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2010 Wonder Woman Day Coming This Weekend!!!

This Sunday, October 24th, is the fifth annual Wonder Woman Day in Portland, Oregon and Flemington, New Jersey! I could tell you about it, but I think this here poster pretty much sums it up beautifully (click on it to enlarge)…

I WILL point out that one of the pieces of Wonder Woman art being auctioned off is by our very own Caanan Grall…

Good stuff, Caanan! And for a worthy cause! So go to the Wonder Woman Museum website here to learn more about how YOU can bid on great Wonder Woman artwork (like the Caanan piece above)!

A quick “attaboy!” to Andy Mangels for producing another great event!


Rats, I thought you said “Canadian”, before I realized it was Caanan Grall instead. It certainly would’ve fit with today’s Bizarro comic, which isn’t available online for some reason.

Hey, I was also going to mention Bizarro! You beat me to it!

Also: Excalibur is a tremendous shop. Very cool that they’re involved in this.

Good on everyone involved for doing something like this for such a worthy cause. And further good on them for not displaying that hideous new costume on the poster.

The wonderful Caanan Grall print says it all.

Canaan’s art is once again, both whimsical and great. :)

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