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A Month of Cover Theme Games Master List

Here is a list of all the Cover Theme Games we have had so far this month. After two days, I’ll post the answer to each game next to the game on the list (along with whoever has correctly guessed the theme).

Cover Theme Game #1Answer

Cover Theme Game #2Answer

Cover Theme Game #3Answer

Cover Theme Game #4Answer

Cover Theme Game #5Answer

Cover Theme Game #6Answer

Cover Theme Game #7Answer

Cover Theme Game #8Answer

Cover Theme Game #9 Answer

Cover Theme Game #10Answer

Cover Theme Game #11Answer

Cover Theme Game #12Answer

Cover Theme Game #13Answer

Cover Theme Game #14Answer

Cover Theme Game #15Answer

Cover Theme Game #16Answer

Cover Theme Game #17Answer

Cover Theme Game #18Answer

Cover Theme Game #19Answer

Cover Theme Game #20Answer

Cover Theme Game #21Answer

Cover Theme Game #22Answer

Cover Theme Game #23Answer

Cover Theme Game #24Answer

Cover Theme Game #25Answer

Cover Theme Game #26Answer

Cover Theme Game #27Answer

Cover Theme Game #28Answer

Cover Theme Game #29Answer

Cover Theme Game #30Answer

Cover Theme Game #31Answer


It’s Pemberton, not Pembleton.

There hasn’t been a single one yet where I’ve known nearly enough to even begin to guess.

what’s the connection between Jack , Janet and Chrissy?

Jack, Janet and Chrissy were the names of the three original roommates in the disco-era U.S. sitcom “Three’s Company”

never saw it.

Never heard of it

The link to 16 is not working.

Wasn’t my alternate answer for #15 good enough, Brian? :)

the link to 28 is busted.

the link to 28 is busted.

It’s funny, I was fixing that at the precise time you were commenting. Weird timing.

Man, I suck! I’ve just been doing all of these for the past hour, and the only one I got right is #22, except I had guessed it was Bullseye instead of Punisher – check out Elektra Lives Again, Bulleye gets it too. Tho I did read that issue with Punisher, but Bullseye was more obvious to me.

That’s right, Bullseye did get it in that story. That’s funny how both he and the Punisher apply for that one!

I think I feel better about myself that I didn’t get a single one than if I got any at all.

30’s busted!

Are we going to get answers to 30 & 31? The suspense is KILLING me!

It’s Feb 3 now. What are the last two answers?

I think the answers to 30 and 31 are that there is no theme!

The answers got buried in a snow storm

Never! We’ll never see the answers for games 30 and 31. We will all rot in our graves as the stars blink out at the end of time and still the answers will not have been revealed. The universe will contract into a single atom and then explode into a billion different pieces and still those answers will remain unknown!

I’m getting impatient here!

The answers are that there are no answers


Aaaaargh! Come on!

It appears the answers were scheduled to change planes in Chicago…


I even e-mailed him yesterday, but no response :(

(taps monitor from inside)
You there, Pally?
We won’t bite(well, most of us).
We just want to know the last two answers.
Not like we want a good Wonder Woman movie or tv show.
Or even a good Superman movie next year.
Oh, wait, we do.
Fess up, you’re hanging at the multiplex for the Big Movies in May.
Ok,.we’ll wait.

A friend said he saw the answers on the other side of a crowded subway station yesterday. By the time he got across to them they’d disappeared but he wasn’t sure whether they’d taken the train or just exited. This was in Washington DC. Not sure what they’d be doing there – anyone got an idea?

Hmm, the answers we posted here were deleted, but the official answers still haven’t been posted. I think he’s just messing with us at this point.

It’s good to know I’m not the only one waiting to hear and wondering what happened to the answers for 30 and 31. Wasn’t it X-Files whose tag line was “The answers are out there”? But where, Agent Mulder, where?!

I knew Brian was many things, funny, knowledgable etc, but a tease…that’s new to me… I kind of like it…

Nitzan Rotschild

February 9, 2011 at 1:47 am

Looks like Brian has pulled a Warren Ellis :)

I think the only way we are going to see answers is for someone who knows them to post them in a completely unrelated post or maybe by someone posting about this issue in a thread BC is actively participating in. How about the next Comic Legends Revealed post? Someone post the answers there on Friday.

Also, the link for 31 is farked.

What I find strange is people have brought it up in posts that Brian later commented on, bbut he never acknowledges the posts about these answers. And like I said, 2 of us had put answers here and they later got deleted, so someone was monitoring it. But then still no answers or response. I know the guy’s busy, but it’s the way this seems to be willfully ignored that’s strange to me. Maybe he’s decided we’ve been bad, and he’s punishing us by not posting the last 2 answers

I agree with use all converging on the Legends post on Friday. Maybe we’ll get a response of some sort that way.

Has Brian been watching the Prisoner and realized that “Questions are a burden and answers a prison for one’s self”?

I have to behave. My recent comments on the absence of answers on other Cronin blog posts ended up “awaiting moderation” and I guess they were immoderate because they didn’t get posted.

I blame myself for never guessing on that last one.

I mean, if there’s a good reason for not posting the answers, he could just explain. Even if it’s a crappy reason, it would be nice to have the acknowledgement. But nothing. I know Cronin is around. I know he knows people want these answers. It’s kind of insulting. I don’t want to make a big deal out of nothing, but what’s the point in having these games without any results or answers? Why should I participate in the new polls? Why do I come here? I like this site a lot, but the fact that he hasn’t even addressed this is a slap in the face, really. Call this an overreaction if you want, but it seems like a simple problem to fix.

24 hours finally passed without someone complaining about the answers not being up, so the answers are now up!

Well done, Mr. Cronin.

Thank you Mr. C. Well done.

Nitzan Rotschild

February 16, 2011 at 5:37 pm

I think the story goes something like this:
After Moses got the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, he was supposed to lead them through the desert to the promised land. But they kept questioning him and doubting him and constantly going “Are we there yet?” that he kept them walking through the desert for 40 years, till a new generation of Israelites was born, who were untainted by doubt. The doubters died in the desert and never got to see the promised land.
Brian, you are the Moses to our Israelites. In other words, you rock :) Well played.

Dang, I thought I had a chance with #30. All three covers feature a character who turned on their mentor/creator — Azrael-as-Batman (Bruce Wayne), Silver Surfer (Galactus), and Hawkeye (Swordsman).

Oh, well… maybe that just wasn’t rare enough. It could also have included Ultron, Computo, Matrix, Superboy, and a host of others.


Ah, yeah, I would never have got #31 no matter how long I thought about it. Not because of what the theme turned out to be, but because I couldn’t have identified the subjects of the first and third covers.

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