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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 001

Hey folks!  It’s our debut episode!

3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring me (naturally!), Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass, and Maddy from When Fangirls Attack!. Tune in weekly to CSBG Tuesdays at 2pm as we review comics, and discuss hot topics of the week. The way this cast is presented on CSBG will likely change in the coming weeks, but for now, please CLICK HERE to listen to Episode 001 via PodOMatic. You can subscribe to the feed and download directly to iTunes if you’d like to take us with you everywhere.

In our first episode! Is Batman Inc #1 a great starting off point, or potential dilution of the brand and existing characters…some of whom aren’t even around…cough>Cass Cain<cough!  Is Spider-Girl #1 worth your hard earned dollars?  And more importantly will a fictional teenage girl have more twitter followers than all of us put together?!  So far the answer to that last one is yes. A Buffy film without Joss Whedon? WTF?  And if that’s possible why can’t we get a Wonder Woman movie?  What’s better than Ming Doyle’s Lady Gotham?  Plus, everyone’s pick of the week!

Beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question!

I want to give special thanks to Nik Furious for our 3 Chicks theme song, as well as the massive help he gave in getting this put together at all.  Couldn’t have done it without you and AudioShocker Nick!  Hopefully we’ll all (mostly me) get better at this whole podcasting thing and not shame you terribly!


Glad to help!!! Listening right now!!! More comments when I’m done!

Nik Furious is an amazing guy. I think he’s made a podcast theme for just about every podcast I listen to now! :)

Excitedly anticipating listening to this over the holiday break. Wall of text comments to come shortly after.

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I love the Buffy movie!!! I know it’s not the same style of storytelling… but that’s why I dig it. The show didn’t click for me, while I thought the movie was a great teen flick parody.

BUT I do agree that a Wonder Woman movie is VITAL. They’re overthinking it, that’s what I think the problem is. She’s an Amazon princess that decides to “study abroad” and go try something different. She finds a world full of people that need her help, so she kicks ass!

Realistically, for lots of reasons, I think a good Wonder Woman movie will have to be defined in the same way that the first Tim Burton Batman movie was defined — by the obstacle and the antagonist. And I feel that once a catchy obstacle/villain is nailed down, Wonder Woman’s own catchy concept will be clearly defined.

I didn’t dig the Wondy animated film because I felt like 1) it spent too much time on Themiscyra, and 2) it was too weak on the Feminist side. I hated stupid Steve Trevor.

haha @Link yeah i think the only one he didn’t make one for is YOURS! when do you come back to life, BTW?

Woooooo!!! Awww yeah, more awesome girls who read comics!

I loved this podcast – keep it up! Very astute reviews, and it’s definitely a great thing to hear a different perspective on the comics world.

Awesome. Toss ‘em! Well done. Keep up the good work.

Downloading for an iPod listen later. Would love to sub via iTunes though. I’m lazy.

yup. AS x CSBG x 3C

haven’t listened yet – but i know this week’s EW had a whole thing on wonder woman.

Enjoyed the podcast, but the PodOMatic player thing broke my computer. It literally stopped working. Other than that, thumbs up!

@Neal yeah, the chicks definitely riffed on that article. i thought the Wonder Woman discussion was the best part.

Hey Everyone:

Thanks so much for listening. This project has been on the horizon for a while now, so it’s great to finally get it out there and I hope you all enjoy it.

A couple things. Here’s a link to one of the blogs that Maddy mentions when discussing the Spider-Girl #1 cover: http://blog.commarts.wisc.edu/2010/11/15/your-friendly-neighborhood-arana-the-state-of-latinidad-in-marvel-comics/

@Nick: Yet another movie we TOTALLY disagree on…WHAT A SURPRISE! :)

@Link: Nick’s music totally made this cast…until we had the awesome music we might as well have just been 3 chicks talking on the phone.

@Nichole: I’m so sorry to hear that. In truth, it crashed my Firefox yesterday. I hope all is well though. We’ll be moving to something else in the future…hopefully something that won’t crash you.

Oh, I got everything working again eventually, and then I downloaded it to iTunes.
It was worth the effort, so no worries.

Well, I finally got around to completely listening to it, and now it’s time to sharpen the knife!!!!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

Ah, who am I kidding – good job, for the most part. It’s always interesting to hear different people talking about different stuff, and the Wonder Woman movie thing was pretty keen, although I think whoever it was (I’m not firm on the voices yet) who said that Hollywood recoils the minute you say “feminist warrior” is spot on. You can’t say “It’s a Wonder Woman movie” because no one has an iconic vision of Wonder Woman in their head beyond Lynda Carter spinning around. And once you start explaining it, eyes start to glaze over.

I think you need to get over Cassandra Cain just a bit. You guys all mention that there would have been an outcry if Dick or Barbara hadn’t been in the cave with Batman, but nobody cares that Cassandra wasn’t there. That’s not a good comparison to make. Dick has been a major character for SEVENTY years, while Cassandra is barely a decade old and has never been an A-lister. You love her as a character, I get it, and yes, DC might be idiotic for not using her more, but to equate her absence with that of Dick’s or even Barbara’s is ridiculous. Helena’s absence is more egregious, even though Batman’s hatred of her is well documented – at least she’s been around longer and has a bigger connection to Gotham than Cassandra.

I enjoyed the reviews, but you guys need to talk about the creators a bit more. The only names we heard were Morrison and Dean Haspiel, and you did talk quite a bit about the art without mentioning who drew the issues (unless I missed it?). I was wondering who wrote and drew Spider-Girl because you all enjoyed it and I couldn’t imagine what it looked like or what the writer’s “voice” sounded like. Maybe I wouldn’t have recognized the team, but I’m surprised no one mentioned it.

I’m curious about the Whedon-less Buffy. The movie is absolutely terrible, so there’s no reason NOT to remake it, but in the intervening years, Whedon has become JOSS WHEDON, so making it without him does seem a bit odd. I don’t care even a little bit, but I wonder if you’ve overestimated the power of the Whedonites? Like many fanatical fringe groups, might they be louder than those people who are indifferent to the subject? I’ll be interested to see if negative campaiging against a Whedon-less Buffy has any impact on the final numbers. That’s assuming the movie even gets made.

Very interesting first broadcast. I look forward to next week’s!

@Greg: Good criticisms…especially needing to clearly state the creators on the books we read. I’ll introduce them differently in the future…though the idea of butchering names I’ve never said out loud before is decidedly unpleasant.

And I think you’re way off point regarding Cass Cain. First of all…TONS of people care that Cass is getting this treatment…they’re just not the same people (or necessarily the same volume) that care if say…Tim wasn’t there (although personally I’d call foul on that as well). Also, they’ve gotten used to this treatment over the years…so you’re not going to see the same vocal outcry as if Tim all of a sudden was booted from the inner circle…we’re used to being kicked around…it all just sounds like white noise now.

Secondly, you’re making some strange emotionless assumption that “years put in” determines how much a character deserves to be in that circle, rather than who the character is, where they fall in the hierarchy, and emotionally what they mean to the players involved. By that estimation Damian shouldn’t be there at all, being as he’s the new kid on the block…doesn’t matter that he’s Batman’s son…he’s new…so “who the fuck cares about him?” Bottomline, Cass Cain is Batman’s daughter. She’s a part of his family and it’s an egregious error that she’s been left out…especially at a time when we’re supposedly all about expansion.

I’m not planning to just rant about Cass Cain every week…so I’m not sure where the “get over it” attitude comes from…but it was extremely relevant this week…so yeah, it got discussed. And if it continues to come up (or not, by her situation not being addressed while new characters and expansions are introduced)…it will continue to get discussed.

It’s possible Whedon fans won’t boycott and a Buffy remake will be a huge success, it also, as I said in the cast, could be a success without the built-in fan base if they can attract the young Twilight crowd…but when in Vegas I’ll put my money on the boycott and a total failure with existing fans. I know I’m a definite boycott…and I’m sure I’ll be rather loud about it to boot.

@Greg – DC might be idiotic for not using her more, but to equate her absence with that of Dick’s or even Barbara’s is ridiculous. Helena’s absence is more egregious, even though Batman’s hatred of her is well documented – at least she’s been around longer and has a bigger connection to Gotham than Cassandra.

Except that for the past few years, Barbara, Cassandra and Helena have all frequently (and in some cases consistently) been excluded from bat-things. It was over a year after Bruce’s “death” before we actually had some reference to Barbara reacting to him being dead, no reaction from Cass aside from stripping off her costume with no explanation, and no reaction from Helena. There’s been a lack of inclusion of the bat-ladies for a while now, so this is nothing new, just a continual annoyance that I’m not prepared to let go or “get over” yet. I was actually pleasantly surprised that we got Babs and Steph showing up in Batman: The Return, despite the complete silliness of what Bruce was dictating to them in it.

Good point about mentioning the creators more often, though. I think I did mention Dustin Nguyen and Paul Dini when I talked about Streets of Gotham #17 being my pick of the week, though.

Oh, this podcast is going to go downhill fast.

Enjoyed the podcast a lot.

Buffy isn’t a vampire. I’m a Joss Whedon fan that’s too cynical to think the movie will bomb just because his name isn’t attached because of the Twilight factor and generation mentioned. I don’t know the story, so maybe they did, but it’s still absurd to me that they didn’t even ask Whedon. Hopefully it’ll bomb by being a shitty movie.

All of the tits and ass in Batman Inc. kinda ruined my chances of showing off Morrison’s latest Batman to friends and have them take it seriously with all of that. I mean it was relentless. In terms of the quality I was also initially a little underwhelmed (while still liking it), but rereading it made me appreciate and enjoy it so much more.

I think Twitter is pretty annoying and useless as it is, and yeah Kelly (unless I mixed up the voices) I think you hit the nail on the head with what you said, first of all it hardly makes sense if she’s tweeting in the moment or just doing it after she gets home, and secondly if it’s an attempt to look cool to teens it’s just going to seen like they’re being talked down to. I notice this problem at a lot with Marvel books aimed at teens with all of their “relevant” pop culture references.

But yeah, to reiterate, I loved the podcast and definitely looking forward to episode two.

Maddy: Yes, you did mention Dini and Nguyen. Thanks.

Kelly: “Get over it” was probably too harsh a phrase, because if you don’t want to get over it, that’s your right! I’m just surprised you’re not used to characters being screwed over by creators and companies – it happens all the time, and it doesn’t really matter what the fans say or think. I agree that Damian is far less important than Cassandra, but he’s Morrison’s pet character, so of course he’s going to be there. Plus, he’s the current Robin. The fact that Cassandra isn’t actually Batgirl right now is why she’s not there, fair or not. I’ve been very surprised in the past when characters who have a deep emotional connection act, under a new writer, like they’ve never seen each other before. Morrison, it’s clear, is a writer who cares very deeply about his own continuity but not so much about others’, so the fact that he’s never actually worked on a Batgirl series or with Cassandra (as far as I know) means that, for him, she might not exist. DC might have said, “You have to include Stephanie” because she’s the current Batgirl even though he might not have wanted her. Sure, DC could have insisted he include Cassandra, but as they’ve proven they don’t care about the character in the past, why should they now?

I know this is a bad argument (tantamount to saying you chicks should be happy with what you have!), but when I first started reading Batman, in 1988, the only Batgirl had just been shot in the spine and the Bat-books were a huge sausage fest for many years. DC certainly can do better, but the fact that Cassandra and Stephanie and Barbara and even Helena have gotten prominent roles in the Bat-universe over the past decade IS progress, even though it’s far from ideal. And you know Cassandra will be back as soon as some writer with sufficient clout takes up her cause!

So, yeah, I’m sorry for using “get over it.” Comics fans always have to deal with their favorite characters being treated shabbily (in their eyes) by creators. That’s all I meant – Cassandra is by no means unique. Even in the Bat-family – writers go out of their way to make Batman “right” whenever he deals with Helena, even though she’s ridiculously effective and probably does more in the community (through her teaching job) than Bruce does.

@Greg: Honestly Greg…I don’t expect DC to change anything they’re going to do or not do based on a column or podcast anyone does…especially me…but “it really doesn’t matter what the fans say or think”…I mean…you just kinda made me want to give up on talking about comics in any format at all.

Why am I even bothering with any of this?

Aside from hearing Buffy is a vampire without correction a few too many times, I really enjoyed the podcast.

I can’t say I know the whole story but it’s just absurd to me that Joss Whedon wouldn’t even be asked about the remake. Sadly I’m not sure if the Buffy fanbase boycotting the film will be enough, with the Twilight factor and generation you guys mentioned in the podcast who are either unaware of Buffy or at the very least unaware of Joss Whedon. Hopefully the movie will bomb just by being the piece of shit it will undoubtedly be.

Agreed about the whole twitter, which I find annoying and mostly pointless as it is, thing in Spidergirl too. Apart from not making sense that she’s either tweeting in the moment or doing some weird retrospective stream of consciousness tweeting back when she gets home, as Kelly (hopefully, I have to get to know the voices better) mentioned it will just be seen by teenagers readers as trying to talk down to them and weakly appeal to them. Which I think Marvel/DC books aimed at teens way too much, with lame “relevant” pop culture references. As much as I love(d) BKV’s Runaways, even in that a lot of the references induced eye-rolling.

And about the near relentless tits and ass in Batman Inc., my main problem with it was from trying to show non-comic reading friends how awesome Batman and Grant Morrison can be and that hurt chances of them taking it seriously. My college guy friends are all about hot girls, but when it’s nearly every panel she’s in, it gets a bit ridiculous.

But yeah, to reiterate the podcast was great and I’m excited to hear next week’s thoughts about Batwoman #0 which I intend to pick up later today (unfortunately without yet having read Rucka’s run…)

Well, I didn’t mean to bring you down – I just thought it was common knowledge that the Big Two don’t care about the fans of minor characters. It has certainly seemed that way for years, at least! This is partly why I’ve moved away from regular superhero books and toward the mainstream stuff that is solely the work of one creator or at least a writer/artist team, because they can have their vision and I can ignore the “incorrect” versions of the character. I mean, I assume you own Cassandra’s Batgirl series. You might want more, but if that’s good (and I know you like it), who cares what’s been done since? At some point, a creator will have a take on a character that you don’t agree with, and it will bum you out, and DC and Marvel won’t care as long as that iteration sells. I don’t know if Bryan Miller’s Batgirl is selling better than the series with Cassandra, but if it is, your feelings don’t really matter and there’s no reason for them to go back to Cassandra. I bet we both could list dozens of characters we love who have been portrayed terribly over the years, but that’s just the way it is. I certainly appreciate that you’re passionate about the character and want to talk about her, because I feel the same way about various characters who may or may not be treated well by the companies. That’s no reason to stop talking about comics – there’s way too much good stuff out there, including excellent female characters (as you well know) – to get too depressed about Cassandra’s fate. Especially because it’s true that if Geoff Johns or Gail Simone gets a bee in their bonnet about Cassandra and wants to bring her back, she’ll be back.

@Greg you know I’d agree with your statement “the Big Two don’t care about the fans of minor characters” except that sometimes they do. Stephanie Brown is a perfect example. Her return to comics was driven by a very vocal fan base. And I’m not speaking of her becoming Batgirl, that was happenstance, but rather her return from the dead to the pages of Robin. And it seems that DC Comics has provided another example in the ads of Batwoman which carries the tagline, “Because you demanded it”. Batwoman isn’t a major character in terms of page count, Cassandra Cain has been in far more pages over the years. But again a vocal fan base helped drive the book which previews today.
DC knows the fan base that exists for Cass Cain. They even make jokes about how fans ask about the character at cons. It’s good to keep the pressure on.

Sue: Stephanie is a pretty good example, and that’s another thing I forgot to bring up. If the fans of Cassandra got their wish and she was returned to Batgirl, wouldn’t that screw the fans of Stephanie out of her role? I’m not being completely facetious; I would love if the market would support a Batgirl comic and a comic starring the character who’s NOT Batgirl, but I can’t see that happening. As you guys put it in the podcast, your budgets are already stretched thin and adding another Bat-book is a bit silly. So if DC brings Cassandra back, you’d have an equally vocal fan base complaining about Stephanie being screwed. It’s a tough call.

Being wildly cynical about everything the Big Two do, I take the “Because you demanded it!” tag with a huge grain of salt. If J. H. Williams didn’t want to do Batwoman, there wouldn’t be a Batwoman comic. I’m very curious to see how well the Amy Reeder-drawn issues sell, because I would imagine the MAJOR draw of Batwoman is that Williams is drawing interiors. So maybe the fans demanded Batwoman, or maybe they demanded Williams drawing a comic. I honestly don’t know which was the bigger impetus for the comic.

As far as Cassandra is concerned, as long as she’s not dead, I’d hold out hope. I read a few issues of Uncanny X-Men when Fraction brought Dazzler back, as Dazzler is a favorite character of mine, and I wish he had just left her alone, to be honest. If everyone got their wish and Cassandra came back, who knows if she’d be written well or not? Fans might be apoplectic because of how awful the portrayal is. Be careful of what you wish for and all that.

After all that, I understand why you guys were upset. If it’s been established that she’s still a part of the Batman milieu and is still working for Bruce, it’s weird that DC editorial didn’t tell Morrison to throw her in there, even if they have no plans for her. But, again, it’s not surprising.

As always, it’s fun debating stuff with people. I hope all your podcasts are this provocative!

Great show. Very smart and entertaining. Can’t wait for episode two. Nick knocked the music out of the park.

Off topic question – how long is my ban from posting at the DC Women Kicking Ass website supposed to last?

I don’t suppose these podcasts come with transcripts ‘cuz they’re really not deaf-friendly if they don’t.

Ah well, that’s life.

@Tom Fitzpatrick: Sorry Tom. One of the reasons I opted to do a podcast rather than an additional column was simply because I didn’t have time in my schedule for another column and hoped that the podcast would be less stressful from a time standpoint (so far this has not actually proven to be true, but I’m hoping as I get better at editing it will take less time).

One of the ladies mentioned some transcription software that might make it possible to have the podcasts transcribed to text for someone interested…I’ll look into it when I have a chance.

I don’t think I will get into the thick of it. But I will say it was refreshingly enjoyable. I usually find podcast don’t work with my scedual, but I make special acceptions for SEQAlab and Inkstuds…and now 3 Chicks. Oh and put Erin and I down for having been paying attention to the Wonder Women development for years with exasperation.

So, I finished listening, and I usually write a big wall of text when I listen to a podcast, just because I like to feel involved with the conversation, so… here it goes (I tweeted you guys some of this yesterday):

– Spider-Girl is unrelated to the May Day Parker character and universe. That’s a different continuity/whatever called “MC2″. I think the twitter stuff is awkward to figure out “when” she is doing it, but I appreciate that sort of fan involvement. I sent Spider-Girl a tweet saying something like “Is twitter a smart idea? Couldn’t a Villain figure out your identity through your twitter or IP address?” and Spider-Girl actually responded and said “Reed Richards built my computer, so I think I’m okay.” It was probably the coolest thing ever that whoever runs the twitter account responded to me, and it was fun pretending that I was a part of the story/marvel universe as “some guy who follows Spider-Girl on twitter.” I just think it adds a lot of room for storytelling outside of the comic book. Also, by that response, I gathered that she uses twitter AFTER she’s done swinging around and not during, but I don’t want to read into it too much. :)

If you girls enjoyed Spider-Girl, you should check out Young Allies, which was recently canceled, but it featured Spider-Girl, Firestar, and Nomad, and acts as a good lead-in title for the character/series I think.

– Cassandra Cain, my experience with her is very limited as I started reading comics heavily right before her departure. It is pretty ridiculous she’s not shown anywhere, especially with a huge global setup, isn’t she of some type of Asian descent? Couldn’t she be the Batman of whatever her heritage is as opposed to some character Morrison is going to make up? I think Greg hit it on the head though, some writers have pet characters, Rucka had Renee Montoya, JH Williams has Bat Woman, Morrison has Damien, but once those writers leave those characters vanish into the background and in less prominent roles in the books.

– In regards to Wonder Woman and the comment about Xena. Xena was a spin-off from Hercules, because she was more or less “some hot warrior chick who could be a love interest for Hercules.” I don’t recall the episodes very well, but, yeah, maybe Wonder Woman would need the same springboard to get her own movie? Which is sad when you think about it, but, she might have to have a supporting role in a Superman movie or a Justice League movie or something before she has her own solo movie. I think the same thing happened with Black Widow, first she has star power and “sex sells”, but secondly she was in Iron Man 2 and she’s going to be in Avengers, so they’re willing to risk giving her a movie. The Elektra movie only happened because at the end of Daredevil we knew she was alive, and they weren’t making a sequel to Daredevil. So… yeah, Wonder Woman is going to need that springboard off of a male character in order to get her own movie, at least that’s what it looks like.

– @Nick, *SPOILERS* I’ll be alive again in the continuity of my own podcast sometime in December I would guess. *SPOILERS*

@LINK: FINALLY!!!! also, interesting point about Wondy and a springboard movie. that seems plausible.

Finally listened. Good start. I know it’s early days, but it’d be cool to have a male voice on there too maybe, it’d still be quite different with the ladies outnumbering and might stir debate a bit more if gender politics is going to be the focus of discussions often.

Very much in agreement with the distracting cheesecakiness of Catwoman in Batman Inc. Pretty decent book on the whole though. For shame on the podcaster that didn’t know Venom’s costume is derived from a Spider-Woman costume! Marvel U 101! Yes I’m complaining about someone not being nerdy enough and now I feel lame!

I too HATE the phenomenon of ending a book on a wink to the pre-existing audience. Every book is someone’s first book. Ending a book with a splash of someone’s face as an almighty revelatory cliffhanger is played out and ineffective for a large segment of the audience – someone picking up the series for the first time!

I had other thoughts on the show but they’ve slipped my mind…the reverence for Wonder Woman does amuse me though, I’ll say that.

@dnwilliams With respect to the women presenting the podcast, as I am not one of them, I think the issue is to bring their voices and perspective to the forefront with this one podcast. There are lots of male-centric reviewers, podcasters, bloggers and forums on comics at the present time.
As a woman, it’s nice to know there are other females out there who read comics and offer a different perspective from what’s out there currently. I genuinely appreciate what they’re doing as both a female and an avid comic reader.
Having said that, I also appreciate the idea you’ve offered as perhaps a once in awhile male guest spot. However, for now, I’d like for these ladies to get a good audience base before that! This is something I’ve personally been waiting for and am really excited about this prospect. In addition, I hope comic creators will take a serious listen to a potentially huge market they can tap into.

I think in an ideal world those male-centric podcasts would be diversified; but I did mean it as something I hope to see guest-wise rather than as a serious criticism of the overall format anyway.

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