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The Guide to Album Covers by Comic Book Artists 1/29/11

Here’s the deal – the end goal is to get the ultimate guide to albums covers drawn by comic book artists. Every Saturday, I’ll post ten album covers by comic book artists.

I’ll add these ten to the master list (which you can find here).

What you do is that you e-mail me albums (at bcronin@comicbookresources.com) that you’d like me to feature, and I’ll keep adding them until we have THE ultimate guide to album covers drawn by comic book artists!

Here are the next ten albums!


Adams, Neal

Bill la Bounty, Promised Love (1975)

Bagge, Peter

The Action Suits, “Visualize Ballard”/”Cancer Father” (1996) singles

Balent, Jim

Iced Earth, Days of Purgatory (1997)

Cowan, Denys

Genius/GZA, Liquid Swords (1995)

Ross, Alex

Anthrax, Music of Mass Destruction: Live from Chicago, (2004) (front and back cover)

Severin Marie

Pink Floyd, Saucerful of Secrets (1968)

(As you see, they chopped up her art without permission into a collage – she is not credited by the band)

Sharp, Joe and Rob

Airbourne, No Guts, No Glory (2010)

(The Sharps were nice enough to share the cover with me)

Sienkiewicz, Bill

EPMD, Business as Usual (1990)

TenNapel, Doug

Five Iron Frenzy, Our Newest Album Ever! (1997)

Warrenfeltz, Jacob

The Franchise, To the Rescue! (2006)

So get suggesting!

Send your ideas (and if you have jpegs, send them, too!) to bcronin@comicbookresources.com

Also, if you have better quality JPEGs than the ones I’m using, feel free to send them in (like if I only have a small image, for instance).


"O" the Humanatee!

January 29, 2011 at 1:22 pm

It seems odd to refer to the Saucerful of Secrets cover as being “by” Marie Severin. To quote Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Saucerful_of_Secrets#Album_cover): “This is the first of several Pink Floyd album covers designed by Hipgnosis…. Certain elements of the collage are taken from page 25 of Marvel Comics’ Strange Tales #158 (1967), including the face of the Living Tribunal in the upper left, Doctor Strange along the right edge and the image of a string of planets entering a whirlpool that runs through the center of the design.”

So Severin wasn’t hired to do the cover (if Marie Severin had been hired to do an album cover, I doubt it would have looked anything like this); neither she nor Marvel, I suspect, was paid for the use of her art; only part of the cover collage used her art; and that part was altered in various ways.

I figured people would understand that (just like the album “by” John Byrne), but sure, I’ll qualify!

Kula Shaker’s “K,” by Dave Gibbons, springs to mind…

It’s already on the master list!

Before the live-album Alex Ross did also the cover-art for anthrax’s “we’ve come for you all”.

Bill Sienkiewicz also did an AWESOME cover for the RZA’s BOBBY DIGITAL album.

Sam Kieth did the cover for the Groovie Ghoulies “Running with Bigfoot”. A google image search turns up this:

That promised love album looks like a cover to American Splendor. We gotta get Tony Millionaire’s Costello albums on here.

According to wikipedia, Sam Kieth also did the cover for Giant Squid’s “The Ichthyologist”. Google turns up this:

Which doesn’t look like typical Kieth but clearly has his signature at the bottom left.

I’d seen Saucerfull Of Secrets before, but I never noticed it had Doctor Strange or the Tribunal.

I have to agree with the O on the Saucerful of Secrets – its the graphic equivalent of sampling a riff from a song to create a new own song.

Shawn Kerri should get some mention for her work with the Circle Jerks, even if it was never an album cover.

Don’t think that this has been mentioned yet but Mcfarlane did an album cover and directed a live action video for Canadian hip hop outfit Swollen Members.


McFarlane also did the cover for Korn’s “Follow The Leader” album and one of the videos from that album had animation inspired by the cover design style.

Do unpublished comic artists doing covers for small bands nobody would have ever heard of because they’re still recording their first albums count? I’m working on my first book now and have the cover for the album done and they’re still recording and working on the album. If I send you that cover, would it get put up here?

I’m pretty sure Korn: Follow the Leader was actually Greg Capullo art, but McFarlane may have inked it. Either way, it qualifies.

And I’m sure I’m not the first person that’s suggesting this, but Dave McKean did the cover of Counting Crows: This Desert Life

Do unpublished comic artists doing covers for small bands nobody would have ever heard of because they’re still recording their first albums count? I’m working on my first book now and have the cover for the album done and they’re still recording and working on the album. If I send you that cover, would it get put up here?

I’m going to be putting together the guide for a loooooooong time (10 albums a week is a drop in the proverbial bucket), so I’d recommend just waiting until the album is released and then you can send it to me and I’ll post it.

Also Kaare Andrews did the cover for the Beta Band: Heroes to Zeroes

I never knew Cowan did the cover for Liquid Swords. It’s a damn good album to boot.

I swear, I’m going to learn an instrument, start a band, and put together an album just so I can have Bill Sienkiewicz do the cover art.

Brian, I don’t know if you listed Rob Zombie’s 1st solo album, which has a cover by Dan Brereton. The interior had some art by Gene Colan as well. I remember seeing it while being a college dj, and being impressed (the album itself, however, was pretty weak).

Can Alex Ross do anything not super-hero related? He reminds me of the scene in Dan Pussey in which the teenaged title character designs a poster for a high school dance with super-heroes. I wonder if he would have done the Uncle Sam series if not for the Quality character.

Joe Quesada did the cover for the self-titled album of the band 22 Brides. He also helmed a comic book series of the same name at Event Comics making an image search difficult. Doesn’t look like his art, but the signature is there on the original. Here’s a listing of the re-issue at amazon.com – http://www.amazon.com/22-Brides/dp/B004JKMO4W/ref=sr_1_6?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1296488654&sr=1-6

Also, Jim Mahfood has done the cover art for both albums by Kirby Krackle, a nerd rock band with songs about video games and comic books. Fits right in here

Neal Adams also did the art for Extreme II: Pornographitti. There were illustrations by him throughout the lyric sheet that visualized the story (yes it’s a concept album). Being both and Extreme and comic fan, it was a nice surprise to see a name I knew doing the art (and credited).

I think that Purgatori cover was also on the disk that came w/ a tpb of that mini by a dude called Vlad.

Chris Bachalo’s artwork for the Wu-Tang album “Wu-Massacre”

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