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Fred Van Lente Day Chat!

Time for the Fred Van Lente Day chat!

Here is the chat room where YOU can talk with the man, the myth, the legend, Fred Van Lente!

Remember to JOIN the room after you click on the link!


I have to wait in line? Seriously? There are hundreds of free chat clients on the internet and you pick the one with a user limit and a waiting list? Really?

I will certainly allow that had I known Chatzy had changed their policies (they literally JUST changed their policy and put in limits a little while ago, AFTER my last CSBG chat), I wouldn’t have used them. That said, find me another website that hosts chats that allows unlimited chatters. I’ll gladly use it next time. I don’t know if that place exists, though.

http://www.tinychat.com is one site, you dont have to use webcam capability but it also allows microphone access

or use any IRC server to create a channel. you can even get java apps which will allow you to embed the chat directly into the site and allow users to chat without an IRC client.

Brian, I was not able to be a part of the chat due to my schedule. Is the transcript going to be posted somewhere so I can read what went on?

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