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Giving Thanks to Nick Perks

(See what I did there?)

Nick Perks filled in really quickly for me on this week’s The Line It Is Drawn. So quickly that he didn’t have time to do more than just a sketch of his take on Darth Vader as Darkseid and Luke Skywalker as Orion.

But now I can show you the finished piece!

Read on to see it!

Check out Nick’s website here.

Click on the image to enlarge!

Thanks again, Nick!


That came out real nice! Great job!


that is cool love the expression on Orion Luke’s face.


And maybe it’s just me, but Orion looks a bit like Kirby himself.

Is it too obvious to mention the old chestnut of Lucas-ripping-Kirby meta-commentary? There, I said it….!

Good one.

Made me laugh.

@Bill: Not just you at all; that’s the first thing I thought.

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