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Guess the Real Spoiler! (December 1, 2010) Updated with Answer!

Two years ago, on the Wednesday after American Thanksgiving, Secret Invasion #8 came out. Last year, it was Siege: The Cabal #1. This year… not much. What gives, Marvel? But, even without any big event books, we’re still going to play everyone’s favourite Comics Should be Good game: Guess the Real Spoiler! The rules are simple: below the cut, I’ll provide a spoiler for all of the comics I read this week, only one of which is real, and you try to guess which one is real. Tomorrow, around noon, I’ll update the post with the solution. And, of course, if you don’t want anything spoiled, don’t click for more. So, let’s play the game!

The post has been edited to include the answer…

Nine books this week…

The Boys #49: Turns out that the Frenchman has been a mole for the Seven and that’s how things went bad with Mallory years ago… and it looks like it will happen again.

Bring the Thunder #1: A soldier in Afganistan finds a magic sword and becomes a lightning god, but destroys a big chunk of Asia in the process.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Dust to Dust #7: Turns out that Malcolm, the empath, is actually an android. An advanced, experimental model.

Irredeemable #20: The price for getting rid of the Plutonian is exposed and the Paradigm are left to face the wrath of the world’s governments as they’re declared war criminals.

RASL #9: Tesla appears, arriving from an alternate Earth where his ideas were embraced and humanity lives in immortal utopia.

Supergod #5: Jerry Craven, the American ‘supergod,’ fights and kills Krishna, destroying a big chunk of Asia in the process and dooming the world.

Thor: For Asgard #5: Loki returns at the end, killing Thor just like he killed Balder, declaring himself the ruler of the ruined, fallen Asgard.

What If? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor #1: Tony Stark rooms with Reed Richards in college and, when an experiment explodes in Stark’s face, he dedicates himself to a life of greed and selfishness, first using his family company to sell weapons and, then, creating the Iron Man armour… and using it for evil purposes.

Wolverine: The Best There Is #1: Logan goes to a club, gets high, styles women’s hair, and then hits the dance floor before his trip goes bad and he freaks out.

Now, guess the real spoiler!

EDIT! The answer to the game is… as many of you hoped, Wolverine: The Best There Is #1! Thanks for playing!


PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE let it be the last one…

Jesus, I *hope* that’s not the ending to RASL.

And I really hope that *is* the ending to Wolverine.

The Boys spoiler, if true, would be a huge swerve!

Man, you really have it out for Asia today.

I’ll go with, I dunno, Supergod? I know zilch about most of these comics.

Spider Jerusalem

December 1, 2010 at 1:09 pm

Even money on Supergod.

Yeah, Bill, not the best week to screw with people like I usually do…

Ya know…I think I am going to pick up that What If now on just that potential(?) spoiler alone….

I’m with Cisco Kid, if The Boys spoiler is the true one, my mouth will break the floor!

I have to guess RASL because Jeff Smith would try something that off the wall….

I could see the Wolverine one being true if Lapham were writing it.

Get on it Lapham!

Oh, please be Wolverine.

I really hope it’s Wolverine. Since it’s not, this should serve as your pitch for Marvel.

It’s definitely not The Boys. That just wouldn’t make any sense. Frenchie’s affection for the Female wouldn’t jive with him setting up Mallory’s grandkids to suffer. And the preview pages contradict the What If? one…

I’m in the same boat as Bill, not really knowing anything about most of these comics. I’ll pick…


Man, after reading the boys 48…it would not shock me if it turns out that is the real one. I think it’ll be supergod…but of course I really want it to be Wolverine.

I’m guessing it’s the What If, because the whole What If line is pretty as programmatic and fill-in-the-blanks as that sounds.

I’m guessing Wolverine because it explains the ridiculous disclaimer on the cover and is so absurd that no one would bother to seriously get it.


December 1, 2010 at 4:16 pm

It better not be The Boys one!

Please God let it be Wolverine!!! And with Madcap being the villain I think it is… :D

What the hell, I’ll go with Thor: For Asgard, because no one else picked it.

Tom Fitzpatrick

December 1, 2010 at 7:13 pm

I’d say What If? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor.

Why not? Why not?
Isn’t it the 21st century?

I dunno, but as Simon said, (ahem), that What If sounds like a typical What If fill in the blanks type story.

I don’t really have a guess, but as everyone else is saying, that Wolverine one would be awesome.

Let’s say Bring the Thunder, since I have no idea what that book is.

What I wonder is how close your other “spoilers” are to the actual events in the books above. Obviously you’ve got to make things seem reasonable for at least some of these books for there to even be a game.

I hope it’s The Boys because it would be utterly horrible and depressing but I’m guessing…Irredeemable…hard though there are some great legit sounding scenarios here.

There should have been just one more destruction of Asia, to commedically top it off.

It really looks like the Irredeemable spoiler could be true.

Hmmm…did anyone else catch the hidden message in this post?

Look what happens if you highlight random letters…

The Boys #49: Turns out that the Fren[CH]man h[A]s been a mole for the Seven and that’s how things went ba[D] w[I]th Mallory year[S] a[GO]… and it looks like it will happen again.

Bring the Thunder #1: A sol[D]ier in Afganistan finds a magic sword and becomes a lightning god, [BUT DESTROYS A BIG CHUNK OF ASIA IN THE PROCESS].

That is hubris, and an entire continent will pay the price, sir.

…I… er… I don’t… well… uh…


See, you let Burgas on the podcast last week, and this is what it led to.

I knew I didn’t trust those shifty Canadians!

But you never start a land war in Asia, c’mon man.

The answer is Wolverine: The Best There Is #1. Thanks for playing everyone!

Oh, and because someone asked, most of the fake spoilers here are very different from what actually happens. The only one that’s a small, subtle change is Supergod #5. The rest are all creations of my imagination basically.

I wasn’t going to buy the Wolverine book, but with an ending like that, I might just have to!

I haven’t bought an American superhero comic in years, but now I have to. Man, Marvel’s current crop of writers right now is on fire.

Ok, I was already sold with Wolverine goes to Hell, but it looks like I got another monthly in my sights. How is that not a MAX book?

Shit, now I have to buy Wolverine: Shampoo Night Fever.

Am still clinging to the hope that I’ve hallucinated the reveal and the real spoiler is still The Boys…

Now I actually wanna read that Wolverine book.

Also, you might want to read solicits before you do these. The Iron Man one was impossible since the solicit says that what happened was that Doom and Tony switched bodies.

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