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A Month of Cover Theme Games #9

Every day this month, I’ll give you a new cover theme game! If you don’t know the game by now, it works like this: I’ll show you three covers. They all have something in common, whether it be a character, a trait all three characters share, a locale, a creator, SOMEthing. And it isn’t something obvious like “They all have prices!” “They all have logos!” “They all feature a man!” “They are all Avengers (who ISN’T?)!” “They’re all dead (who HASN’T been killed off?)!” etc.

In addition, please note that you must have some familiarity with comic book history to correctly guess these comics. You cannot guess the connective theme just by looking at the covers solely, you must have some knowledge beyond just the covers.

If you come up with an answer that works outside of what I intended, I’ll give you credit (well, provided I think it fits, of course).

One more thing – if there are floating heads on the cover, ignore them! They don’t mean anything!

If you think you know the answer, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com (make sure to write which number game you’re answering). Don’t answer in the comments. This way, people who check in at different times of the day can still get credit for answering it correctly! After two days, I’ll post the people who answered today’s game correctly! Here is the list of all the games, along with the answers to each one (after two days go by, of course).

Good luck and enjoy!




This one’s tough (well, so long as you try to answer it without independent research, that is).


They all have in common: Cables! :-p Easy …

Good heaven, that’s a terrible drawing of Juggernaut.

They were all pregnant at some point…The Juggernaut was pregnant, right?

BTW, I wrote the comment above as a joke; but given the nautre of comics, I apologize if that really is the correct answer. Weirder things (but not much weirder things) have happened in comics

not only are they all sourounded by junk by looks like juggernaut and sue are like spider man have their hands out trying to fight an unknown foe. for spider man is with the female


What is wrong with Juggernaut’s face? He looks like he’s all teeth! Horrible.

Hey, wow, I think I actually have a shot at this one.

Heh, that’s funny. Cables are pretty prominently displayed on each cover. Pretty sure that’s not the shared connection, but it is a good catch by everyone.

That IS quite funny.

Stuff like that is also why I make sure to say that you can’t answer the question just based just on what you observe on the cover itself. ;)

I want to say that there’s something going on with their parents. I’m trying to put it together without research, but I can’t pull it out from my mind yet…

Parents all disappeared for some time mysteriously, before returning to see/mess with their children?

I got it. They all have costume errors. Spider-Man doesn’t have the spider on his chest. Sue’s left glove is a different colour than her right. And, Juggernaut appears to have Venom’s head.


To be fair, disappearing mysteriously is Sue’s whole shtick.

I also had a (failed) guess that wasn’t featured by Brian (probably sent after the closing hour): Three characters who either faced a mysterious villain that turned out to be a relative, or were the mysterious villain. Menace was Harry Osborn’s fiancée; Sue faced an intruder that was revealed as her adult son in the featured issue; Juggernaut was defeated/abused by Onslaught, actually his step brother Prof. X.

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