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Steve Rude Auctions

In case you have not already heard this story, legendary comic book artist Steve Rude is doing a massive sale of original art so that he can avoid his house being foreclosed in the middle of November.

You can get many great deals on original Rude art, including Nexus pages for $125!

Just check out the various items up for sale on Rude’s website and his eBay account.

Also, big kudos to Erik Larsen, who purchased ALL the pages to Next Nexus #3 before Rude even put them up for auction!

So this is the best of both worlds, people, you get great deals on original art from one of the best comic book artists of this generation (Rude is the winner of about a gazillion Eisners for Best Artist) and Rude gets money to avoid losing his house!


Thank you for posting about this. It’s definitely something that needed to be highlighted. I always felt guilty several years back for not doing anything when William Messner-Loebs and his wife lost their house. So this time I plan on sending The Dude a little something to help him out.

And on his website, there are cheap things, like comics and trades, I think, so even if the original art prices are too much (even at the SEVERELY reduced prices), you can still get something to help out.

And Erik Larsen rocks.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 10, 2010 at 9:16 pm

And Erik Larsen rocks.

And does he ever. Since 1992. ;-)

I’ve supported The Dude in the past. I’ll be doing so again.

And just to make things a little easier, from an email I got from the Rudes:

Thanks so much for your email. We are able to send checks/money orders from our online store. If you would like to order Nexus 101/102 you can do so there:


Otherwise, any donation is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! It can be made payable to Steve Rude Art, llc and sent to the PO below.

Jaynelle Rude
20783 N 83rd Ave Ste 103 PMB 191
Peoria AZ 85382

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