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Halloween Cool Comic Countdown Calendar

The Halloween Cool Comic Countdown Calendar continues!

The way it works is that from October 19th through October 31 (Halloween, natch), in place of the regular Year of Cool Comics feature, I’ll be featuring one cool comic book a day that is Halloween-themed! It’s a 13-day countdown to All Hallow’s Eve!

And just like an advent calendar, each day you’ll click on the piece of the pumpkin that matches that day’s date and ta da – a Cool Comic entry about a cool Halloween-themed comic book! And, obviously, you can continue to view the comics for the previous days by clicking on the previous days!

Neat, huh?



Just wanted to point out that in the two years of showing cool comics you’ve only talked about Sandman three times and even then just issues 1-7 and 18. We need a Sandman week or even just a Neil Gaiman week.

I try to spotlight slightly lesser-known comics, so the REALLY famous guys tend to be featured a bit less often (guys like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, etc.).

To wit, Moore and Morrison have only been featured four times apiece in the Year of Cool Comics (and never for the same comic book twice).

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