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A Year of Twenty-Four Months!

So…after a Year of Cool Comic Moments and a Year of Cool Comics, what next?

I considered another Year of Cool Comic Moments, but you know what, looking back at that, I think I spoiled too many comics with that series. I do like the idea of doing more cool comic moments, but just not stuff that spoils the main plot of the book. I will revisit that concept definitely.

So if not a Year of Cool Comic Moments, what next? Why, go bigger, of course!

Instead of ONE daily feature this year, I’m going to do TWO daily features every month, for a total of 24 “Month of…” bits!

Eventually you’ll see the return of Top Five Month and almost certainly A Month of Cool Comic Moments (if you have suggestions for cool moments that don’t spoil the main plot of the book in question, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com with your ideas), but for the month of January I will be doing…

A Month of “I Saw It Advertised One Day”


A Month of “Cover Theme Game”!

Feel free to make suggestions of other old features you’d like to see featured for a month (or new ones! Someone suggested “Brilliant…but Canceled,” I suppose I could wring a month out of that!).

Happy 2011!


Judging Books By Their Covers. I’ve missed it.

As an addendum to the above: Maybe one company a week? Image, Dark Horse, DC, Marvel? A couple of covers a day?

I don’t know if you’d want to do this, but Greg Burgas use to run contests where he had a panel from a comic and the readers had to guess what comic it was. You could do a daily version for fun.

A month of Cover Theme Games? It’s like Christmas, only without the carnage!

Hehe, you know I was thinking of you when I decided to do a month of cover theme games!

Meta-Messages or Intentional/Unintentional (for April maybe)

Another month of Top 5 Iconic covers? Please?

You’re unstoppable.

So awesome.

A Month of Alan Moore? Or if you don’t want to go that narrow, UK creators?

A Month of Sidekicks?

A Month of Books that Ran Way Too Long?

A Month of Non-Autobiographical Indies?

A month of characters whose powers have evolved.
Don’t include characters like Iron Man who changes armor like others change their underwear.

A Month of Cool Newspaper Comic Strips could be fun.

I also miss Declarative Rabbit and Curious Cat.

Brian, you give and you give and yet ask so little in return.

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 2, 2011 at 12:22 pm

I forsee a mental breakdown or a daily meltdown in your future, Mr. B.C.

Why would you do this to yourself?
It’s beyond me.

Please have another month of self published books, I need you guys to find me more gems like Leslie Stein. I also second Bill Reed and ask for a month of Sunday Supplement Comics, I’ve been dying for that for about two years now.

Brian Cronin: arguably the hardest-working man in free entertainment. Thanks for putting these all together! January’s themes are definitely two of my favorites from the site.

Curious Cat presents: a month (maybe even TWO) of Cool Animal Characters, leading off with Kirby’s grasshopper steed Klik-Klak (R.I.P.) and classic silver age Lockjaw, before the obligatory Streaky the Super Cat expanded feature (mentioning his 30th century descendant, Whizzy, ’cause really, who hasn’t always wanted a pet named Whizzy).
You get your four-day We3 extravaganza, Redwing, Tusky, Animal Man’s pets, Antman’s ants, a couple of days on Krypto, and just to be different you close with five solid days of Fat Freddie’s Cat.
It’s all gold, and it all writes itself, just about.

Month of GOOD retcons (such as: The Anatomy Lesson) – with how maligned retcons are, it’s nice to be reminded they can be done well.

Tour the galaxy with a month of great fictional places: Muir Island, Savage Land, Krypton, Genosha, Arkham Asylum, Thanagar, Madripoor, etc.

Month of top five artists for a particular book (top 5 Batman artists, etc…)

Month of great miniseries

Month of great annuals (Uncanny X-Men annual 10 and Superman annual 11 are my two favorites)

Month of characters currently dead or in limbo that deserve to be revisited (Longshot is my perpetual top choice)

I’d like to see something that details changes in a characters staus quo before the inevitable return to form. Like when the Punisher was the Angel of Death, or Superman turned blue and electric, and just how long each change lasted before reverting back.

There are some good suggestions up above. I’d like to put in another vote for Third Man’s suggestion of Month of well done / positive retcons . . . although I wonder if that could be too subjective. It may be fun to see people debate it back and forth, like say whether or not say Bucky being alive is a “Good” retcon (I think it is, but some of the old guard may disagree)

A month of uncollected classics?

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