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3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 003

It’s Episode 003!  


3 Chicks Review Comics is a podcast featuring me (naturally!) with fellow female comics lovers and bloggers Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass, and Maddy from When Fangirls Attack!. Tune in weekly to CSBG Tuesdays at 2pm as we review comics, and discuss hot topics of the week.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our cast via iTunes, so you never miss an episode!

Inside this episode! How good is the new Heroes For Hire series?  Pretty damn good.  How great is the Warriors homage?  Is it the best ending of any book this week?  Perhaps, but more importantly…Black Widow’s costume is zipped up in every. single. panel. Kelly can die happy now.  She-Hulks #2 is Jen and Lyra versus APES!  Smart super-powered apes!  Need we say more? We probably don’t have to, but we did anyway.  CW is entertaining the idea of a live-action Raven series to replace Smallville as it comes to a close…is it really possible Teen Titan Raven will get a television series before Wonder Woman?  We talk about why it’s maybe not such a crazy idea after all.  Esther Inglis-Arkell wrote a piece on io9 about which comic characters deserve R-rated movies…this naturally spurs a discussion of what characters we’d like to see in R-rated films.  We’ve also got everyone’s pick of the week, plus, after the credits…Sue’s deconstruction of comics and soap operas…which soap is the Liefeld era?!

Also, for some reason I cuss a lot in this episode…I don’t know what’s up with that…but apologies in advance to the tender-eared!

Update: Sue is a guest host on this week’s episode of Awesomed By Comics…another comics podcast you should definitely listen to.  Great job Sue – and thanks for the shout outs Sue, Evie, and Aaron!

In addition to the blogs above, you can also follow us all on twitter as well: Kelly, Maddy, and Sue.

As always special thanks to Nik Furious for our awesome 3 Chicks theme song.

*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question!


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I believe the Hulk/Bruce was present in the book because the Hulk Family is operating out of the Gamma Base in Nevada with official sanction from Steve Rogers. Bruce tasked Jen with looking after Lyra and rounding up the escaped members of the intelligencia (who were lead by the Leader and M.O.D.O.K). They escaped after the event World War Hulks. I don’t remember how the first issue set it up but I can see how people new to this series can’t understand the motivation behind the action of the she hulks. I guess one it’s drawbacks of a shared universe.

Interesting fact: Lyra’s powers don’t work like the other hulks. The angrier she gets, the weaker she becomes. The nanites (S.P.I.N tech ) she was injected with in the first issue suppress her powers, so she hulked out when she was upset.

if you check out the Warriors, make sure you get the older edition and not the new one where they added all the stupid crap in!

i am really interested in She-Hulks but i might wait for the trade.. i checked out some preview pages and yeah, She-Hulk in high school?! sign me up! i’m actually not a fan of gorilla/ape villains like you guys are, and the fact that regular He-Hulk is in the comic kind of turns me off but maybe i’ll give it a shot… :\

i love She-Hulk’s costume in this: http://www.comixology.com/previews/OCT100609/2/ sooooo much better than the usual swimsuit thing people draw her with.

i’m not familar at all with Raven but what’s wrong with dreadlocks?!

oh yeah, i was thinking about R-rated comic movies, and my first answer was Wet Moon but it’s already R-rated, heh. i guess a non-R-rated comic i’d like to see made into an R-rated movie would be X-Statix or Swamp Thing, although apparently Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) is directing a new Swamp Thing movie so maybe we’ll actually get that one.

Okay, I’m only 13 minutes in, and I think I have to stop. You’ve never read a Moon Knight story? What? How can you call yourself a comic book fan? How can you call yourself a decent human being?????? Oh, the humanity!!!!!!!

Okay, I may be overreacting. I SUPPOSE I can listen to the rest of it. After I dry the tears!

All right, I’m back. I’m still very, very sad, but I will just mourn your sad, empty life more than anything. Fill that void with some Moon Knight comics!!!!

The CW is all about young audiences. They wouldn’t touch Wonder Woman with a ten-foot pole unless Wonder Woman was an old teen/young twentysomething, which might be why they’re interested in Raven. Even if you don’t regress Raven (did they really turn her into a high schooler?), she’s still in the Titans, who are supposed to be younger, right? So Raven fits the CW demographic much better than Wonder Woman does. The Raven pitch might be a lot better than anything that has been pitched with Wonder Woman, but it might be the pitch finding the perfect network for it.

I felt like this was written for me too!!! Huge fan of Misty? Check. Huge Falcon fan? Check. Huge fan of street level action? Check. Andrew Hennessy is a terrific inker (he killed it on the Madrox mini!) and he did wonderful work here with Brad Walker. My only complaint is that Walker doesn’t do black hair very well. Falc’s goat was so-so and Misty’s ‘fro was too curly-straight, not kinky-curly. On the flip, I loved the way her drew Misty’s cyborg arm. It had fantastic weight and shape. Walker was also REALLY tasteful with his art, I agree. Not exploitative at all. Bonus points!


I was worried a bit about Misty being controlled… but at the same time, this is Misty Knight we’re talking about here. She kicks ass and she’s not the type to be controlled for long!

As for the history, the Heroes for Hire stuff was so well-written! You can’t get the same history from Wikipedia because people often get stuff wrong about these characters (especially the classic Cage stuff). And as a longtime fan of the H4H crew, it definitely rewards you for knowing the characters and remembering certain moments.

Are any of you reading Klaws of the Panther? Strong female superhero! Intriguing character development! Good mystery! YOU SHOULD REVIEW IT NEXT WEEK!!! (Did any of you read the recent Black Panther series or Doomwar? YOU SHOULD!)

Wait, you guys (well, girls) don’t podcat in sexy cat outfits?! That’s it, I’m done listening!

/not really

On a serious note, can you get the volume mixed a little higher? I have my (really cheap) work speakers cranked and have trouble hearing sometimes.

“Don’t forget to subscribe to our cast via iTunes, so you never miss an episode!”

I would, but I cannot find you in the itunes store!

@Shaun: Yeah, that’s interesting and all makes sense…I just wish it was more clear within the text. I need their motivation!

@ross: Definitely get the She-Hulks trade (although there will be apes – probably in about at least a full issue of the mini)…the costumes (and overall portrayals of Jen and Lyra) are good and there’s some fun stuff.

My issue with Raven having dreads is that it just seems like a forced attempt at being “cool” or “hip” or something. In fairness though, I did not read that mini.

@Greg: So where should I start with Moon Knight? I don’t want to have any more tears on my hands! ;)

@Nick: That history was really well written in H4H…the best one I’ve read yet, by far.

@Uthor: Will definitely try to adjust sound. We’ve been having trouble with me too loud and Sue too quiet…but we’ll get it one of these days…hopefully soon! Maybe we can do a sexy outfit episode just for you.

/not really though. ;)

@Karen: If you follow the link above there should be a button on the right toward the bottom that says “subscribe via iTunes” Press that and you’ll be downloaded and subscribed!

There are two Essential volumes collecting the entire Moench/Sienkiewicz run. Those are fantastic issues, albeit in black and white. I’m partial to the recent 06-09 series, but many people do not agree.

[…] I know Kelly Thompson (here’s her latest post that has absolutely nothing to do with Fables) has had issue with the representation of Frau […]

- Sue, I got the same vibe with The Warriors. I envisioned Misty Knight with Thigpen’s voice throughout the entire book, so I’m glad I’m not the only one who got that cool vibe. :)

I thought that a lot of the “stuff you need to know” was handled in that history back-up for any continuity stuff. I didn’t read it, but usually when I do read those it helps answer some questions/concerns. I’d say the extra dollar is for them writing the histories in the character’s voices. It makes history fun and less like reading a big wikipedia article.

– Sue, I really wish you had a Marvel blog/tumblr too, it’s very refreshing to hear you talk about Marvel comics! :D

– I’ve been iffy on Secret Six lately. Everything has felt downhill since Catman in my opinion.

– I would LOVE a No Man’s Land movie, or even a videogame (Arkham City seems to be vaguely referencing some of the concepts.) Personally though, I really wish they made that Gotham Central television series they were talking about. That would’ve been AMAZING.

– Buffy 39 made my fiancee cry tears upon tears and I instantly knew that the comic had some serious shit in it and I needed to be prepared. I really disliked the ridiculousness of Twilight, and I feel that this comic was only good because of how shocking and impactful it was. I have general mixed feelings on Season 8’s ending honestly. I hate Angel with a passion, and I have a feeling this will taint my viewing of the Angel TV series. The death feels very reminiscent of Buffy’s mom’s death in terms of how “quick” it all happens.

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