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Another Month of LGBT Comics!

Similar to my request for February’s Month of Indie Comics, where folks who make mini-comics or self-published comics can send in their work for spotlight/review throughout the month of February, I will be doing a similar event for the month of March with LGBT Comics.

So if you have an LGBT-related comic book, feel free to send it in for review/spotlight during the month of March, where I’ll review/spotlight 31 LGBT comic books (one a day).

Check out the sidebar (or click here) to read where to mail review copies of your work.


I love this idea. I’m looking forward to reading the reviews in March. I hope some of my favorite creators send you some stuff to review.

Excellent! Not that I don’t read the blog every day anyway (because I do), but February and March have that much more incentive to tune in.

What is LGBT?

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender

Can Batman and Robin 6 count as LGBT? There’s Flamingo, the homosexual assassin, and in most of the panels, Billy Tan’s Batman looked like a shemale.

I don’t think wearing pink and bad art counts as contributing towards LGBT in comics. But speaking of Grant Morrison comics and the transgendered, I’m gonna guess that we’ll be seeing Lord Fanny at some point? Not many other crossdressers/transexuals in comics as far as I’m aware.

@Guilherme – Was Flamingo established to be ‘gay’?

No, he was just flamboyant, so people just make assumptions or jr. high-like jokes.

This is great news. Good on you CBR! I will definately be checking out the reviewed titles come March.

The only down side is we have to wait so long! ;)

Gotta give people enough time to get me 31 titles to be reviewed for March. :)

Sounds good, should be a good month. Loving the different themes each month so far

OFFTOPIC – Why the change to partial rss feed?? So much harder to read the content in work now!!! :)

Would The Extremist qualify?

Woohoo! You and I discussed this back in July of last year, I think. I know I sent you pdf copies of my last three books in my series, but things got busy for both of us! I’ll be sending those books your way ASAP.

It’s a real shame that very unfortunately few, if any, original copies of Tales to Excite or the eponymous Bash Helmet, are known to survive – so most of the artwork featuring the world’s first gay superhero has had to be recreated. Ditto his lesbian sidekick, Flick Faster.

[…] March, we’ll definitely be checking his feature out. In the meantime, suggest your favorites HERE. And if you’re a creator, mail your work in for review. Comics Should Be Good accepts review […]

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