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CBR’s Top 100 Comics of 2010

Comic Book Resources puts together a “Best Comics of the Year” countdown each year, polling its various contributors and bloggers, including your pals at this here blog.

The combination is an interesting conglomeration of the very diverse tastes of the folks at CBR.

Here is #50-26 (with links to #100-76 and 75-51) on the list.

Chad, Kelly, Sonia and I have been quoted a goodly amount on the list so far (one comic actually features quotes from both Chad and me saying basically the same exact thing!), so be sure to check it out! And come back tomorrow for the Top 25!


That’s because we’re Brilliant and Right, Brian.

I quitre like these lists, as they give me an idea as to what I’ve been missing out on.

You need to tell whoever compiled the list that your name is not “Brian Cronan”

I’m hoping Avengers Acedemy, X-Factor, and Young Allies will rank near the top, though I’m afraid they won’t show up at all. I can forgive Spider-Girl ranking 94th, since there’s only been one issue so far.

Nice! Really enjoying this as I dont really keep up with new comics at all so I might check some of these out.

looks good… are we still getting 100-51 on the top writers and artists???

Blimey – I haven’t heard of most of those

Like Dan, I have not heard of most of these comics. I will have to look into them.

That’s a great list. Most lists are either too lowbrow and cluttered with JephLoebian level selections or try too hard to be highbrow and end up pretentious. That list however strikes a perfect balance. Great job. I’m going to try a lot of them.

I never heard of a lot of these, either, but there’s a lot of books I don’t know about.

I wish you would’ve come back and included links to the two newer lists. It took me forever to find them.

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