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Another Month of Indie Comics!

Okay, so I’ve decided that one of the features for February will be A Month of Indie Comics.

So if you want your mini-comic or your self-published comic book featured/review on the site in February, now would be a good time to start sending me copies of your stuff. I’ll have 28 slots, so there certainly is no guarantee that you’ll be featured, but hey, 28 slots is still a lot of slots!!

You’ll find my mailing address on the side bar (Where to Send Review Copies).


The Coolest Dad

January 6, 2011 at 3:12 pm

Great idea! I forkin love you man!

I am on this like some kind of video game based ape character.

Great to see you doing this, especially as an organized month-long project.

I’ll send a couple of my books your way shortly.

I would like to nominate Skyscrapers of the Midwest. Thank you.

I doubt Brian will include ‘Skyscrapers’ because he has reviewed and featured and gushed about it here a lot. And rightfully so, I should add.

It’s nice to know that since the last time you did this Leslie Stein’s Eye of the Majestic Creature has been picked up by Fantagraphics for a collected edition (with new material I’m guessing since she showed me more original art for the series in 2009 but I didn’t see an issue #4 in 2010).

Is today too late to send my self-published comic? Cuz I totally did that today.

[…] Brian Cronin, who does the column Comics Should Be Good, has declared this February a “Month of Indy Comics,” and is reviewing a different independent comic book every day. I sent him all of my stuff, […]

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