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Scott’s Classic Comics Corner: Classic Comics New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes, life gets in the way of my comic book history so I’ve decided to make a few resolutions to keep my eye on the prize.

1. Keep Piecing Together my Lassie Run
This series features so many great artists, including a long run by Dan Spiegle in the final years. They are often quite affordable when they turn up but I have not been very diligent about tracking them down. This must be rectified.

2. Read the Iron Man Omnibus
I picked this up at half-price when the first movie was released. I had sold all of my Tales of Suspense issues and was happy to get all of this Silver Age goodness for such a low price. It’s been gathering dust, begging me to crack it open. Lo, It Shall Be Done!

3. Find Some Inexpensive Harvey books
My kids have really enjoyed what they’ve seen of Casper, and I think they love the entire Harveyverse. We’ve picked up some nice collections, but I want to keep my eyes peeled for some inexpensive floppies from the 70s. They seem to turn up less frequently than Gold Keys from the same time.

4. Read Electric Warrior in One Sitting
I started this series during the summer when I had a couple of days to myself. I didn’t get through it, and since I thought the cover to #8 would freak out my kids a little, I packed it all away. I’d love to find an afternoon this year during which I can plow through the whole thing.

5. Add a Few More Infinity Covers to my Collection
I’ve got more than 50 infinity covers and I hope to collect them all some time. I haven’t focused on this aspect of my collection in recent years, and it is time to get serious. Terry-Toons #55 and Captain Marvel Jr. #37 are two that have eluded me thus far – very tough to find at a reasonable price.

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I’ve never even seen an issue of Electric Warrior, but now I want them all. (That #8 cover *is* freaky!)

I do have good memories of Electric warrior (havent reread them in quite a while though)

from the same period ( ’82- ’86 ), DC did publish other interesting SF titles : spanners galaxy, and one another wich i cant remember the name… was good reading (at the time)

“Desperate men lead Timmy and Lassie to an old empty barn…and DANGER AT DUSK”??? I don’t even want to hint at the story possibilities that have popped into head – too much Criminal Minds I think.

The Harveyverse is a great place for kids – Wendy always struck me as a superb character – managed to be good without being saccharine. Same with Casper and Richie Rich – engaging characters who never strayed into being cloying even though they so easily could have been.

Ooh, infinity covers. I like ‘em!

I recently picked up Electric Warrior. I got all but issue 17 in one go, then found 17 a few months later, I’m pretty sure at a different place, so through sheer chance I collected the whole series. Neat stuff, and I’m working on getting to read it all in one go myself. I remember going, “oh, cool, the guy who did First American for ABC!” when I saw the issues. I couldn’t pass up 17 out of 18 of them, even if I wasn’t sure I’d ever get that second to last issue. I think I paid about 3 bucks for all 18 issues. You should also check out the DC Who’s Who Update ’87 #2 for a 2 page spread about EW, which is where I first read about the series when I first started collecting.

What are Infinity covers?

Harvey is horribly underrated. I especially loved Hot Stuff and Little Audrey, though for some reason I read Richie Rich the most often– probably because he had forty or fifty ongoing titles at once!

These infinity covers shown aren’t the clearest, but it’s basically one where the big image is repeated in a smaller inset on the page, and on that inset, the same image is repeated, etc, to infinity.

On the Terry Toons, the comic Mighty Mouse is holding repeats the image, and on the Capt Marvel Jr, the comic that Freddy’s holding repeats the image.

I can’t think of a clearer image right off the top of my head, but hopefully that gives you an idea of what it means, Mary.

Here’s a perfect example of an infinity cover…

Ah, yes, that’s great, Brian. That’s the kind of image that comes to my mind when the term “infinity cover” is used.

Did any of the “Infinity” minis that Marvel did have an Infinity cover? If not, missed opportunity, man.

I can really relate to that Electric Warrior resolution – there’s a certain charm to reading a good comic run all in one sitting on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I most recently did so, last August, with Marvel’s original Logan’s Run. Electric Warrior, by the way, has always intrigued me, it’s one of those many DC series of the ’80s that I completely missed out on, like Jemm, Night Force and Thriller (ok, I’ve seen a few issues of that). None of these have ever been collected, have they?

My favorite infinity cover from one of my favorite comics — Action Comics #500.

Hi Scott. I’m pretty sure that I somewhere have a copy of the MGM’s Lassie you post in the upper left. Its in atrocious shape (Fair to Good minus), but if you want it I’ll see if I can find it for you.

I will likely do a piece on Infinity covers at some point on here.

I wrote an article on the for Comic Book Marketplace that was never published due to it folding. I’ve been collection them for quite some time, and am lucky enough to own the original art to an infinity cover (Ghosts #100).

Craig, I’ll be in touch. Thanks

Edo, according to Burgas’s Flippin’ through Previews, Night Force is getting collected, I guess starting in March. I might pick it up.

And I’ve been seeing issues of Thriller in these 2 packs of comics at my local dollar store. Considering what I have read about it, it’s an odd spot to find it. Of course, that IS the same dollar store I picked up issues of Ms Tree and some other oddball/indie things about 10-15 years ago. I wonder if the warehouse of the publisher made a deal with dollar stores to ship stuff to them…

Oooo, sweet, I’d love to see Night Force – both series – collected, but especially Gene Colan’s run!

I never could get into the Harvey comics characters. I remember that when I was in a nasty car accident in 1975 (I was 11), I got about 100 comics from people, mostly Harveys and funny animals. (I was really disappointed at the time, I’d much have preferred Marvel/DC/Atlas/etc.) I gave all the Harveys away eventually.

Oh, and the Iron Man Omnibus is great, even though I don’t care for the very earliest stories. I always remove the shrink wrap and inspect these things when I get them now; my copy of Fantastic Four Omnibus vol 2 sat on the shelf for a couple years before I got to it and several of the pages are glued together sporadically throughout the book. It’s OP now, so there’s no way to get a replacement (and have you seen the asking prices for the thing now? Yikes!).

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