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I Saw It Advertised One Day #33

We continue a MONTH of I Saw It Advertised One Day! Each day this January you’ll get a piece looking at advertisements in comic books over the decades that amused me for whatever reason. In each installment, we’ll take a look at three ads!

Here is an archive of all installments of this feature.

Not many more installments left! Today is an all-reader submission edition!


Everyone’s pal, Jamie Coville, sent in this 1958 ad for a toy hand grenade!


Reader Jeff sent in this utterly bizarre 1982 ad for Rubik’s Cube…lube!


Finally, reader Luke sent in this very recent ad for Marvel fragrances…


That’s all for this installment! If you can think of some goofy comic book ads you’d like to see me feature in the future (as after this month, I’ll still occasionally do installments of this feature), drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com. Do not make suggestions in the comment section, so that they can still be a surprise for future readers! In fact, I think I’ll just delete comments that contain future suggestions. I


I had never seen that Cube Lube ad before, that’s a good one. I know the person who came up with that product must be very proud of his/herself. I still haven’t solved the cube, maybe this would’ve help me shave a decade or so off my time…

I love the last lines of the cubelube ad: “Until you try it, you just don’t know how fast you can go!” Ummmm, what are we talking about again here?

I would not wish to use a cologne that makes me smell like what I imagine the Hulk to smell like.

I would imagine the Hulk cologne would smell like beans and rage, and that the Iron Man cologne would smell like blended Canadian whiskey. Brian, thanks for including that one. I thought I was way too late in submitting it just a few days ago!

Is the Iron Man cologne “new car smell”? If so, I’m in.

Although its not in the ad, I do have the Captain America cologne. I picked it up in, of all places, the international airport in Belize, duty free of course. Also strange, it was the only Marvel cologne they had, which makes me think either a.) they hate the USA so much it is their worst selling Marvel based cologne, or b.)they love the USA so much, that is the only Marvel based cologne they carry.


January 30, 2011 at 12:35 pm

I love the line in the grenade one, “Really scatters the gang when you throw this baby in their midst!” They should have expanded on that with, “Need a really quick way to clear out a movie theatre? You’re Welcome!”

I know it’s easy to laugh at somethign called Cube Lube, but all the speed cubers use products to make sure they are as quick as possible. That’s who the product is for.

Never mind what the Hulk smells like. Can you imagine what Spidey must smell like after all the web-swinging and fighting in tights? Plus, he doesn’t get to launder that suit everyday. :)

I want a toy grenade. That’d be awesome.

I either saw the Cube Lube ad myself in a comic or Ty Templeton featured it in a blog post. Very odd.

No offense to anyone, but if you’re someone who’d want to buy comics character cologne, you might think that it also takes the place of a shower. It doesn’t, folks.

Rats, the Cube Lube offer ended 29 years ago…I was so hoping to buy some…

Dominic, it’s still being made and is for sale from the Rubik’s Cube maker’s website.

Ed (A Different One)

January 31, 2011 at 6:36 pm

There are such things as “speed cubers”? Not making fun, just really surprised such a thing existed. I remember there being competitions in solving Rubik’s cubes back in the day (I remember even seeing one televised), but your comment gave me the impression that this is a sport that still exists.

Ah, what the heck. Those “speed stackers” who competitively stacked the equivalent of dixie cups were all the rage just a few years ago.

Speed cubing still exists…

It’s an amazing skill that I am completely jealous of.


Just a sample of what it looks like.

Fabian NonNicieza

February 2, 2011 at 3:27 am

I have some Marvel Captain America cologne. It is awesome. It only lasts about an hour and it’s subtle since it’s made for kids but it smells great. I bought it as a gag. I wear it for work and just about everyone comments on it thinking it’s some expensive brand. It’s only $3.

When I was a kid, I had a little book on how to solve Rubik’s Cube – it was pretty good, too – I never timed myself or anything, but I got to be pretty fast (the final 1/3 of the cube was always the trickiest and slowest for me.)

Anyway, for some reason, I owned two cubes – both definitely “official” Rubik cubes. As I learned when taking them apart, one was already “pre-lubed,” while the other was not.

The grenade ad reminds me of an old ad in Mad Magazine (a parody, so not suitable here). It was one of those back-page type ads with about a hundred gimmicks; one of them was a bunch of army surplus grenades that are useless without their firing pins. Great as a paperweight (won’t go off without the firing pin), or give people a good scare (it doesn’t really work, not without the firing pin).

Another ad on the same page was for all these army surplus hand grenade firing pins they had lying around for some reason.

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