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Spotlight on Caanan Grall at NYCC

One of our own resident The Line It Is Drawn artists, Caanan Grall, had a lot of cool stuff to show from his time at New York Comic Con, including the print release of his comic for Zuda, Celadore!!

Read more to see some awesome sketches he did at the con (including one our own Kelly Thompson will certainly appreciate) plus sample pages from Celadore!!

First off, here’s the aforementioned sketch that I’m sure Kelly will appreciate, with a very zipped-up Rogue…

Next, here’s an adorable piece with Kermit the Frog as Superman and Gonzo as Batman…

Which led, naturally, to the Muppets as the Avengers…

Animal as Wolverine sure does fit, huh?

Click here to check out even MORE sketches and commissions Caanan did at NYCC!!!

Meanwhile, Caanan’s one-time Zuda comic, Celadore, which is an amusing and offbeat look at magic in the modern world, is now in PRINT!

You can order Celadore now from Amazon here.

Here are three sample pages (click to enlarge)!!!

Great stuff, Caanan!!


Muppets Avengers…Muppets Batman and Superman…. WANT!

Me too! Caanan wins everything.

I think he has an R in his last name, Brian. Grall.

Heh. Thanks Scott. And thanks, Brian! Much appreciated.

Animal as Wolverine is fitting, sure, but not as much as Sam as Captain America, I think. Personally, I couldn’t stop chuckling as I was drawing Pepe as Thor. ;)

But where’s Fozzie?

@Brian – I think Scott’s right – Caanan’s got an R in his last name.

But also, you’re soooo right about me loving that Rogue. It’s excellent. :)

Heh, in all seriousness, I spend so much time making sure “Caanan” is spelled correctly I totally gloss over the last name! :) Thanks for the correction, Scott, it’s fixed!

Hey Caanan were you there on Sunday? I looked for you in Artist Alley, but no luck. (These are all awesome btw, though that goes without saying)

Thanks, Brian!

Cass, I was there Sunday but our booth wasn’t in artist alley (it really should have been). We were in the general, unofficial ‘webcomic’ area, next to leasticoulddo, and down the way from PvP.

Next time! ;)

Oh, and Philip, if I had more space on the page, Fozzie would have been Cage, Gonzo could’a been Hawkeye, and Scooter IS Jarvis, naturally.

Awesome work, Caanan!


Sam as Captain America is the best, I think.

Love it!

But what about Beaker?

Kermit is good as Spider-Man, but I kind of wish he was Thor.

Great ideas, greatly drawn. Canaan sure looks like he loves what he does, maybe that’s why it’s so enjoyable.

One thing though: how the heck is getting large amounts of money in your account illegal? How did the authorities even learn of it? Are banks keeping an eye out for anybody who suddenly gets rich? Not to mention how the cops showed up in what, minutes? No investigation, arrest warrant etc? Yeah I get it’s a gag, but there are more convincing ways of setting it up. Otherwise, VERY funny. :D

Sijo – Banks are very much looking out for large transfers, or multiple smaller transfers (smaller being less than $10,000 usually).

Accounts are watched very closely, terrorism, drugs etc etc.

Your account will get flagged given the above circumstances.

Yeah I get called all the time from my credit card people when suspect transactions show up. Like, straight away too. Usually from stuff bought over the net, or if I’m traveling so the point of origin is a little out of the ordinary.

From there, dispatch the nearest feds – which could be super close, who knows, it’s not something I show – and boom, there ya go.

One thing when writing for Zuda (past tense) is you only have 60 screens to tell a story, so in an effort to cram as much stuff into each chapter as I could, there ended up being a lot of jump cutting.

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