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You Decide ’11 – What is Your Favorite Current Avengers Title?

Each day this month, I’ll be posting a different poll question – each poll will last five days, and I’ll reveal the results of the finished polls every Tuesday.

This way, for this month, we can see what our readers feel about various comic book questions. For a month, you folks will decide!Click here to see the other questions that you can answer as well as checking out the latest poll results!

Read on for the first poll question!

NOTE: No offense to the Ultimate Universe, I just felt like going with the “main” Marvel continuity for this question.


Secret Avengers by a long shot. Bendis is really not doing anything exciting with either of his titles. I would have voted for Children’s Crusade, though, had that been a choice.

Avengers Academy easily. One of the most compelling and original new titles Marvel’s put out in years, with a genuinely unique take on the teen hero sub-genre.

New Avengers. Must have more Squirrel Girl.

I gave on up on Avengers after #3. While I enjoy New and Secret Avengers, as of late they both really feel like ongoing titles starring Luke Cage and Steve Rogers with large supporting casts as opposed to team books. Avengers Academy is absolutely wonderful.

New Avengers.

Wonderful and diverse cast, including plenty of awesome women. Victoria Hand is fascinating, Jessica Jones is finally an official Avenger. Great banter, too-how can you not love a book where Ms. Marvel’s teammates give her grief in the middle of a huge magic-battle because she’s never seen Ghostbusters?

I went with Avengers Academy, although New Avengers is also pretty good (despite the lousy re-writing of Agamotto’s history). I abandoned the other two after the first storylines, although neither one was horrible.

Avengers Academy ftw. Gage rocks.

new avengers is one of my top 5 comics month after month.

although i like all the titles in the poll.

but new avengers has been a great all-ages continuation of one of the best adult super hero comics of all time “alias”.

if you are an adult fan of marvel comics, “alias” is a must read. it made me a fan of bendis and jessica jones. not to mention bendis has done a fantastic job of pulling luke cage into the 21st century. he must have liked “power man and iron fist” as much as i did in the 80s. lol

Avengers for Romita jr. splendor!!!!

I went with Secret, since that’s the only one I’ve read past the 2nd or 3rd issue. I haven’t felt compelled to get any of the others past that, but Secret has been pretty interesting. I did also get most of the issues for half off at a sale at the LCS, so that factored in. Not sure I’d pick it up at full price regularly.

I’m also hoping/wondering if there’s going to be a retcon involving Shang-Chi’s father. I realize they’re not calling him by name for TM / C reasons, but I wonder if this storyline will change something so that’s no longer an issue. I think it’s a better version of Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul, too.

Of course, I haven’t read 9 yet, so Bru could have blown it all.

Avengers Academy is my favorite by far. It’s got great internal logic for why this set of veteran Avengers as faculty. It has genuine character interpersonal dynamics going on. There’s great action arising from the development of the new characters and the exploration of new facets of the veteran characters.

New Avengers is probably my next pick. Great set of characters and great interpersonal dynamics. Although, there are some characters that really don’t make sense on this team, like The Thing and Ms. Marvel. Both seem dropped in for reasons that are unclear to me. Also, the action so far seems kind of random. It doesn’t really feel character driven.

Secret Avengers comes next. I like the idea of a covert ops team of characters the Avengers can’t openly sign on as members. Although, there are some characters that should be a part of such a line up (i.e. Spider-Woman) and aren’t and others that don’t seem to belong here (i.e. Beast). Also, the absence of a introductory story arc to bring them together and explain their reason for being on this particular team really undercuts the title right out of the gate.

Dead last is Avengers. It has a dream team of creators: Bendis, Romita, Janson, Palmer, etc. But, it feels rushed, sloppy and kind of pointless. There’s no real character interplay. Several characters don’t make sense on this team: Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman. Again, the lack of a story that says why these character on this team. And, the stories seem random and completely disconnected from anything about the characters themselves.

Avengers Academy is the only one I am reading monthly, but regardless it is really good. It has been pretty seamless in replacing Avengers the Initiative, which I would have missed otherwise. Of course I’m still waiting for my Mighty Avengers replacement. We need Slott Avengers!

I voted New Avengers. Immomen’s art is sick. I’d have voted Avengers as #1 if not for Klaus Janson’s inks ruining Romita’s pencils. I really wish they got Mark Farmer or Scott Hanna instead. Because of Janson, I ranked Avengers dead last. Although it’s not as bad as when DC ruined Jose Garcia-Lopez’s comeback with Janson inks.

Secret and Academy are neck and neck for me, but I went with Secret. Ask me again tomorrow and that might change. I can’t stand Bendis so I don’t read the other two, despite my unnatural love for the Avengers.

Tough choice, but one book has far superior art to the other three. That’s what it comes down to.

My favourite too is Children’s Crusade. I voted for Secret Avengers, although it feels more like a spy book than Avengers thing.
Bendis did a great Jessica-Luke scene in last New, but his action plots more often don’t work than do, and his dialogue can get annoying sometimes. Academy feels like a (not bad) miniseries being stretched.

I was torn between Secret and Academy, but voted Secret since a lot of people voted for Academy.

I picked New Avengers, if only because Secret and Academy aren’t really doin anything for me. I have to say though, I’m getting sick of Bendis’ Avengers titles being the ongoing adventures of The Hood.

Secret is a Steve Rogers : Agent of the Avengers to me. So even though I like it better than Academy, I have to choose Academy. I like the Avengers and New Avengers for the art but Bendis’ talk fests don’t feel like Avengers comics to me.

Avengers Academy and it’s not even close.

Yes, the last two issues of New Avengers has been really good but I HATED the first story. Bendis doing street level magic stuff is just terrible. The Avengers are a lot better when they just sit around in talk.

Avengers Academy is a great book.

Regular Avengers is just too far out of Bendis’ wheelhouse. And Secret Avengers tries hard but doesn’t deliver as much as i’d like in the execution. Something about the pacing just seems a little too slow to me.

I loved New Avengers, but now that Immonen is gone I’d have to choose Avengers Academy.

Bendis is Bendis is Bendis, but I can’t enjoy anything with Deodato on art, and Romita Jr. isn’t really delivering (IMHO)

too bad Dead Avengers wasn’t a choice (outside of the ridiculous Lifecry moment) It was the only Avenger book in the past year that felt like an Avenger book. Avengers Academy and Secret Avengers are both good books in different ways, they just don’t feel Avengery(I went with Secret, but like Jazzbo, ask me tomorrow and I might have a different answer)

Nothing against Bendis but the Hood as a villain or defeating a villain by singing Kumbaya around a campfire just doesn’t seem too Avengery to me. I mean the Hood is a villain that should be used in a limited series against the shroud as a henchman to someone more formidable like Stilt Man.

New Avengers is one of my two or three favorite books every month. Absolutely love it, even though I’m scared about losing Immonen. But Secret is very good pulpy fun and Avengers just got it’s stride after a not-great first couple of issues. Avengers Academcy is good, but I hate the art and it’s . . .just not up there with the other three.

New Avengers. It’s the sassy Avengers comic.

Totally unrelated to this post, but when are we going to see the answers to the last 2 Cover Theme games? Will there be a post, or should we just keep checking the old link?

Given that it’s the only Avengers title I currently read, I had to go with Secret Avengers.

Throwing in another write-in vote for Children’s Crusade. Heinberg and Cheung are rockin’ it.

On principal I’d go with Secret Avengers. Dream team creative team with a strong hook and excellent cast. But I’ve been strangely unmoved by the arcs so far. Maybe it’s a general lack of interest in Shang Chi, Max Steele and Nick Fury’s clone. Just not compelling antagonists, imo.

So I chose The Avengers. Not a popular choice, I know, but I’ve really been enjoying the infinity gems arc. It seems suitably epic in scope and the events with the illuminati make the storyline feel like it really matters. Plus, it’s nice to see General Ross finally put in his place by a two-bit Hood (pun intended).

Children’s Crusade is pretty awesome. Can’t go wrong with the Young Avengers in the hands of their creators.

I was a little torn between saying Secret or New Avengers…went with Secret because it seems to be a bit more exciting than New Avengers…but Stuart Immonen over Deodato in the art department for sure. Also New has Iron Fist…even though he’s a little useless in the book…don’t know why Bendis keeps throwing him in there because he doesn’t do anything…same with pretty much every other character except Luke Cage and Ms Marvel…

This is actually kind of a toss-up for me. I’m really digging Secret Avengers and Avengers Academy, but as someone who isn’t really into Bendis I’ve been pleasantly surprised by New Avengers. With Bendis I tend to find all the Whedonesque dialogue too interchangeable, but for some reason it works for me here. Doesn’t hurt that the book is keeping the one character I really liked out of Dark Reign. So, in spite of myself, I guess I have to say New.

Avengers, on the other hand, is damn near intolerable. Bendis has his skills, but he really cannot do massive epic stories. And now we’re dealing with The Hood again. This character has definitely moved into Mary Sue territory at this point. He’s not a terrible character, but at this point he’s getting really played out. Romita’s art isn’t working for me either. It looks way too sketchy for my tastes.

I like Academy the best, I think, though Secret Avengers is a close second. It’s hard to choose between them, since Academy is primarily a character study and Secret Avengers is more like an action flick. But I think Academy does a better job with its cast. Secret Avengers is too Steve Rogers-centric. (I’m a fan of Steve, but he shouldn’t be the constant focus of a team book.)

New Avengers is the best. It’s got probably my favorite mix of Marvel characters in one team book ever and the art has been spectacular. Secret Avengers is a lot of fun too, though I’m not as fond of the art.

I’d go with Dead Avengers if I could. It still boggles my mind that we just got a mini-series starring at least three C-List Avengers (Yellowjacket II, Deathcry, Dr. Druid) who haven’t been members of the team since the early 1990s AND that the writers finally dealt with the fact we never actually saw Yellowjacket II formally invited to join.

After that I went with Avengers. I love it for being the anti-New Avengers. Big names, big threats, some Marvel history, less joking around and banter. Even though the most recent issue was talky, it wasn’t wasted. It covered a lot of ground in revealing the Illuminati’s existance. That being said I still have my reservations about Bendis writing this book. I miss a writer who can juggle a few different subplots and progress them each issue. I miss some of the melodrama – whether it’s the Vision pining for the Scarlet Witch or the Black Knight torn between Cyrstal and Sersi or the Swordsman trying to convince the team he’s reformed. Maybe Bendis will go in that direction with Red Hulk, but even then I doubt it’s going to be as satisfying as something Thomas or Englehart or Stern or Harras would have written. And does Bendis have some sort of aversion to Jarvis? Can’t we get more than him being drawn in the background or uttering one line of dialogue?

I do buy and enjoy Secret Avengers. I love the team Brubaker put together. Add in a powerhouse like Hercules or Thor and I’d say elevate this group to the main title! But I do feel something is missing. Maybe a little too much Captain America at the expense of other characters like The Beast and War Machine? Maybe not enough – or any? – character development?

I just don’t get why New Avengers exists other than so Bendis can write all of the “street level” characters. Not even Doctor Strange’s presence can convince me to pick that book up. Oh well. One day it will go the way of West Coast Avengers, Force Works, Solo Avengers/Avengers Spotlight and the real Avengers will actually move back into the mansion again.

New Avengers. Now if only Acuna woudl stay on the art because when Deodato does his issues it will drop.

Deodato is the one thing stopping Secret from being in the #1 slot.

OK, so I voted The Avengers… right now I actually think New Avengers is kicking ass, the last two issues have been among Bendis’s best, but I HATED the first arc.
Avengers had a decent first arc; I don’t really like this Parker Robbins silliness but it’s not bad.
And neither Secret Avengers nor Avengers Academy seem to hold my attention for very long.

Can I just go with Invincible Iron Man?

Can there be a ‘don’t read Bendis’ choice and a ‘don’t read Marvel’ choice?
Just like everyone to know that i can’t read this crap after all that has been to destroy what used to be the Avengers.

I actually hate Romita’s art, but I’m totally caught up in Avengers. Something about the way it’s being done makes it feel like the Big Show. Immonen’s keeping me reading New Avengers, but I really don’t care about those characters and their problems. Luke Cage is boring and Jessica Jones is becoming a one-dimensional fanwank. “She’s the girl every guy wants and she doesn’t even know it!”

I jumped off Secret Avengers pretty quickly. The art is stiff, dark, and ugly, and I just could not care less about the plot. I could go my whole life without reading about Shang Chi’s dad and be happy as a clam. How is this story going on for so many issues? Don’t care about War Machine, don’t care about Moon Knight, don’t care about Valkyrie, don’t care about Black Widow, don’t care about Nova. Haven’t cared about Beast since Cassandra Nova. And the dynamic between Ant-Man and Steve Rogers is neat, but that’s a very small feature of the book.

Oh, and I REALLY do not care one bit about an evil LMD.

Tom Fitzpatrick

February 4, 2011 at 6:15 am

Can we have “none of the above” option on these voting polls?

Just in case some of us haven’t read any of the options listied. ;-)

Avengers: Children’s Crusade for sure.

Wheres the “Who Cares” option?

Is Super Hero Squad still being published?

Avengers Academy is everything I want out of a book. New characters, established characters, interesting dynamics, fantastic art, and a story that actually moves forward issue to issue. I really hope more people give it a chance, because it’s honestly one of the best books out there right now.

Secret Avengers is my favorite, its a fresh new take on the avengers mythos and willing to take the concept of an avengers team beyond what has been done before. Of course the team of Brubaker and deodato also weighed on my initial decision to get this comic. I must say however that I also collect Avengers mainly due to JrJr’s art but I share in the opinion that this is a title that story-wise its going nowhere and has no real reason to exist, like 99.9% of bendis’s scripted comics. Bendis’ stories show some potential at first that is never achieved. The concept behind Avengers Academy is not really my cup of tea but after the comments posted here maybe I should give it a try.


The Avengers haven’t been the Avengers since Bendis got his grubby hack hands on them.

Patrick Lemaire

February 6, 2011 at 6:39 pm

Avengers Academy by a mile on Secret, two miles on New and five on Avengers

Wheres the “Who Cares” option?

You exercise it by not clicking on or commenting on the thread at all. Which is the opposite of what you did.

T, stop using logic. This is the internet. :)

Yeah I definitely would voted Children’s Crusade too!
So I voted Avengers since it’s the only one I buy, and only for JRJR’s art at that.

i, for one, am glad that bendis gave the avengers a much needed reboot.
i always thought they were lame in the 80’s & 90’s.
he finally put marvel heroes on that team that i liked, and kept some of the better mainstay avengers.
thank god.
i’ll take luke cage, spider-man, iron fist & wolverine over vision, scarlet witch, wonder man & quicksilver ANY DAY.

thank you very much, mr. bendis, for making the avengers great.

Needs an “I don’t read any Avengers books” option.

I’ve been picking up The Avengers for JR JR’s art, but Bendis’s team books are all pretty boring, everyone stands around and talks in the same voice. I don’t read any of the other titles. I’ll pass on voting this round.

Hate to say it, but there really should have been a “None of the above” option. None of these titles are getting me to go back to the Avengers… though having this many ongoing Avengers titles may be the true culprit in fueling my disinterest.

What was that, Seth?

Bendis characters standing around talking (repetitively) in the same voice?

The devil, you say!

You left out one thing, though: Frequently doing so while any “action” happens off-panel!

New Avengers, followed closely by Secretr Avengers.

@ T.

Being that there isn’t an option to express my opinion in the poll, i must use the comment section. That is how i can express my opinion that i don’t like any Avengers book.

Silence isn’t a response on the internet, as the vast, VAST majority of people are not making any comment on this [or any other] website. Therefore, if i want to express an opinion, i must make some response.

And my response the poll [not you or your comments] is, ‘blecch’, and you can quote me on that!


I <3 Squirrel Girl!!!

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