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Flippin’ through Previews – December 2010

Be thankful that we have so many excellent comics in Previews! Don’t be afraid!

Bullseye and Moon Knight are pretty awesome, though

Boy, I don’t like that cover. The fact that they’re drawn as segmented toys kind of freaks me out, man!

Dark Horse:

I buy my Conan in trades, but on page 24, we get the newest mini-series, King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel. I like the fact that Dark Horse is telling the entire story of Conan’s life, including the king part. Of course, the first series lasted 50 issues, the second one 25 issues, and this is a four-issue mini-series. Is the interest in Conan waning????? (23 February)

Such gleeful rage!

Witchfinder: Lost and Gone Forever, another Hellboy spin-off, features John Severin on art (page 30). I really have to catch up on my Hellboy-related trades, don’t I? If only Dark Horse would do the giant library editions for the spin-offs! (2 February)

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Night Powers shows up on page 44. It contains a bunch of stuff from the webcomic as well as a brand-new story by Benito Cereno and Les McClaine. I think Dr. McNinja is mildly amusing, but not enough to pony up 20 bucks for it. It’s no Hipster Hitler, after all. (20 April)


On page 66, I noticed something in the solicitation for Green Lantern Corps #57 (I don’t want to read all the solicits; I do it for you!!!!): The GLC is “caught in the middle of all out war between Sinestro and his fear mongrels, the Sinestro Corps, against the Weaponer and the Thunderers of Qward.” I’ve learned never to guess at what some things are called, but is it really “fear mongrels”? A “monger,” of course, is someone who stirs up shit, and we usually see it in conjunction with “war,” but “fear monger” makes as much sense. I guess the Sinestro Corps could be “mongrels” in that they don’t have a pure ancestry, but what do we think? Clever turn of phrase, or ghastly mistake? You make the call! (16 February)

I’m still not jazzed about Flamebird appearing in Batwoman (page 73), but everyone should still buy issue #1. Can you resist J. H. Williams III????? (23 February)

Don't even try!

I’m still mulling over buying Knight and Squire in trades (I know it’s been getting good reviews, but I do respect Chad Nevett, and he has abandoned it, so it’s a puzzler), but issue #5 (page 80) doesn’t fill me with hope. The British Joker? Really? I mean, I know it’s supposed to be a meta-commentary on dark ‘n’ depressing comics, but that’s just a bit too odd. But we shall see. (9 February)

Klarion shows up in Batgirl #18 (page 81). I do wish DC would make some plans with the Seven Soldiers. They hardly show up anywhere. (9 February)

Unsurprisingly, I love this Dave Johnson cover for Freedom Fighters #6 (page 97). But why is the dude holding a giant pencil? (2 February)

I'm gonna RUB you out!

On page 99, DC Comics Presents has Legends of the Dark Knight #86-88, along with that first Paul Dini Detective with J. H. Williams III on art. For 8 bucks, that’s a good package. Is the story any good? Why don’t you ask this fellow? (23 February)

According to noted JoeCaseyologist, Chad Nevett (I get a “I Dig Canada” badge if I mention Chad thrice in one post!), the Wildcats trades that DC has brought out and is bringing out on page 111 don’t have the complete Joe Casey Wildcats 3.0 experience. So what’s the deal? Is Chad full of it, or is DC dropping the ball? I own all the “official” issues of Wildcats 3.0, so I won’t buy the trades, but that sucks if it’s lacking crucial issues. (2 March)

DC is releasing Hellblazer volume 1: Original Sins TP New Edition (phew!) on page 124. I like how it’s a “new … collections that put all his adventures in reading order,” because that’s a cool idea (and it features two issues of Swamp Thing to prove it!), but it doesn’t collect his first appearances. I know those have been collected in a lot of places, but still. I’ll be interested to see what they do with this moving forward. (2 March)

Story continues below

Sweet Tooth #18 is presented in landscape format (page 125). That might be keen to see. (2 February)


Love and Capes: Ever After #1 shows up on page 154, the first new issue of the series in a while. I like this series a lot, but even so, I’ll probably wait for the trade. That’s just the way it is!

Over on page 156, there’s a trade of Fish Police. FISH POLICE?!?!?!?!? Yes, Fish Police. I’ve never actually read it – the only knowledge I have of Fish Police is from the issues of Grendel that contained advertisements for it back in the day. But there it is! It’s always cool to see old stuff get reprinted for a new audience.

Is it the Apocalypse?!?!?!?

There’s a nice hardcover trade of Starstruck on page 158. It’s 50 bucks, but that’s for 13 issues jam-packed with cool stuff. And it’s Kaluta on art!!!!


Steven Struble, who’s the coloring assistant on Chew, does a webcomic called The L’il Depressed Boy, which is now getting printed on page 170. I’ve read a little of the webcomic and it’s pretty good, so I might have to check out the print version.

Look at him, being all depressed!

If you’ve been waiting for the trade of Morning Glories, it’s offered on page 184. Six issues for ten dollars – that ain’t a bad deal. And it’s a pretty good series, to boot. (16 February)

The third issue of the Firebreather mini-series is offered on page 186. I will probably end up getting this in trade, because why not?, but I wondered if anyone saw the new animated series on Cartoon Network. I haven’t, just the previews, and I must say the animation looks terrible. It’s blocky computer-generated crud, and the fact that Andy Kuhn adds so much personality to Hester’s scripts in the comic makes the fact that the animation on the series is so bad all the more depressing. Just … yuck. (2 February)

Orc Stain #7 is resolicited on page 190. I’m bummed about that, because I really want to get a trade, but the issues are coming out so slowly I have no idea when a trade will show up. (23 February)

It looks sooooooo good!

Chris Sims has a story in Skullkickers #6 (page 192). Who knew he would take over comics before it’s all said and done? (23 February)


Okay, so you know the hype around the “Death of Spider-Man” that Marvel is promoting? Guess what – it’s Ultimate Spider-Man who’s “dying.” So not only won’t it stick, it’s not even the “real” Spider-Man. Good job, Marvel!

This cover for Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned – The Ingenue #2 (phew!) is terrible (page 8), but check out the T-shirt Anita is wearing:

That's sad when it's the best thing in the book!

It’s a bird (a duck?) wearing a cape and pointed hat, riding a broom, in front of a full moon, with the words “Cold-Hearted Witch” printed underneath. That’s pretty awesome, if you ask me. (2 February)

So there’s a new Iron Man series, cleverly titled Iron Man 2.0 (oh, Marvel – you’re only ten years behind the times!). Nick Spencer is writing it. Holy crap, how did Nick Spencer become so ubiquitous? He’s writing about 25 different titles right now, for both Marvel and DC. Good for him! I just wonder if there’s some kind of infectious meme spreading throughout the offices of the Big Two: “Must … hire … Nick … Spencer …” (9 February)

On page 39, the cover of Fantastic Four #588 proclaims that it’s the “final tearful last issue.” Okay, it’s redundant, but really? What’s really going on here, Marvel? Would that it were true and that Marvel would actually allow the book to end, but that’s not going to happen, right? (23 February)

Pages 42-43: Onslaught #1. Really? (2 February)

There’s nothing not awesome about the cover of X-23 #6 (page 56) … except maybe Gambit isn’t bloody enough! (16 February)

I can't even count the awesome things going on here!

So what’s the deal with “Age of X,” which begins with X-Men Legacy #245 on page 61? Is it an alternate reality like “Age of Apocalypse”? If so, why can the X-books only do something interesting if it’s an alternate reality? (23 February)

As much as I like Joshua Fialkov, do we really need a Marvel Girl ongoing (page 65)? Haven’t we mined the 1960s X-Men enough? (16 February)

Story continues below

The Young Allies trade is on page 96. It’s not essential, but it’s a good little superhero story. (9 February)

Namor Visionaries: John Byrne volume 1 is offered on page 97. Over on Mike Sterling’s blog, some people have expressed extreme displeasure that this is getting reprinted, especially if Marvel thinks this is a “visionary” run. I don’t know – I LOVE this run, and think Byrne did a lot of cool stuff with Namor. It’s been a while since I’ve read it (I’ll re-read it soon enough), but I’m fine with it getting the high-end treatment by Marvel. (9 February)


And so, let us leave the comfort of the Big Two (and the Semi-Big Three) behind and venture into the Back of the Book!!!!

SLG has The Vesha Valentine Story: A Pin-Up Story Book on page 210. It’s the story of a burlesque/movie star who works her way up through the Hollywood ranks in the 1950s. I don’t know if it’s any good, but Des Taylor is an interesting creator, and he does attractive women pretty well, so this is intriguing.

She's SASSY!

So there I am, checking out Book Palace’s new collection, Ron Embleton’s Wulf the Briton: The Complete Adventures, which sounds kind of neat – action/adventure from the late 1950s, and who doesn’t love Britons fighting Romans? Then I looked at the price tag: $232. I almost choked. Really? Two hundred thirty-two dollars? It’s limited to 400 copies worldwide, which makes it a “collector’s item,” but why would they limit it to only 400 copies? I’m certainly not ponying up that much for it, even though it looks keen. Jesus. $232.

Did anyone read Muppet Sherlock Holmes, which is getting a trade from Boom! on page 248? Because it sounds awesome.

Come on - Fozzie with a 'stache!

Over on page 254, Garth Ennis unleashes Jennifer Blood #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. It’s the story of a suburban mom and wife who goes out at night and vigilantes things up. Yes, it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I always have to give Garth Ennis a chance even though I haven’t liked much of his stuff for a decade.

Wouldn't she be too tired to go out killin'?

Bullet to the Head gets a trade on page 264. The last issue hasn’t shipped yet, but I’m fairly confident about recommending this trade if you’ve been waiting for it.

Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink gets a new printing on page 269 from Dork Storm Press. Dr. Blink is a fairly charming tale, so it’s nice that it’s back in print. Give it a look!

Comic Book Comics #5 is resolicited on page 272 from Evil Twin Comics. I really hope it comes out this time!

Please show up!

Fantagraphics is making a concerted effort to bring all of Jacques Tardi’s works to the U.S., and they continue it on page 274 with The Arctic Marauder, which is described as a Jules Vernes-esque story about a dude in 1899 searching for a missing exploration ship in the Arctic. I haven’t heard from Pedro in a while, so I hope he stops by and tells us if this is worth checking out, because it sounds pretty cool.


Page 282 has Angeltown, the Vertigo comic from a few years ago by Gary Phillips and Shawn Martinbrough that, I guess, never got collected. Moonstone is publishing this, which is nice of them. It’s, honestly, not that good, although Martinbrough’s art is always a treat. You might like it, though!

As much as I like Stumptown, the hardcover trade Oni has on page 288 is a bit much, because it’s 30 bones. Man, that’s stiff. I really hope a softcover is coming our way, because I will recommend that without reservations.

Time Bomb hasn’t finished yet, so I can’t say with complete confidence that you should get the trade that Radical has on page 292, but two-thirds of the way through, it’s a very entertaining comic, and the trade is only 15 bucks, which isn’t bad.

Well, I’d like to point out some other stuff, but we’ve reached the end of the comics section and I must stop there! As always, ask your retailer if he’ll give you Previews for free – it will be beneficial to him in the long run! And don’t be squeamish about flipping through the slab. Good stuff lurks within!

Finally, in order to get my “I Dig Canada” badge, I should point out that I am a guest star on Chad Nevett and Tim Callahan’s Splash Page podcast this week. Tim couldn’t make it this week, so I offered to jump right in – usually on Friday night I watch “What Not To Wear” with my lovely wife, so I wasn’t really missing anything. Head on over and check it out. If you’ve ever wondered what my voice sounds like (not as nasal as it usually does) and if you can ignore my laughter (I’m not sure why I laugh a lot; I don’t think it’s a nervous tic, because I do it when I’m not nervous, but who knows), give it a listen. Fine thoughts about four-color entertainment!


there’s this one panel in Namor issue 4 or 5, where theres an oil spill and Reed Richards is using his body as an oil boom in the water and his neck is stretched up talking to Namor and Iron Man. I always thought Byrne out did himself on that panel, not sure why, just thought it was cool!

the cover of “Freedom Fighters” shows Doll-Man. that’s a normal size pencil.

and Anita Blake’s shirt has a penguin on it. because she’s really into penguins. she used to sleep with a stuffed toy penguin before she started “sleeping” with everything male that moved.

The bird on Anita Blake’s t-shirt is a penguin; the character has a thing for penguins and many of the images show her wearing different and often comical penguin designs.

“Would that it were true and that Marvel would actually allow the book to end”.
Why the hell would you like the Fantastic Four to end?

Knight and Squire has been underwhelming to me so far, but it’s not bad. You should still get the trade.

Also, your comment about Garth Ennis should come with the disclaimer that the reason you haven’t liked his work for over a decade is because he was busy writing one of the greatest runs in comics history starring a character that you hate.

I will have to check out that podcast. Three hours, though? You cads.

I’ve only read the first issue of Knight & Squire, but it’s one of, like, three comics I’m buying in singles, so it must be worth getting! On paper (wait, hold on, no)– in theory, it’s everything I want in my superhero comics. We’ll see how the execution turns out, but the solicitations make it sound like the best thing DC’s putting out. Because– new stuff! A story an issue! This is what I want. It’s that simple.

I’m hoping to pick up Dr. McNinja, but we’ll see how the dollars fall.

Chris Sims isn’t the only blogger with a comic coming out; Abhay Khosla has a story in the Superman 80 Page Giant!

Also, a Black Dynamite graphic novella is coming out from Ape. The movie was brilliant; will the comic be as good?

Mysterious Stranger

November 27, 2010 at 11:14 am

Those are Minimates on the Previews cover.

I must point it out, because I must, that a ‘monger’ means seller or vendor, e.g. Fish monger, fruit monger, etc.

War monger is used for people who are profiting from war, hence ‘selling’ it, and a fear monger is usually reserved for 24 hour news channels/ media pundits, because they are supposedly selling fear. Sinestro corps does not fit that description.

jhota: Well, dang. It would have been cooler if it had been a giant pencil!!!!

I’m really glad I didn’t know that Anita has a thing for penguins, because that would have meant I knew something about Anita. Still, it’s a cool shirt.

Sorry, Bill! We just kept talking! And I forgot about Abhay’s story, or I would have mentioned it.

Mudassir: That’s a good point, but a secondary definition is, instead of selling it, simply spreading it. So they could be “fear mongers,” I suppose. I still don’t know what the solicit is going for.

Burgas, you don’t sound like you do in my head. But I guess that’s true of everybody whose writing I read on the internet. (Hell, I don’t sound like I do in my head, either. I hate my voice. Hate it. I know everybody thinks the same, but mine, mine is the worst.)

First Orc Stain trade comes out on Wednesday, I believe.

You have heard about the 3-in-1 omnibus editions of BPRD, right, Greg?

Adam: Good to know. Thanks!

Michael: No, I haven’t. I assume you mean three series in one big package, right? Wow, that’s keen. I may have to track those down instead of buying the short trades.

Dr. McNinja beats out probably 90% of the stuff the Big Two have put out in the past five years. It’s too good to ignore, although I’m always hard-pressed to pay for stuff I can read online for free (which is why I don’t dl comics, it’s a very, very slippery slope).

Yep. Starting in February.

About Namor… “some people have expressed extreme displeasure that this is getting reprinted”. There are some types of comic book fans I will just never understand. Why would you possibly be upset that something is being reprinted?

So happy to see that Image is releasing the Morning Glories trade (w/ #1-6) the same month #7 comes out. I dont know if that means the single sales are going to hurt but as long as I get a trade every 6 months I’ll be pretty stoked.

I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of Batwoman having a Flamebird but if they got lesbian Batman to work as an interesting character I’ll trust them to make this work. I guess I’ll find out in 18 or so months when the trade is solicited.

On the topic of the Hellblazer collection, it may have something to do with the first few Hellblazer issues being available on their digital store. Maybe they sold really well and they want to get a trade out.

Its a shame the Fantastic Four had to go into an arc of flashback stories to prevent the solicits spoiling an the Three arc. Even if its totally obvious that Reed is going to bite the dust/be stuck in some other dimension/transform in a potato/whatever

Been out for a month (sorry, WAY too busy!) and the first thing I read when I am back is that I am missed. Now I’m getting all misty-eyed and such,

Anyway, The Arctic Marauder is worth checking out. It’s a weird steampunk (before that term was coined!) tale drawn in a style inspired by the illustrations from Jules Verne’s books. Excellent art and a cool, unexpected story.

And it seems that Fanta went the whole nine yards and will be publishing it on the original oversized hardcover european format, what more could you want?

This one got Tardi a Best Artist award at Angoulême in 1975 (yeah, the book is older than I am!).

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

That thing about Hellblazer: Original Sins getting a new printing. It’s my understanding that Vertigo hasn’t finished reprinting the remaining Delano issues, including his futuristic version of Hellblazer mini-series.

The same for the Paul Jenkins run on Hellblazer, as well as a few one or two parters (and one 4-part story) by various. I’m just wondering if Vertigo is ever going to get around to getting all of the unprinted issues to date collected.

That thing about the FISH POLICE, do. do pick it up. I read the series back in the day. It’s worth a read. Is this an omnibus or just one part of a series of tpbs to collect all?

That thing about John Byrne and Namor: I enjoyed the series when it came out. I do believe that this same series introduced Jae Lee when Mr. Byrne stopped drawing Namor.

That thing about Jennifer Blood by Garth Ennis: I’ll try it out. I’m always game for new Ennis stuff. Who’s drawing the series? I know Tim Bradstreet is doing the covers.

What exactly is so awesome about that X-23 cover? I’m not seeing anything but the least happy of happy endings.

Pedro: You’re my go-to guy for European comics knowledge! Of course you’re missed! Thanks for the info about the book. I was going to get it anyway, but your recommendation solidified it for me.

Tom: From the solicitation, it seems like DC is committed to collecting it all in trades. Of course, they’ll have to see how it sells, but that sounds like the plan,

The Fish Police book is “volume 1″ and is only 112 pages, so I assume it’s the first of a series.

Yep, Jae Lee took over when Byrne stopped drawing it.

Adriano Batista is drawing Jennifer Blood. I’ve heard the name but never seen any of his work. But that’s your answer!

Neil: I’m being facetious about the cover, for the most part. The one thing I do love is that Andrasofszky goes completely all-out with the ridiculousness, so there’s some merit in that. But yeah, I’m pretty much joking. It’s hard to be sarcastic on the Internet!

Interesting, a new original sins, huh?

I’m gonna be annoying and do multiple comments for every few things I read above, instead of one big long post. Sorry.

Those mini mates toys are creepy enough, but when a cover is drawn in that way… is there some comic series featuring characters drawn that way? Gah!

Glad that John Severin is still producing after about 60 years in the biz. And I bet it still looks as great as the EC stuff. His Bat Lash mini from a few years back looked lovely, of course. And it was co written by Sergio Aragones! (well, I think Sergio kinda lays out the story in art pages, but it’d be cool to see how he do it)

Conan isn’t all that interesting to me, personally. I recently took out some Conan stuff from the library, and couldn’t slog through it all. It’s odd, since my fave series ever, Cerebus, started as a Conan parody.

You haven’t heard the term “fear monger”? I’ve heard it for years, and I think it’s been applied (somewhat facetiously) to Colbert. I’ve also heard “rumor monger” (when the Sex Pistols got back together, like, 15 years ago, I heard the press conference and they taunted one reporter with that. I suppose it should therefore be “rumour monger”.) Fear “mongrels”, though, dunno what they be.

Am I morally suspect for finding it amusing that Batwoman’s sidekick’s name is FLAMEbird? I’m a bad person, I know. I just picked up Batwoman 0 today, and I still haven’t read the dollar issue of Detective that had the first part of the Batwoman story. I’ll have to see if I want the Elegy trade.

I also finally picked up the first 2 issues of Knight and Squire (my LCS holds my stuff for me for a good long time, cuz he’s a good guy), but I didn’t get a chance to read them yet. I’m so far behind on my Batman reading!

Why is Klarion the only 7 Soldiers character that keeps appearing? I know others (besides, of course, Zatanna) have made cameos elsewhere, but Klarion was in a Robin 2 parter not long after the end of 7 Soldiers. I want a Frankenstein ongoing by Morrison and Mahnke. That would rawk!

That DCCP with the LDK and Detective is a damn good package for 8 bucks. If I didn’t already have the LDK’s, I’d go for it.

How can they call the Hellblazer trade all of his first appearances unless it includes the earliest Swamp Thing issues (it started in 37, right?). I just got to reading my Swamp Thing HCs (I have 1 and 2, plus the Essential Vertigo series beyond those issues), and recently read the Hellblazer stuff I have. Maybe they’ll actually get all of it collected now?

Damn Fish Police. I’ve got Cheap Trick in my head, and if I knew the words to Dream Police, I’d pen a little parody of it. Does this collection, which based on page count I assume includes the first 4 issues, include the Harlan Ellison intro that was done when the trade was first printed by Comico back in the day? And do you remember that Fish Police was one of those tv cartoons that appeared that (pardon the pun) sank really fast in the early 90s? That and Capitol Critters, iirc. Damn my memory! I have some issues of FP, and it’s pretty good stuff. I’m always confused, though, because I think the guy that did FP was different from the guy who did Sam and Max, but I think the FP guy PUBLISHED Sam and Max. Am I crazy? (about that, anyway?)

You know an old series I want to see reprinted (and I’m probably the only one)? It’s called Straw Men, and I think Innovation or some offshoot of that published it. Creepy story involving a circus freak show and cloning, or something. A local library had someone donate a bunch of 80s indies, and that book was part of it. I also read Stig’s Inferno (another one I’d want in trade, not just online), and actually read parts of GMozz’s Zenith in 2000 AD Monthly.

Ooh, Starstruck HC. Might wait and see if there’s a cheaper trade, though.

And Morning Glories trade for cheap… hmm, might get that.

Y’know, if you’d just get Orc Stain singles, they wouldn’t take so long to come out. Just sayin’, Burgas.

That X-23 cover makes me feel funny.

Why would it be bad for Marvel to reprint Byrne’s Namor? People are weird.

I want a Vesha Valentine. Mrowr.

It depends on the creative team on Muppet Sherlock Holmes. As I said somewhere, Roger Langridge wrote and drew the Muppet Show Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson book, and that was good and good looking. If he’s involved with this one, get it.

I’ll have to check out the podcast sometime. You and Chad talking about comics has got to be interesting.

This is my last post, probably.

Oh, and John Byrne’s Namor is great, don’t listen the nay-sayers. However the Visionaries series has repeatedly failed to sell enough to completely reprint many acclaimed runs (on PAD’s Hulk or Roger Stern’s Spider-Man, for example) and considering how Byrne is impopular among the remaining comics fans, I very much doubt they will be able to publish it to the end.

(Of course, his Fantastic Four Visionaries sold enough to make Marvel not just publish it entirely, but also to go back and reprint his first, artist-only Fantastic Four run – including the overlong Galactus/Sphinx story that Byrne only partially drew! So what do I know?)

I’ll buy it anyway. Hope it goes at least to the Jae Lee issues…

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

@ Travis Pelkie: “This is my last post, probably.”

For this blog, or all blogs? ;-)

Ahh, my apologies. In which case, I agree that a shish-kebob curb stomp of Gambit and X-23 on Selene’s heel isn’t great cover material.

Travis: I didn’t mean to imply I didn’t know the term “fear monger.” Of course I’ve heard it!

The solicitation doesn’t say anything about the Ellison introduction. That would be cool if they kept it, though. And now that you mention it, I do remember the Fish Police cartoon. I never watched it, but I remember its existence.

I didn’t see anything about Orc Stain when it first came out and didn’t realize how impressive Stokoe’s art was until a few issues in, so I was behind. I would have gotten the issues if I’d known!

Langridge didn’t do the Muppet Sherlock Holmes. However, I got his first trade of Muppet Show stuff and didn’t love it (it was okay), so that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker for me.

Pedro: That’s a good point about the Visionaries line. I guess they’ve stopped with David’s Hulk, and I don’t know how much more of Simonson’s FF they need to reprint, but I’m not holding my breath. It would be a shame if people’s feelings about Byrne stopped them from buying this, because it’s such a cool run.

Neil: That’s Miss Sinister on the cover. I know, I thought it was Selene at first too. How disturbing is it that Marvel has at least two characters who dress like that all the time?

They finished reprinting Simonson’s FF. The 3 Simonson FF Visionaries volumes cover his whole run.

No love of Flamebird? Even though this team have already made the character more relevant than she’s been in years?


November 28, 2010 at 12:19 pm

When did they stop Hulk Vis.? They just released the last volume a couple months ago? If they did that sucks. Im waiting for Byrne’s FF in Essential if it ever gets there anyway.

Diggity: Ah, good to know. I didn’t realize that was his entire run.

Dominic: I’m not sure how they’ve made Flamebird relevant. She showed up in a few issues and helped on a case. It’s not that I’m against her, I just wonder why Batwoman needs a partner. I’ll give it a chance, though.

AverageJoeEveryman: I don’t buy the Hulk Visionaries, so I’m just going by what commenters here have said that there’s no plans to keep up the series. I hope they’re wrong, because it would be nice to see his entire run collected.

Amazon has a listing for the next PAD Visionaries, but says it’s not due until next August. So who knows.


November 28, 2010 at 4:06 pm

I’m still mulling over buying Knight and Squire in trades (I know it’s been getting good reviews, but I do respect Chad Nevett, and he has abandoned it, so it’s a puzzler), but issue #5 (page 80) doesn’t fill me with hope. The British Joker? Really? I mean, I know it’s supposed to be a meta-commentary on dark ‘n’ depressing comics, but that’s just a bit too odd. But we shall see. (9 February)

The book seems to be causing people much pain by being more about the world of DCU UK than it is about the plot.
Also, it’s all played for a joke.

This is to superhero action what Doctor Who is to sci-fi – it’s more about discovering something new, having a laugh, and defeating the bad guy right at the end without too much effort.
So if you want a superhero epic, or endless punch ups, you won’t like it, but if you enjoy the idea of reading about a super duo who in live in a small town, where everyone knows, but pretends not to know, their secret identities, you’ll dig it.

(Chad may have pulled out, but he’s only human – remember, the poor bugger liked Black Summer. And y’know, the fact he announced it like he did lets you know there’s an odd feeling of shame in his heart – he’s on the losing end of an argument and knows it! At least that’s how I interpret it.)

The British Joker? Really? I mean, I know it’s supposed to be a meta-commentary on dark ‘n’ depressing comics, but that’s just a bit too odd. But we shall see.

That’s TOO odd?
How so?
I think he was actually in the first issue, but I was more focused on the super-villain cricket team.

And I don’t think there’s been any meta-commentary about dark and depressing comics, apart from the villain in the first issue being a 90’s/00’s parody – but I think it was parody, not meta-commentary.
The second issue was more about how conservative extremists – focused on those in Britain – lose before they even get started due to their backwards ways.
(And it’s not even really political – we’re talking ‘women are lesser’ levels of conservative extremist).

You need to try it out Greg – it’s the most fun and different comic coming out of the big two right now – kinda like Agents Of Atlas in done in one stories.
(You should grab it, The Flash, Teen Titans and Superman/Batman, and you’ll see the perception of DC flipped on it’s head!)

So what’s the deal? Is Chad full of it, or is DC dropping the ball? I own all the “official” issues of Wildcats 3.0, so I won’t buy the trades, but that sucks if it’s lacking crucial issues.

A little from column A, a little from column B?

I don’t the Lady-tron special is crucial to the actual story, more crucial to what Casey was trying to say/do with the series?
(Which is important to chaps like Chad, and Tim, whereas the rest of us just want ‘slposions!)

Yes, it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I always have to give Garth Ennis a chance even though I haven’t liked much of his stuff for a decade.

Not even War Stories or Battlefields?
That’s crazy talk!

Not to mention 303, Streets Of Glory, Back To Brooklyn and The Crossed!

And that’s without the big series of Punisher MAX and The Boys (which is so much more than we all thought it would be).

For me, I think this has been Ennis’ most fertile decade – Punisher and Hitman are great, but I feel he’s really lifted his craft this decade.

“some people have expressed extreme displeasure that this is getting reprinted, especially if Marvel thinks this is a “visionary” run. I don’t know – I LOVE this run, and think Byrne did a lot of cool stuff with Namor. ”

“Some people” was mainly me (most of the other comments were people saying it made them feel old) and I stand by every word I said about his run on that book.
However, it’s a misrepresentation to portray it as “extreme displeasure that this is getting reprinted.”
Marvel can reprint what they want, and generally, the more stuff in print the better (in a general sense, even for stuff I think is shit); I just bitched about the “visionary” part. I’d have said the same things about the book if the subject had come up in the form of “hey, remember Byrne’s Namor?” reprint or not.

Sorry, Jack – I didn’t see that it was you (or if I did, I forgot). And I apologize for misrepresenting what you wrote. It sounded like you (and the few others) were actually angry about it getting reprinted. But if you’re thinking it’s not particularly “visionary,” that’s cool.

FGJ: Both War Stories and Battlefields have their moments, but while I like the fact that Ennis likes war comics, they don’t completely click for me – “Dear Billy” being the notable exception. 303 started strong but went a bit sideways. I haven’t read the other stuff. I still maintain that Punisher isn’t all that great, and after the first arc of The Boys, I just had no interest in continuing it. Some people like it, I know, but it still sounds like a very immature take on superheroes to me. I may be COMPLETELY and TOTALLY wrong about it, but that first arc left such a bad taste in my mouth I haven’t been able to pick up another issue.

Two other things:
1. Knight and Squire is awesome and fun and full of meta-play antics; Nevett needs to pull the stick out.
2. I always thought Mr. Sinister was a stupid character, never liked any story that had him in it, associate him with an era in X-Men that saw me abandoning the books with frantic haste, and, oddly enough, consider Miss Sinister a successful rehab of a crappy character. May she never, ever turn back to the shitty version.

“I didn’t see that it was you”

Not really a problem. You can only tell because the avatar’s the same. I use just my real first name over there, and the full (if slightly misspelled) name of an old Defenders supporting character here.


November 28, 2010 at 5:19 pm

Both War Stories and Battlefields have their moments, but while I like the fact that Ennis likes war comics, they don’t completely click for me – “Dear Billy” being the notable exception. 303

I think War Stories had too many good comics in it for people to be able to talk them up individually – too much goodness hitting at once.

Dear Billy is the best of War Stories, but I’ve found all the others to be pretty darn good, beating most of what’s out there.

303 started strong but went a bit sideways.

I didn’t like the ending – bit forced – but the first two chapters were great.
Loved the story about the sheriff.

I may be COMPLETELY and TOTALLY wrong about it, but that first arc left such a bad taste in my mouth I haven’t been able to pick up another issue.

Not completely and totally wrong – it still takes the mickey all the time – but the character work and seriousness do take up more space than the first arc would have you believe.
I think Hughie and Annie is a stronger relationship, and more interesting one, than Jesse and Tulip was, and whilst it still is very crass in places, I think the humour is more intelligent than he used to do.
(I say this knowing full well I’m saying it about such characters as Love Sausage, and story lines ending the way the Tek Knight one did. Dirty humour, but still quite clever in it’s own way.

No Tom Fitzpatrick, not my last post ever. Jeez.

I was funnin’ ya about buying the Orc Stain singles, Greg.

Whenever I see the “Visionaries” title, I get what I think is the theme song from the 80s cartoon in my head. I’m not sure if it’s ACTUALLY the theme song or not, but it’s what I remember it as. I suppose I could look it up online, but I prefer my version to whatever the “real” version is.

And am I just immature to find it amusing that the first arc of the Boys “left a bad taste” in Burgas’s mouth? What superhero team were you “initiated” into? (I’ve read only about the first 8 issues of the Boys, and I too thought it was Ennis at his more extreme, and it didn’t impress me much. But it could have gotten way more better since.)

Travis: Yeah, poor choice of words, I guess!

Marvel Girl ongoing? I haven’t heard anything about it. Who’s the title character, Rachel Summers? Who’s writing and drawing?

@Travis: Indeed, it’s both sad and ridiculous that, in the wake of “Seven Soldiers,” we barely see any of those characters (save Zatanna, of course). If we could have only one Morrison ongoing starring a single character from that great series, I’d have a VERY hard time choosing between “Frankenstein” by Mahnke and “Klarion” by Irving.

… I guess I’d pick “Frankenstein” because I know Mahnke can support a monthly pace. Btw, he gave an interview recently (mostly about his kickass “Green Lantern” art, natch) in which he said that he’d love to do more Frankenstein with Morrison. So we can always hope!

Rockin’, Rebis. I liked Guardian, too, but apparently they’re going in a different direction with that character in the Superman books.

I actually sorta ended up reading the Frankenstein mini first, because I was a fool and didn’t have my LCS hold Seven Soldiers for me when it was coming out. So I spent a couple years amassing what I missed, but I think I had wised up enough to get Frankenstein as it was coming out. The worst part of getting those issues after the fact was that after I’d gotten certain issues, I’d see them in cheapo bins. I wouldn’t see the issues I still NEEDED, just the ones that I’d just picked up recently.

I thought in the first issue of Frankenstein, that girl was the one that went on to be in Zatanna’s series, Misty or Missy or whatever. But apparently I was wrong.

Some weird blogger spent a December a few years back going over the 7S books. Actually, it helped clarify my understanding of certain things. Thanks, Greg!

On the Morrison note, when the All New Atom series and the Uncle Sam and Freedom Fighters came out, both said they were based on concepts from Morrison. I think the Uncle Sam one used SHADE from Frankenstein, but where did GMozz influence that Atom series?


November 29, 2010 at 2:00 am

If we could have only one Morrison ongoing starring a single character from that great series, I’d have a VERY hard time choosing between “Frankenstein” by Mahnke and “Klarion” by Irving

For me, no question.

Manhattan Guardian.

I loved the heck out of that one.

Was I the only one who, when reading RIP, thought that Honor Jackson had been in the first issue of Manhattan Guardian? It just felt like he had been in there with the subway pirates, or something.

Ive only read the first giant hardcover cover for 7Soldiers so Ive only seen Shining Knight, Guardian, Klarion and Zatanna and as far as one of them getting an ongoing series I’d want to see Klarion

But seeing as there is no chance in hell of getting a monthly Fraiser Irving book very close second goes to Guardian

Cant wait for that second hardcover to drop in February

Whoa, what’s that about the Seven Soldiers in HC? Greg, I think you told us about this in a past Flippin’, didn’t you? Is it 2 HCs for the whole sh’bang?

A Klarion ongoing would tie in a lot more with the 7S series.

A Mister Miracle would work if GMozz wanted to do a Fifth World book. There would be a different artist on every issue, sometimes 2 in 1 issue!

I’d like a Guardian one, but I’d rather see Seaguy 3.

But yeah, Frankenstein ongoing, definitely. Unless the Winter Brothers would sue over that…

@Travis Pelkie
Yep, 2 Hardcovers, 15 issues each, and in (what appears to me at least) to be the correct reading order.
And for this reason I have no idea what happens in Klarion #4, ive heard it being something fairly big, but no idea of the specifics.


Stefan: The Marvel Girl book is about Jean Grey when she first joins the X-Men. Josh Fialkov is writing it and Nun Plati is drawing it. It doesn’t say anything about it being a one-shot or a mini-series, but Marvel is occasionally coy about that, so I assume it’s an ongoing, but I’m not totally sure.

Hey, no problem, Travis. I wish I had added scans to those posts – lots of writing with no art is tough to get through. I don’t recall why I didn’t … maybe some editing and reposting is in the future!

That’s a good point about the Visionaries line. I guess they’ve stopped with David’s Hulk,

Someone beat me to it, but no, there’s a new volume of David’s Hulk Visionaries scheduled for summer 2011, so it looks like it’s still ongoing, just taking a while to come out.

Now, I’m personally anxious that we have yet to see a listing for the next volume of Sandman Mystery Theatre from Vertigo. Talking about taking forever to collect a book in trade! Sheesh…

For my money, John Byrne’s run on NAMOR was sheer brilliance;indeed, I would rank it only a little behind his FF run.

Sinestro’s Fear Mongrels should totally fight the Space Canine Patrol Agency

Well, I was so poor this month I could only quickly browse a copy in store. :_(

I am immune to the powers of J.H. Williams III, and have never bought a J.H. Williams III series. BATWOMAN will not be an exception, sorry. (Not his fault, but DC’s – too many Batbooks and it’s nigh impossible to get me to buy anything that has any possibility of ever crossing over into other books, as a rule of thumb.)

I did note the FISH POLICE trade, as you did, Greg, and set aside an order for that. IDW *has* been pretty good about collecting various cool 80s independents, and they should be commended for it. (If only they’d pick up some more of what I miss; they seem to be getting the ‘top tier’ indies, but there were not a few gems in the second and third tier indie scene back in the 80s, early 90s also).

There was also another ART OF GEORGE PEREZ compilation book somewhere in there. I don’t know if it’s worth that $50 price tag, considering there’s already been the MODERN MASTERS and the STORYTELLER editions and I can’t really imagine there being all that much more to add to warrant the bucks, but for you Perez Completists, there ya go.

RE: FIREBREATHER movie – I watched maybe the first 15-20 minutes, got bored, flipped back and forth between that and something else, so I saw pices of the film after the first bit (I saw part of the fight where Daddy Dragon and FB fought two Golems or something, and FB’s mother and crush/GF dropped in), but overall, just not that interesting. It didn’t ‘suck’, but it’s not like I’m going to regularly tune in to a series.

The Young Justice movie was better (in that I managed to sit through the entire movie, at least).

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