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A Month of Cover Theme Games #18

Every day this month, I’ll give you a new cover theme game! If you don’t know the game by now, it works like this: I’ll show you three covers. They all have something in common, whether it be a character, a trait all three characters share, a locale, a creator, SOMEthing. And it isn’t something obvious like “They all have prices!” “They all have logos!” “They all feature a man!” “They are all Avengers (who ISN’T?)!” “They’re all dead (who HASN’T been killed off?)!” etc.

In addition, please note that you must have some familiarity with comic book history to correctly guess these comics. You cannot guess the connective theme just by looking at the covers solely, you must have some knowledge beyond just the covers.

If you come up with an answer that works outside of what I intended, I’ll give you credit (well, provided I think it fits, of course).

One more thing – if there are floating heads on the cover, ignore them! They don’t mean anything!

If you think you know the answer, e-mail me at bcronin@comicbookresources.com (make sure to write which number game you’re answering). Don’t answer in the comments. This way, people who check in at different times of the day can still get credit for answering it correctly! After two days, I’ll post the people who answered today’s game correctly! Here is the list of all the games, along with the answers to each one (after two days go by, of course).

Good luck and enjoy!




This one is definitely gettable (although some knowledge of Alex Robinson’s awesome series Box Office Poison comes in handy). There are a whole lot of characters on the last pair of covers, though, so I won’t be surprised to get some very inventive guesses (yesterday’s got a whole pile of clever alternate answers), but I have a hunch that whoever guesses at this one will get what I’m shooting for!


Holy crap, one I might know! *sends off his guess*

The Crazed Spruce

January 19, 2011 at 9:12 am

I’m not familiar with Box Office Poison, but I cruised the Wikipedia page, and took a shot.

Oh, man, it’s been so long since I’ve read BOP, and you had to pick an issue I don’t have. (I have some individual issues and the trade…).

And I’ve actually read the FF issue, and GR’s a favorite series too, but I don’t have that one.

Curse you, Cronin!

Nah, not really. But I will have to dig out BOP and give it a look today or tomorrow.

I was wondering if I would manage to tie this with the tracks of Suicide first album…there’s “Ghost Rider” and “Johnny”, but since I have no idea about BOP characters couldn’t finish that thought (well, there’s “Girl”).

Yay, I got it right! I thought of it about 10 minutes after logging off the other day. I was more surprised I could remember all the character names from BOP.


I love your line of thinking. I haven’t read Box Office in forever, and have no recollection of their names. It would be a riot if one of the characters was named Frankie Teardrop.

Wow, how goofy is that cover with the Trapster using Medusa’s hair as a rope. (And how did Thing’s fists get outside the closed window? Unstable glass molecules?)

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