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Top 50 Comic Book Artists: #4-3

Here are the next two artists that you voted as your favorites of all-time based on over one thousand ballots cast! Click here to see the writers #4-3 on the countdown. Click here to see a master list of all artists listed so far.

NOTE: Five notable works per creator

4 George Perez – 1877 points (63 first place votes)

Perez first began working at Marvel Comics in the mid-70s on a few different, lower rung titles. Eventually his skills got his promoted to major titles such as Fantastic Four and the Avengers…

Perez also began to work for DC on the Justice League of America, making him one of the very few artists ever to be the regular artist on both titles.

In 1980, Perez co-created the New Teen Titans with writer Marv Wolfman. The pair would dominate the sales charts with Teen Titans…

After four-five years of awesome Titans comics, Perez and Wolfman boldly produce the giant DC crossover series, Crisis on Infinite Earths…

Following Crisis, Perez (who had left the Titans) took over writing and drawing Wonder Woman…

Perez also wrote and drew Action Comics around this time.

After a few short projects, including a popular Hulk mini-series with Peter David and a creator-owned series Crimson Plague by himself, Perez had a significant return to the Avengers with writer Kurt Busiek.

The duo later re-united for the crossover of the JLA and the Avengers. In the meantime, Perez worked for Crosssgen for awhile.

Here is a sample page by Perez…

3 J.H. Williams III – 1945 points (50 first place votes)

J.H. Williams III first worked on a few small comic companies in the early 1990s, then got his first somewhat major project for Milestone Comics, drawing Deathwish (looking at the pages now, you can barely tell it is Williams).

The Williams we all know and love developed over a few short stints on various books for DC (paired with inker Mick Gray) before the duo drew the short-lived (but acclaimed) series Chase with writer D. Curtis Johnson…

Then the duo were chosen to work on Alan Moore’s Promethea. Williams started off amazing on Promethea…

but by the time the series ended, he was on a whole other level.

His next series was Desolation Jones with Warren Ellis, showing off his new style.

Williams drew the bookends of Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers event.

His next regular project was the Batwoman feature in Detective Comics, with writer Greg Rucka…

Recently, it was announced that Williams will co-write and occasionally draw a new Batwoman ongoing series…

Here is a sample page by Williams…

Only two artists remain! You’ll see them tomorrow!


Which will it be on top: Quitely or Kirby? The funny thing is, if you looked at percentage of high-quality stuff, Quitely might deserve it, but Kirby is just too iconic and influential…

My 1-2 come in at 3-4.

Noooooooo….. Perez went out at 4!!!!! He’s my all-time favorite artist. I guess people don’t appreciate giant two-page splashes with 500 characters on them like they used to.

I have really enjoyed this list so far but I have to jump in here:
“it’s tricky finding sample pencil art by Perez….” – Was that a dig on Perez? Not very nice. Yes, sometimes he did/does layouts, but so do other artists. You couldn’t find pencil art? Really? You are missing out. It’s gorgeous!!!

You should have asked Rob Liefeld to borrow the original art from the original unpublished JLA/Avengers. Then when Rob asked where he was on the top 50 list, you could giggle hysterically.

Damn, I’m mean. Actually, I wonder how Rob placed on the big damn master list I’m SURE you have, Brian.

Perez completely escaped my mind until the past couple days, as to who might make the list. Of course, I wasn’t thinking of JHW3 either, but I can’t argue with the stuff of either of these guys.

It’s interesting that Phil Jimenez (unless I missed him) didn’t place on the top 50 artists. As the guy who was the “spiritual descendant” of Perez, and did a big 2 big crossover less than 5 years ago, poor guy got no love. I like Jimenez.

An interesting thing to look at, and I’ll post something later on on the master lists, is to see who in the top 10 has worked together. We see JHW3 here, and Ellis over on the writers, and they did Desolation Jones, for example.

The artists list overall was more interesting to me because I had fewer notions of who would make it where, and so on. But it appears that I did vote for one of the top 2…

Was that a dig on Perez?

No. Why the heck would I take a dig at Perez? He’s great (and his layouts are awesome). I just wanted to make sure people would know why I wasn’t using art from some of his most famous works (Ultron Imperative and Judas Contract, for instance), but instead a less famous issue of Teen Titans that happened to be full pencils.

But if you think it comes off as a dig, I’ll gladly remove it, because I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m taking a dig at a great artist (and great guy) like Perez.

George Perez, the master of superhero comics.

Around 1980, Perez and Byrne were the big fan-favorite superhero artists, with pretty similar styles. Although to me, Perez was always the one with the less appealing characters and too busy panels. (But both were much better than the average superhero artist, and I liked The New Teen Titans).

I’m a bit surprised that JHWIII ended up this high. I didn’t think he was that well-known, or well-liked. I’m guessing that many people like his complex page layouts? To me, those pages (the sample page is a good example) would look gorgeous as posters, but seem awful from a storytelling standpoint. Can anyone even tell me what is happening in the middle panels without straining their eyes a lot?

I love the design and colors of the new Batwoman, though, as well as the Jae Lee-esque shadows.

Yay for JHW III. I wonder if he would have ranked #3 pre-Batwoman?

Both of them were on my list, Williams on the #1 spot. There are some pages on Promethea that I’m sure made some potential artists quit the business.

Great picks both of them, and it is indeed a tad odd that Jimenez didn’t make it to top 50 (I’m assuming Kirby and Quitely are the last two)

Perez was my #1, yes even over the master Jack Kirby who I put #2. Back in the day I’d have probably had a tough time deciding between Byrne and Perez, but to me Perez’ work kept getting better and better while Byrne’s(while still being good) became less enjoyable.
I thought the comment about having a hard time finding pencil pages from Perez was strange as well, but as Cronin has always been nothing but the nicest guy in the history of the internet I assumed it was not meant as a dig.

Only Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Jack Cole left to go! Well, unless it’s Bob Oskner and C.C. Beck. Or Keith Giffen and Kyle Baker.

I have to say Brian, I’m good with the Perez sample page you chose, as I think it’s probably one of the 5-10 most famous issues he’s ever worked on (New Teen Titans #39–when Dick and Wally hang up their costumes). Ironic that someone mentioned Liefeld, as that was the issue Liefeld copied the first several pages of X-Force #1 from directly.

For anyone that hasn’t seen them, here are the two splash pages (although I think actually all of the first six pages are a direct copy)…

Perez original: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=277557&GSub=7481

Liefeld rip: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=486701&GSub=96246

And to respond to someone wondering how many votes Liefeld got… should we even assume he got ANY? I know, I know, 1,000+ people voted. But seriously, would anyone right now pick Liefeld as one of their ten favorite artists? If we polled 1,000 baseball fans on their ten favorite players, would Barry Bonds get a single vote? Maybe, but I would guess no.

Anyways, love Perez, top ten is definitely right for him. Williams III is interesting to see this high. I know some people that don’t follow sports much will hate this comparison, but Williams III is a bit like LeBron James, in the sense that on pure talent alone, we’ve NEVER seen anyone this good. But also like LeBron, I don’t think it’s fair to say Williams III should be quite this high yet (though I’m a big fan– he was my #9). I don’t make weekly trips to the comic shop and can sometimes get a bit behind on what’s happening… has Williams III been extremely influential? Are people trying to copy him, or is that too daunting a task that nobody is even attempting?

But anyways, even though I think 3 is a bit too high, I do love the guy’s work, and I’m thrilled to see so many others do as well. And I’ll say it… he’s a hell of a lot better than Quitely.

Man, I can’t believe Garcia-Lopez isn’t making the list!

That’s not an angry “why don’t you people know good art!” rant. I’m just actually surprised. It’s kind of funny but he might be the most talked-about “not talked-about talent” in comics; meaning, everyone seems to know who he is and simultaneously write that no one knows who he is.

Except, it seems no one does! (He was my no.1, by the way, if you couldn’t tell)

I love that we have an even split of old-school comic artists and the new guys for the top 4. Perez and Kirby are legendary artists for good reason, and when you ask about the two best artists in superhero comics today, JH Williams III and Frank Quitely are the two that are most often brought up. Bravo, CBR.

JH Williams III got one of my votes. The man is just endless talented, able to mimic so many different styles so effortless. He probably shouldn’t even be doing comic books, he’s so good, but thank God he has a love of the medium ^_^

Yes, no one can cram as many characters onto a single page than Perez. How the hell does he DO that?

The top three artists are Kirby, Quitely and Williams? Jesus Christ. Glad I didn’t bother looking at this thread before now.

The fact that Phil Jimenez has apparently not made this list means that too many people didn’t see the phenomenal, breathtaking work he did on Vertigo’s OTHERWORLD.

JH Williams III at #3????? He’s a fine artist and all, but come on! How on earth did he beat Perez? I guess people are really, really, really digging all his new stuff. But obviously this is a “favorites” list.

Too bad Jimenez and Van Sciver aren’t showing up on this list. I really like both of them.

I wanna see some big Devil Dinosaur panels tomorrow, guys!!

The art on Otherworld was great (I didn’t really care for the comic itself, though). Jimenez’s art has always looked its worst, IMO, when he’s trying to ape Perez. They have stylistic similarities, , but different strengths. And when Phil is being himself, I think he’s a much better artist than Perez. if all of Jimenez’s work looked like Invisibles or the Planetarty/Authority book, he might’ve made my list.

Joe Kubert and Russ Heath on top!

these fan polls are such a gag. It’s fun seeing greats like Neal Adams mixed with flavor-of-the-months like Williams III

Where are Andy & Adam Kubert? Marc Silvestri ? No way any of the 40-50 ranked artists are better than them.

Does anyone want to throw in a guess for the Kirby sample page? I’m thinking something from FF 48-60, but perhaps specifically from This Man This Monster.

I’d easily rank Jaime Hernandez (#50) above The Kuberts and Silvestri, as well as above JHW III and Quitely.

Like others, I am disappointed Perez made #4 and Jimenez didn’t make the list (shame on you all). And Quitely…can’t say I’m fond of his work.

Hmm. Looks like I misspoke in my comment. I am disappointed Perez was ONLY ranked at #4. I would have ranked him at #1.

The Crazed Spruce

December 21, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Perez was my pick for #1. Nobody (except maybe Geoff Darrow) packs as much detail into their work as Perez does, and it just looks frikkin’ gorgeous.

I have to admit, JH Williams was under my radar. Haven’t read nearly enough of his work to judge him. Looks great, though.

George Perez has always produced work that was a joy to behold – I do still feel sad that DC didn’t always pair him with the right inker – Mike DeCarlo always seemed a bit too overpowering (as he did with Aparo as well)

Alonso – I have to agree Garcia Lopez not in the top 10 let alone the top 50 seems very strange to me!

As mentioned with regard to George’s gorgeous JLA/Avengers pencils, I have to say that although i am certainly not a Liefeld fan, as an impartial observer it is quite sad to see the difference between the reasonable Hawk & Dove and the truly hideous Captain America and Avengers work.

Someone complained:
“Marc Silvestri?”

He didn’t place because his work is hideous 90s eye-torture.

As great as Perez is at supeheroes, and as much a modern master JH Williams is, this should really be “Best superhero artists of the last 30 years, with extras”.

Otherwise the top 20-30 would be almost exclusively artists from 20+ years ago. You know, artists who were influential and their work stands up to the test of time: Kirby, Eisner, Infantino, Ditko, Swan, Adams, Gibbons, Kane, Colan, Miller, Romita, Simonson, Mazzuchelli, Garcia Lopez, etc.

For example, I *adore* the superhero art of Alan Davis, George Perez, Stuart Immomen, Ivan Reis and several others on this list. But the work they’re known for is mostly standard superhero fare. And they do it VERY well. But how in the world does that rate them higher than the artists that either built, advanced or changed comics?

there were 40 people who voted Jim Lee as the best comic book artist of all time (shakes head in amazement)

Now that a few others have mentioned it, I have to say I also find it quite surprising that a top 50 list of favorite comic book artists does not include Garcia Lopez. It just doesn’t seem right somehow. . .

It’s not strange at all. Despite his huge talent, Garcia Lopez never was in any project that could be considered major. What was his most high-profile work for DC? Atari Force? A few issues of Teen Titans?


I love how you say “But the work they’re known for is mostly standard superhero fare”, while your own list of preferred names are mostly a bunch of guys who aminly did superhero comics.

Here’s where things start to get REALLY interesting!

JH was my #2, but even saying that, I’m still beside myself thinking “Should he really be so high?” I guess so? He’s certainly very innovative, but I’m not sure if he’s put in enough work or that his sequential storytelling skills are always good. I’m not complaining, though. He was my number two.

Frankly, heh, I’m shocked that Quitely is going to rank this high. He’s always been such a divisive artist. Heck, I like him a lot but didn’t put him in my top ten. As with JH, I’m not sure Quitely has put in enough work yet. And his work doesn’t have much range to it. Same with JH, actually–there’s always innovation, but it’s always kinda the same brand of innovation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both artists, but am surprised that so many people seemed to ignore their shortcomings and lack of back catalog. Kirby’s GOTTA be #1, right? And at this point, if Quitely is at least #2, then Morrison’s very very very possibly #1 on the writers list. Because Quitely isn’t as even lauded as Morrison is, though he’s just as divisive.

Hm, another thing that strikes me is how the top two artists are going to be ones accused of drawing “ugly” people, particularly ugly women.

I guess the Disney fans didn’t hear about this poll. I was waiting for them to stuff the ballot box for Carl Barks like they did on the CBG poll one year.
Just shows how many good artists are out there that 4 guys I voted for didn’t break into the top 50: Berni Wrightson, Wally Wood, Russ Heath and John Severin.

Well I voted for 1980s Uncanny X-men Marc Silvestri


I’m surprised to see Quitely ranking so high. Since Morrison is even more praised than Quitely, perhaps this is a hint that Morrison will rank first in writers amongst these voters.

I had JH second on my list. Even so, I’m beside myself, because it just doesn’t seem right for him to be that high. He’s great, but he hasn’t put in that much work. Neither has Quitely for that matter. Not that I’m complaining, because I had JH #2. But, I’m thinking that it SHOULD matter more that Quitely and haven’t produced that much work. It’s funny that it doesn’t matter.

I’m surprised to see Quitely ranking so high. Since Morrison is even more praised than Quitely, perhaps this is a hint that Morrison will rank first in writers amongst these voters.

I had JH second on my list. Even so, I’m beside myself, because it just doesn’t seem right for him to be that high. He’s great, but he hasn’t put in that much work. Neither has Quitely for that matter. Not that I’m complaining, because I had JH #2. But, I’m thinking that it SHOULD matter more that Quitely and haven’t produced that much work. It’s funny that it doesn’t matter.


My apologies for my assumption. Sometimes intentions do not come out in online context. Thank you for the explanation.

And thank you for the list!!

It’s not strange at all. Despite his huge talent, Garcia Lopez never was in any project that could be considered major. What was his most high-profile work for DC? Atari Force? A few issues of Teen Titans?

I fell in love with Garcia-Lopez’s art at a very young age on DC Comics Presents. In fact, his work on that title went a long way toward making me a comics fan in the first place. But what I really loved was seeing his art in the giant-sized format: his Superman vs. Wonder Woman was terrific, but Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk especially was truly breathtaking stuff.

I loved Perez’s stuff as a kid, but I find a lot of his post Titans/post-Crisis stuff hard to look at. He got a lot of (deserved) praise for managing to fit hundreds of characters onto almost every page of COIE, but as a result he basically became know for cramming massive amounts of detail into every panel and has gone out of his way to live up to the rep. I look at a lot of the stuff he’s done in the last decade+ and it’s often tough to decipher visually, because the constant level of overwhelming detail flattens everything out to the point that little of the stuff that’s actually supposed to stand out really does.

And I’ll add my voice to those who think Garcialopez should be on any list of best comics artists (I actually preferred his Titans work to Perez’s. Yeah, yeah . . . heresy, I know.)

As for the overall absence of a lot of the classic old guard . . . not really a surprise is it? I’m guessing most of the people doing the voting only know a lot of the old guys from the occasional reprint, if that. I’ve seen recent list off all-time great singers and actors where the same thing happens. Pop culture is generational. That’s just the way it is.

Since I saw the cover of Infinity Gauntlet #1, I’ve been a George Perez fan. His layouts, level of detail, and action scenes are astounding. Unlike most of his contemporaries, it seems he’s never gone through a rough patch. If anyone hasn’t read hid CrossGen Chronicles issues, they’re among my favorite of his work, well-inked by Rick Magyar and Mike Perkins, and should be both easy to find and cheap.

J.H. Williams III is the most innovative artist working in mainstream comics today. Can you imagine any other artist being able to utilize so many different styles on Seven Soldiers #1? His layouts are brilliant, is inking exquisite, and his art improves any script he’s given.

Garcia-Lopez deserves all the accolades he can get. He might not have ever received the same attention as Byrne, Perez, or any other “hot” artist of his time, but his work was always top-notch. Batman vs. Hulk looked great, and I loved Kevin Nowlan’s inks with his pencils on the Dr. Strangefate one-shot.

Quitely and Williams deserve their spots. Does a great artist need to have a massive body of work? I’m sure it helps but I don’t think it’s a defining quality. The interesting in these last 4 is the dichotomy between classic and contemporary. But I mean any master list is always gonna be favorites.

Quitely is my favorite artist of all time. But I mean I don’t really rank my artists anyways.

These lists are fun though.

> Can you imagine any other artist being able to utilize so many different styles on Seven Soldiers #1?

Yes, I think both Stuart Immonen and Ryan Sook would have done a better job. Immonen’s Winsor McCay pastische (Supervillain origins) certainly looks a lot more like McCay than what seems to be JHW’s attempt in Seven Soldiers #1.

Rob liefeld better be number one.

I voted for J.H. Williams III at #1 because of a very simple reason, his Promethea, to me, was completely and utterly breathtaking (really incredibly breathtaking), some pages, spreads and layouts are forever ingrained in my brain, and that didn´t happen to me with other artists, to that extent.

Many artists have taken my breath away from excitement in the many years I have been reading comics (and I know that the 20 years I’ve spent reading are nothing compared to the track record of a lot of people in this blog, but that doesn’t make my opinion less valid in this type of list), like George Perez when I was first exposed to his art by COIE when I was around 10, or Moebius when I read the saga of El Incal, or Brendan McCarthy when I read Rogan Gosh, to name a few examples, but the pages that I return the most to, just to look at them sometimes (and I never do that) are his in Promethea, and I haven’t even bought Batwoman yet! (though I plan to).

Like it has been said many times before, this is a favorites list, and JHW3 is definitely my favorite artist. JHW3 entire craft is amazing, from the design to his figure work, expressions, storytelling, etc. I saw his name at #1 in my notepad while I was still reading the rules for voting, and I’m very sure of my decision.

It’s true that other comic legends have been a lot more influential, like Kirby, Neal Adams or Curt Swan, to name a few, but they had the time. That said, judging influence is a bit tricky, since JHW3 could end up being highly influential in layout and double page spread design, to name one thing, and that influence in other artists may not be so easy to detect, since they probably will end up doing very different things, but in the same experimental way.

That said, I’m glad he’s placed at number #3, although I don’t like the fact that it means that Quitely will end up higher, since even though I like a lot of his stuff, something in his figure work never convinced me. I can’t define exactly what it is, it’s subtle, but sometimes is subtly a bit ugly.

Kirby is Kirby and blocky or not, I don’t expect him to be nothing other than #1 in any ranking achieved by voting, even if he isn’t and never will be my #1.

Sorry for the rant guys, I try to be brief and shorten my sentences, but I don’t seem to be very good at it.

Liefeld all the way, baby!

I agree with the Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez love here as well, especially since IIRC he did a lot of the artwork for the DC merchandising of the 1970s-1980s, so while he may not have a “run” on a certain character, he certainly had high-profile work out there.

I’d love to see an alternates list here of underappreciated or underhyped talents. On the DC side of things, I thinking of guys like Eduardo Barretto and Jerry Ordway, guys who didn’t necessarily always get a lot of attention when they signed on to a book but had staying power because they were consistent (if not consistently good, then on time).

Excellent. JH Williams was my #1 pick. His ability to change styles to suit any style of writing and any character is only exceeded by his clever and breathtaking layouts. Perez was my #4 pick for being the most detailed artist in comics. He’s the undisputed master of “Where’s Waldo” crowd scenes and subtly differentiating multi-dimensional versions of characters.

@Santiago: Wow, not only do we share a love of JH Williams for the same reason (though my moment was Seven Soldiers #1, in which I had to check the credits to make sure it really was one artist, not Promethea, which I read afterward), but we share the same opinion of Quitely. I always love his layouts, and he can do great things with facial expressions, but so often his figures just look ugly. I’m not in favor of drawing everyone as perfect, but I don’t like everyone looking lumpy either. It’s like some pages everyone is made entirely of cellulite.

Perez is great. I’m not familiar with Williams, other than a few sample pictures I’ve seen on this site. The sample shown here looks cool, but I really hope that’s not representative of his normal layouts.

Rob liefeld haters!! Dont complain bevause you are too NOT!! eXTreme! to handle the awesome hard core eXTreme!ness of his Ultimately Supreme Awesomeness!!!!

I agree with Santiago and Dalarsco. Frank Quitely draws some very strange, very ugly people.

Particularly, most of his drawings of Emma Frost in her new costume made her look like some hermaphrodite alien. It was what the TV Tropes guy consider a “Fetish Retardant.” Something that was supposed to look hot and enticing to the reader, but accidentaly ends up looking disturbing, even disgusting.

But… I think sometimes the effect can be interesting, as Grant Morrison often goes for “slightly disturbing” in his writings, and Quitely can do that quite nicely.

Just real quick — Rene, would you say though that Emma as drawn by Quitely fits the character, in your description? She tries to look all hot and enticing, but looks disturbing and disgusting instead, since she’s a villain. Granted (ahem), under GMozz’s run, she was supposed to be coming over to the XMen’s side, but in the past, she’d been an evil villain (see Kitty’s speech from that Astonishing XMen issue Whedon wrote).

But tomorrow when it’s official, I’ll have more to say about loving Quitely.

JL Garcia Lopez was in my top 5

Cant understand the JG Jones in the top 5, much less the possibility of Quitely maybe coming in at 2.

Wow, my 1-2 come in at 4-3. I can’t believe JH’s rise in such a short amount of time.

The thing with Perez is no other inker, besides himself really nails his work, and only a small fraction of his work was inked by himself. Most inkers don’t put the same level of line work into his pencils, and as such some (especially his loose pencils, let alone his layouts) do look a bit muddy. But you see the same period see his inks on his own work and you can just see the depth to all the detail.

I mean have anyone look at his titans work, and then look at the three issues he inked himself, or the few individual pages he inked, and its like looking at two different artists.

With so many other artists, I see their work enhanced by other inkers, but not with Perez.

Looks like I will get 9 of my 10 on both artist & writer lists. I didn’t have Quitely on my list but I won’t argue his position in the top 2 after WE3 and All-Star Superman. Those are two of the most beautiful series I have ever read.

To Keil, who mentioned JHWIII as a “flavor of the month”, take a look at his Seven Soldiers 0 & 1: they’re magic.

Hmmm… this makes me wonder if Morrison would be in the top 2 if he wasn’t fortunate (and good) enough to work with some of the best artists in the business today. Probably (he was my 9).

Alas, poor Chase. You were too fine a work to survive in the 90s.

I think it’s a real testament to Quitely’s skill that he’s still going to rank this high despite stylized figures that put a number of people off. I think that’s a lot harder to do than to place when you’re somebody like Adams or Perez, who are the apex of a very traditional style. Personally, I love experimentation and people who are pushing the form, so it’s exciting for me to see him and to a lesser extent, Williams, make it this far.

So will it be Rick Veitch and Paul Gulacy, or Paul Gulacy and Rick Veitch??? Stretch out the wait an extra day and let us sweat this one out, Brian!

If however, the King should actually finish ahead of one of these legends, please consider a panel or two from his Thor# 128-130, the finest Marvel comics ever produced, and something from New Gods #7, the best thing DC has ever done.

Jack Kirby, Matt Fraction, Grant Morrison and Mark Silvestri FTW!

The Mirrorball Man

December 22, 2010 at 3:38 am

In my opinion, there is more skill and art in one single Jaime Hernandez brushstroke than in dozens of pages drawn by George Perez.

Mike Loughlin mentioned the Dr Strangefate oneshot for Garcia-Lopez. Yes indeedy that was purty. Mike, you seem to like a lot of the same things I do, cool, man.

Somehow I blanked on what great stuff JHW3 did on Seven Soldiers. Beautiful. Although I am someone who wasn’t thrilled with his art on the Club of Heroes in Batman (it has to do with the mystery aspect, and the right or left handed-ness of a character that looking back, I don’t see it distinctly in the art, and that’s a failure. Although, *ahem* GRANTED, it could have been an issue with the script, and the script not coming in timely enough for JHW3 to do right by that element.)

So did JHW3 get Promethea based on Chase alone? Because the LDK story he did, I didn’t think it was so design heavy as Chase was, and what Promethea et al have been.

I think the heavy design element hinders some of my appreciation of his art, just because there’s SO MUCH going on there. But yeah, he’s good.

Garcia Lopez is awesome and I regret not voting for him. I picked up almost the entire run of Atari Force this past Sunday at 50 cents an issue. The artwork is awesome. He’s far better than Perez in my opinion. Perez’s art always struck me as stiff. JLGL lays out a page with a grace and verve that’s hard to describe. I remember being awed by his Metal Men run in Wednesday Comics. There could be twelve people in a panel but you would never realize it because the panel would be layed out in such a fashion that it was not cluttered in anyway. George’s work always seemed cluttered to me and to embrace detail for detail’s sake.

I had JHW3 at number three (behind Moebius and Kirby), so I’m pretty happy that he’s here. His stuff on Seven Soldiers and Batman was fantastic, and his Detective/Batwoman work is also unbelievably good (though the writing didn’t keep me hooked on that one). There is no artist working today who can touch him. I hope that he continues to produce such amazing work, and I hope his reputation keeps growing.

Perez didn’t make my list, but I have no problem with him being top 10 (though maybe not quite this high).

Was Buscema even on the list? Williams is o.k., but I doubt he’d place this high a few years from now. Also, didn’t he do Judge Dredd for DC in 96 or so?

I guess the Disney fans didn’t hear about this poll. I was waiting for them to stuff the ballot box for Carl Barks like they did on the CBG poll one year.
Just shows how many good artists are out there that 4 guys I voted for didn’t break into the top 50: Berni Wrightson, Wally Wood, Russ Heath and John Severin.

You don’t have to be a Disney fan to appreciate Carl Barks and think he deserves to be here. Just a fan of comics.

I voted Barks as my number one writer. I think he deserves a top spot in one category. I think his Uncle Scrooge stories are the best the medium has seen.

Barks got a lot of support, it’s just that a LOT of creators got a lot of support, ya know?

It’s not strange at all. Despite his huge talent, Garcia Lopez never was in any project that could be considered major. What was his most high-profile work for DC? Atari Force? A few issues of Teen Titans?

Exactly. Plus he never did any notable Marvel work. I think it’s much harder for a person who only or primarily did DC work or Indie work to get ranked on this list (Garcia-Lopez, Ramona Fradon, Nick Cardy, Travis Charest, Curt Swan) than it is for a person who primarily or only did Marvel work (John Romita Sr., John Romita Jr). This is especially true if the person was doing pre-Crisis DC, which really wasn’t that popular in comparison to Marvel comics except to die-hard comic fans.

The exception seems to be working on a really high-profile DC book, meaning Batman.

There’s a new book out titled “John Buscema: Michelangelo of Comics.” When I saw it, I thought, “I like Buscema, but the Michelangelo of comics? The first person who came to mind was George Perez–for his complex tableaus with multiple characters.

JH Williams? Ridiculous.

Noooooooo….. Perez went out at 4!!!!! He’s my all-time favorite artist. I guess people don’t appreciate giant two-page splashes with 500 characters on them like they used to.

I know it isn’t, but that really sounds like a backhanded compliment.

Neither of these made my list. J H Williams is one of the absolute best when he’s on form, but there are too many panels that just look almost incompetent for my tastes. Sadly one of the biggest offenders for me is that final issue of Promethea which I know some hold up as a great acheivement.

Perez is good, but no more for me. His ability to handle 200 panels with 200 characters each is remarkable though.

I’ve been buying comics since 1975 and I’ve never even heard of J.H. Williams.

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