of Jones!


First off, I am not doing licensed characters named Jones, like Indiana Jones. In addition, I’m only counting characters who are specifically referred to as ____ Jones, not characters like Firestar whose secret identity is Angelica Jones.


Genocide Jones

Genocide Jones was a psycho villain who also one of the few real friends that Holden Carver had during Sleeper. He was not a good guy, but he was a good character.

Reno Jones

Short-lived western hero from Marvel – gotta give them credit for trying a black western hero as a co-star in a comic book!

Casey Jones

Casey Jones is probably best known for his adaption to other media other than comics, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and the film series.

Darwin Jones

The Department of Scientific Investigation is a really great idea, and Darwin Jones was the head of it and a recurring character in Strange Adventures for a number of years. Grant Morrison brought him back recently in Final Crisis and James Robinson has been using him, as well.

Genius Jones

He was shipwrecked on a deserted island with 734 books. He memorized them all, therefore becoming a genius. You have to love Golden Age comics. This genius, who would answer anything or solve any problem for a dime, was recently (and awesomely) brought back to the forefront (of sorts) by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang.

Gabe Jones

An original member of the Howling Commandos AND an early member of SHIELD, Gabe Jones has been a long-time supporting cast member of Nick Fury (and Captain America). SPOILER WARNING!!!


I hope he is still alive somehow after recent events in Secret Warriors. I mean, come on, LMD, people!!! LMD!!!

Desolation Jones

A tough omission from the top five, as Warren Ellis did a great job on this former operative who had been experimented on and then thrown into Los Angeles (which is secretly a sort of living prison for all the various “retired” government operatives from around the world) to eke out a living as a private investigator who caters only to fellow former government agents.

5. Jessica Jones

The star of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos’ Alias, this former superhero eventually began working as a private investigator. She has become a favorite character of Bendis, as he took her from Alias to the follow-up series, The Pulse and then on to New Avengers, where she eventually married (and had a kid with) the Avenger Luke Cage. Her journey from damaged hero to, well, just a plain hero has been great to follow.

4. J’onn J’onzz

J’onn would be higher except, I dunno, J’onzz isn’t REALLY Jones, per se. Okay, I admit, I just want an excuse to rank…

3. Halo Jones

higher on the list. Halo Jones is a really great character by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson who starred in a stunningly well-crafted series by the same name (it was a serial in the pages of 2000 AD). Jones is an “everywoman,” she just happens to be an everywoman who lives in the 50th Century, and besides the well-told plots of the comics themselves, one of the joys of reading Halo Jones comics is how well-crafted the reality of the 50th Century was by Moore and Gibson. It’s a joy to read.

2. Jughead Jones

One of the top comic book characters period.

1. Rick Jones

But Rick Jones slightly beats Jughead just because of the remarkable place Rick holds in the Marvel Universe. He was directly involved in the Hulk’s origin, then became his sidekick, of sorts, then became Captain America’s sidekick, then began a sort of Billy Batson/Captain Marvel relationship with the Marvel Captain Marvel, then became a partner of sorts to Rom the Spaceknight then became a close friend and partner to the then-intelligent Hulk then became merged with the SON of Captain Marvel and then, most recently, became a new Hulk-like creature himself called A-Bomb.

That is one stunningly involved history, huh? That’s enough to get #1 on the list!!

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Thought for sure Gabe Jones would get an honourable mention, just for being one of the original SHIELD supporting characters and (I think) a Howling Commando, as well as being one of the first prominent black characters in comics.

But it’s still a great list, with Rick deservedly walking away with it (although I love J’onn and Desolation as well).

Got to track down that Halo Jones someday…a little vintage Moore is never a bad thing.

Oh, and just to pile on reasons for Rick’s significance, isn’t he responsible for the Avengers forming as well? Then there’s his role in the Kree/Skrull war, not to mention a pretty interesting guest turn in Runaways as a founder of a support group for retired “young” heroes…wotta guy.

Not Harrison Ford

September 28, 2010 at 4:57 am

Rick as number one just made my day!

Rick Jones is totally my favorite Marvel character. A lot of that is due to Peter David but still.

Brilliant list.

It’s been ages since I read Halo Jones but I just moved into a new apartment and set up my comics bookshelves and Complete Ballad of Halo Jones has to go on a special shelf because it’s tall so it’s just standing there, waiting for me… definitely my favorite of Moore’s earliest works. Totally agree with every pick, and with the order too!

Oh, and a couple of months ago I met a woman named Halo at a party – didn’t even think about the connection but she gave me her e-mail address, and her full moniker (in certain circles) is “Halo Jones.” Cool name for a cool woman.

I really love that Justice League of America logo…

Hey, what about Batman Jones? I love that guy.

If I ever make it big in hollywood or write a bunch of crime novels and thus get to work for Marvel comics, I’d totally want to write a Rick Jones book which runs straight through the MU, sort of a tourist’s guide to the Marvel Universe and what’s going on in the midst of it through Rick’s eyes. He’s the best Point of View character ever (not named Kitty Pryde).

I was hoping to see Marlo Chandler Jones, Rick’s wife. She recently became the new Harpy, was romantically involved with Rick and Moondragon, was generally awesome in Peter David’s Captain Marvel series, and evn co-hosted a show with Rick called “Keeping Up With the Joneses.”

Jessica Jones is to me a pet character done well. I’m not sure why Rucka’s attempts as cramming female pet characters like Sasha Bordeaux and Renee Montoya annoy me so much but Bendis’s similar love for Jessica Jones works so well for me. I’ve loved every issue of every Jessica Jones series that I’ve read.

Thought for sure Gabe Jones would get an honourable mention, just for being one of the original SHIELD supporting characters and (I think) a Howling Commando, as well as being one of the first prominent black characters in comics.

Silly oversight on my part. Thanks, dhole, I’ll throw him in there – he definitely belongs on the list.

I thought for sure Jughead would be Number One. Don’t get me wrong, Rick is definitely the other best choice– nobody else even comes close to these top-two Joneses. But still, Jughead is, as you said, one of the top comic characters– period.
Jughead was my first immediate thought when I saw the category, followed by J’onn J’onzz and Firestar (until I saw that you weren’t going to count her). I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even think of Rick Jones until I got to the Number One spot and there he was. I don’t know why he slipped my mind, because I definitely agree with his importance (aside from the fact that Jughead should be ahead of him).
I’m glad you remembered Rick’s time with Rom. That usually seems to be forgotten whenever his history is mentioned. I don’t like the idea of Rick becoming a new Hulk-type creature, though. He works so much better as a regular person. (And hasn’t it been done already?)

No. 5?!?!

My girl deserves a higher ranking than that! Boo on you, Mr. Cronin! ;-)

Solid list! I’d probably quibble with the ranking, but when is that ever not true in comic circles? :) Jessica and Desolation are personal favorites, but I can understand that D. doesn’t really have the historical heft of most of the guys that made it.

No love for Angelica? I know Firestar isn’t really an A-lister, but she’s been in the New Warriors, the Avengers, a part of X-men history, and she co-starred with Spider-man! That’s gotta count for at least a mention, right?

If they started a series with Rick Jones as the main character that was written by Peter David it would probably end up being my favorite comic book of all time. While I’m dreaming, I may as well request Stuart Immonen as the artist.

No love for Angelica? I know Firestar isn’t really an A-lister, but she’s been in the New Warriors, the Avengers, a part of X-men history, and she co-starred with Spider-man! That’s gotta count for at least a mention, right?

How about the mention I gave her in the piece? ;)

Heh, fair enough! Follow along long enough and I feel like I know the game and forget the intro text changes. My fault.

“J’onn would be higher except, I dunno, J’onzz isn’t REALLY Jones, per se.”
I believe for his entire Detective Comics run his feature was titled “John Jones, Manhunter From Mars”.

And then there was his brother T’omm who I believe had a hit song with D’lilah. *bah dum bump!*

Good list here. I liked Jessica Jones a lot better before Bendis revealed she went to high school with Peter Parker. It was enough already that she was an unknown member of the Avengers.

Jessica was an Avenger (before recently, I mean)? I assumed she had just been a minor super-hero who hadn’t been seen before because she only interacted with the other heroes occasionally. That would’ve made sense. Can’t any of these writers understand that you can’t insert something into past history unless it’s unimportant or obscure enough that it would make sense for nobody to have mentioned it. You can’t insert anything important. This is why everyone hates the Sentry.

@Mary, she wasn’t really an Avenger. She encountered them a couple of times and, I think, was offered a position but declined. It fits into the “unimportant or obscure” category just fine.

Bah! Jughead was robbed pure and simple. Rick Jones is a second banana who got pushed from one hero to another thanks to the invention of inter-book continuity. Jughead, though, is one of the greatest creations in fiction. You disappoint me, Mr. Cronin!

1) Actually, Jessica Jones was Peter Parker’s schoolmate since ALIAS. As retcons go, it’s at least as old as her history with the Avengers.

2) I liked the Sentry in his original mini-series by Paul Jenkins. Before Bendis made him hyper-convoluted.

3) Jughead. Meh. I wonder if Archie is one of those rare American traditions that don’t translate well in most other countries? Like American Football.

Top 5 Joneses?

Indiana. What else need be said?

What else need be said?

Perhaps “Read the piece first.”

Since no one else mentioned it, I might as well: Thanks for the nod to Genocide. “Sleeper” is one of the best series I’ve ever read. I was personally hoping for Holden to show up in the New 52 (before I stopped caring about the New 52 altogether).


Amazing job to Brubaker for making me care about a character even though he was a psychopath. When Genocide was killed, I was somehow really upset.

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