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The Line It Is Drawn #26 – Comic Book Cover Homages

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Now on to the bit!

So every week, I ask a question here. You reply to it on our Twitter page (just write @csbg with your reply) and our SIX blog sketch artists will each pick one of your suggestions and I will post them here every week. So every week you will have a new question and you will see the top six choices from the previous week.

To qualify, you have to be following us when you reply – so go follow us and then give your answer to the following question/challenge (All suggestions due by 9:00 PM Pacific, Thursday, February 3rd).

Next week’s theme is…

In honor of Valentine’s Day, come up with a mash-up of comic book characters and characters from famous romances, whether it be novels, films, TV shows, theater or even other comic books! For instance, Scott Summers and Phoenix re-creating the climactic kiss in Casablanca.

Read on for the six sketches that came about courtesy of the last question/challenge (which we had over 100 suggestions for!!):

Pick a comic book character and place him/her/them into an homage of a famous comic book cover!


I’ll put them in alphabetical order based on the name of the Twitter user who made the suggestion.

All copyright and trademarks of the following characters are held by their respective owners!

Rafael will no longer be contributing. We will miss you, Rafael, you were great!

This week, I will also be featuring the cover being homaged!

b_granderson suggested:

x-23 coming out of a rocket with wolverine looking stunned in an homage of supergirl’s debut

Daniel Irizarri is the artist for this one. Here is his website. Daniel decided to do a bit of a…profane take on this one, so if you’re put off by profanity, feel free to skip this one!

(click to enlarge)

b_granderson also suggested:

spider-man’s rogues posing over big letters saying spider-man like the famous flash cover

George Zapata is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click to enlarge)

dhacker615 suggested:

the “Three on a Soda” Archie Annual cover with Superman as Archie, Lois & Wonder Woman as Betty & Veronica and Batman as Jughead.

Caanan Grall is the artist for this one. Here is his website

(click to enlarge)

joshschr suggested:

astonishing xmen 6 w/batwoman & the question

Michael Magtanong is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click to enlarge)

shurwitt suggested:

The JLA #21 crystal ball cover with the Watchmen and the Charlton heroes.

Nick Perks is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click to enlarge)

team_hellions suggested:

Nick Fury on THAT cover of The Rifleman

Chaz Folgar is the artist for this one. Here is his website.

(click to enlarge)

Thanks a lot to the suggestion-givers and our amazing artists! Great stuff this week!

Go make suggestions for next week’s theme!!

NOTE: If you wish to participate in February’s Reader Gallery, be sure to drop me an e-mail with a JPEG of your drawing (you can submit up to two drawings per month) by 3pm Pacific time on February 10th! Use any topic that has been featured on The Line It It Drawn (I’d prefer you use stuff from January’s editions, but I won’t hold you to that)!


Kevin Smith writes for Snikt! Comics?

That’s fucking awesome an’ shit.


You nailed it and made my day. I kind of knew it wouldn’t work because Renee & Kate don’t have the same height disparity as Colossus & Kitty, but that is fantastic.

Oh MAN was the Wolverine one funny. I’m glad he didn’t just do what the request asked for literally but instead took some liberties and really went crazy. It was riskier but totally paid off, at least for me.

I liked all of them, but that one really shone for me. My only wish is the Spider-Man one used more villains, plus left out Venom altogether. To me Venom is more like Spider-Man’s Reverse-Flash (although much worse conceived) whereas the equivalent to the Infantino Rogue’s Gallery would have been the classic Ditko villains.

I like the Easter Eggs Canaan put into his piece.

@T- Yeah sorry about that, I knew it’d be a time crunch and I wanted to be able to color this one so I decided on just one villain. I personally don’t like Venom all that much but he’s visually cool with how far you can push his abilities and the varying ways of showing him. I don’t get Reverse Flash all that much but I love Zoom’s backstory.

Oh my God, these are amazing. Best Line It Is Drawn ever? Yes.

Holy crap, Nick Perks– that’s extraordinary, right down to the character placement. (If only it wasn’t Comic Sans!)

Gotta say the Watchmen cover tops the list this week. Very excellent work.

And how about this Cover Homage starring me? :p

Ha ha! While I’m not a huge fan of swearing, I AM when it’s used for comedy. And THAT was FUNNY! Nice one, Daniel. ;) And, jeez, Nick! You’re incredible! Are your entries always done completely by hand? That’s even more awesome.

I’ve never seen that Rifleman cover before, and it took me a while to get it even, but – man, great choice of quote, Chaz. Also, why do I get the feeling the Question is winking at us, and I wish you’d had more time, George.

And that film Big Mike is in that he linked to there, Funny Books, is actually really funny! You should all head to Amazon and get a copy.

I don’t have the twitter, so my suggestion is Marc Spector romancing Maddie Hayes.

It basically writes itself.

caanan as always, was amazing. But Nick Perks, wow. Fantastic job, you are a fantasitc artist, and you seem to be getting better every week. The one suggestion I would make is to make the text boxes more like the originals.

The Venom/Spidey cover is kind of a double homage to Mcfarlane’s cover of Amazing #316

Batman as Jughead has made my day, my week, my month.

I hate to be that guy, but…

Watchmen one was awesome, until I realized it had Comic Sans.

Great round, everyone, and impossible to pick a favorite.

Though I started to wonder about the character placement in Watchmen cover…Aquaman – Ozymandias? Now that would explain a lot…

Daniel’s Wolvie one is great “is she friend or ‘ho?”

Canaan never disappoints. I love his little details. And Canaan, can we see that Lana & The Pussycats story please?

I’m going to have to ask – what is “Comic Sans”? I plead not guilty (unless of course I am).
Apart from that – thanks for the kind words. I think we were all really inspired this week.

Comic Sans = The font.

I love that Charlton cover though, font or not!

Ugg, bad case of posting without reading what I wrote. That did not come across the way I wanted it to at all.

Michael, you totally nailed it. If I had visited your website before today, I would have asked that you specifically do this one. Awesome Question and Batwoman. I was afraid it might not work since they are so close in height, but you totally got it. Love Batwoman’s “tip of the hat”. Awesome coloring, just wow.

FWIW, I had an alternate suggestion of Hulkling/Wiccan. I’m glad the panel chose this one.

Ahhh of course (duh!)
Actually I used Impact too! I hope I will be forgiven in time.

As the guy who suggested it, I cannot begin to express my glee at that Watchmen cover. Glee, I say! But I have to say, these were brilliantly executed all around. Bravo, y’all.

Can someone explain this whole Comic Sans deal to me?

Is this just one of those “all the hipsters on the internet just picked something to hate” kind of things?

Like they all just decided one day that bacon was awesome?

The Mutt – Comic Sans is a font that comes preinstalled on the computer. I personally don’t think it’s a big deal, but I’m guessing the detractors feel it is a cheap, crude alternative to other forms of lettering.

Personally, to see all the talent, layout, thought and coloring that went into the piece and be unable to forgive a preinstalled font boggles my mind. Especially since these things have only 1 week turnaround time.

Especially since these things have only 1 week turnaround time.

A lot less than that!

And yeah, I’m surprised at the extreme dismissal, as well. Not even, like, “I don’t like Comic Sans,” but “I want to like the drawing but I can’t because it has Comic Sans.” Boy, is that silly.

That Wolverine/X-23 cover is really great homage concept in itself, even without the profanity.

I also really like the Batwoman/Question cover and the Watchmen/Sentinels of Justice cover.

But the most disturbing cover of all is that original Rifleman cover. I mean, we found out Chuck Connors gay later, but was this his subtle way of giving us a hint?

The Watchmen is definitely the best one this week.
The Nick Fury would’ve been better if it had the real Nick Fury.

This is a fantastic batch.

I had the day off work and much have sent 30 suggestions. One of mine made it through (the “Three on a Soda”) and Canaan did an amazing job. You can see why comic writers do their work. Scribbling an idea down and then getting the art back is a lot of fun. Somehow, it is twice as funny as it was in my head. My love for Jughead-Batman knows no bounds.

The Charlton-Watchmen cover is brilliant as well. The concept is so clever and Nick Perks did an amazing job with the character choices and the expressions.

The other highlight was the Wolverine-Marvel bullet Easter Egg. That made me smile.

pssst – I also did this one this week as an homage to Hulk Annual #1 by Steranko – http://sketchpad.org.uk/comic%20stuff/sketches/hulk-power-girl2.jpg but be warned – it uses Comic Sans font – I don’t think I can apologize enough…

Holy buckets, Nick! Slow down, you’ll break something! (Awesome, by the way…) :)

Holy gosht vindaloo! That PG one also is freaking awesome.

Love that Watchmen / Charlon / JLA / JSA send up !

I love that the Wolverine cover goes ten times further than it needs to–great takedown of some current trends.

I think the issue is that the font is so at odds with the art. It’s wonderfully painted, with weight and depth, and then there’s this flat, childish lettering.

I don’t think it’s too silly for people to give significance to the lettering. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad piece of art, but the lettering did kind of ruin it for me. It’s like an excellent comic with a Greg Horn cover.

Thank you, JOSH, for the great suggestion! I’m glad it worked out somehow! My piece feels so naked alongside the incredible work of the others. hahah And just cuz my friends gave me a hard time with not putting in logos and such, I just added them in. If anyone wants to see the image w/ the trade dress, I posted it up on my blog here…


DANIEL!! Oh man… I think I busted my pancreas laughing so much at your piece. Hardest I’ve ever laughed admiring the pieces in all 26 installments of this feature. You have my kinda sense of humor! And you took it to 200mph w/ the suggestion. Excellent job! Love the test tube/tank vs. the rocket!

GEORGE :: Nice! Venom is the one I would choose if I had to pick just one to take Spidey down all by his lonesome.

CAANAN :: Awesomely drawn AND you come through w/ the production skills! I LOVE the wear and the extra little touches you and Daniel infused into your pieces! Makes ‘em that much more special.

NICK :: Are you kidding me? Your piece is so amazing. Your style has a vintage feel with a contemporary look. And it’s mostly done w/ traditional media! You’re an inspiration. The women are gorgeous.

CHAZ :: Daniel set it off and up; and you knocked it down. I laughed. So. Hard. Perfect ender, my friend!

RAF :: You will be missed, sir! Don’t be a stranger!

Thanks to everyone for coming through w/ the suggestions! They were great. Just like you. And one Mr. Brian Cronin. See y’all next time!


Nick Perks, I salute you.

whoa! holy crap, everyone killed it, KILLED IT!

what a great week from everyone! I’m glad i didn’t offend anyone and that the response to the wolvie/x-23 piece has been postive.

I agree with caanan, wishing george had a bit more time to work on his pieces, since he’s SO talented. from what he DID make, i’m able to enjoy the drawing but i can only imagine everything else.

Caanan made his fun as hell and to be honest, i actually couldn’t recognize it was his work! insane but true.

I’m short on time, but i just have to say that i loved every entry this week. great job, guys. and I will definitely miss Raf. bah! I promise not to leave if you guys won’t!

Hehe, thanks for the plug Canaan!

Just to clarify, aside from the lettering, I thought Nick Perks’ piece was great.

I also loved Daniel Irizarri’s!

Oh, and the teases on the spine of Caanan’s!

Check out Chikara Pro Wrestling. A ton of their DVD covers are amazing homages to comic books.

Daniel’s piece was one of the funniest entries yet. I’m still laughing while typing this :)

All fantastic, but my personal favorites are Nick’s Watchmen (and yes, I fail to see how the use of Comic Sans detracts one bit from its overall awesomeness) and Caanan’s “Clark” (Reggie Luthor – perfect!) Although I have to say – and I know he was just following a suggestion when drawing it – the trinity seems a bit off. I always saw Lois and Lana as Superman’s Betty and Veronica; with Wonder Woman I suppose a better counterpart would have been someone like Maxima…

While I was drawing this, Edo, I thought the parallels between Betty & Veronica and Wondie & Lois were pretty spot on, myself. Wonder Woman is a perfect Amazonian specimen, representing beauty and power, and to Clark, to be with her where they’re both superheroes, would lead to a spiraling out of control relationship where they may be too in to each other to care much about the real world any more, but Lois – Lois is where it’s at. A scrappy go getter just like Betty, to keep Archie – I mean, Clark – grounded.

I like the little “price slash” in the upper right corner of Clark.

That is one freaking awesome Peacemaker. That might be the best Peacemaker I’ve ever seen.

A lot of grand slams here. A little sad to see Spidey’s rogues left at just Venom, and no one likes comic sans, but that’s really just nit-picking at some great works.

Jughead Batman should so be a web comic. If you were not open to litigation from two companies I would say “make it so”. Good stuff this week. Even if I could be critical of this or that work….hard to do so when you are providing me with free entertainment that you worked so hard on. Thumbs up.

Oh man, such good stuff here. Not a weak one in the bunch!

Just wanted to check in and say thanks to Brian and the entire CSBG crew and the great artists of TLiiD. Thanks to the community as well, for checking in every week and saying such nice things about our work. I’ll be joining them in looking forward to this great weekly feature.

Snikt! Comics had it won, just out of sheer vulgarity, but then Charlton/Watchmen just blew me away on every other level. Wonderful! :D

Would love to see the Star Wars cast drawn as the cast from Princess Bride!

Brian from Canada

February 4, 2011 at 1:38 pm

Not a fan of the Rifleman parody — sorry, folks, but I was thinking more of the white Nick Fury, not the movie version. The Spidey is good even its simplicity.

The others blew me away. Seriously: great effort by everyone.

Brian from Canada

February 4, 2011 at 1:42 pm

Mutt: regarding Comic Sans…

It wasn’t people from the Internet that turned against it, it was designers. Comic Sans is a Truetype font that really has nothing spectacular to it — it doesn’t really look all that good in different sizes — but was being used everywhere because Microsoft had used it as a default font. And then it just spread as people began to get bored with it.

Other fonts that have “suffered” (though not as worse) were Courier, Arial and Times. Courier’s pretty much there as the ultimate backup nowadays, Times has become acceptable again, and only Microsoft insists on using their fake Helvetica for Internet standard. :-/

This has been the weakest ones yet. The Archie/Clark one was probably the best. The rest were just profane and lame. Lets try not to break the stereotype basement geek comic book reader.

Good concept, great stuff! Really like the Watchmen cover!

The Spider-Man cover REALLY misses the point. Venom hardly comprises Spidey’s rogues gallery. Where’s Green Goblin? Doctor Octopus? Kraven? Lizard? Sandman? Mysterio? Vultue? Electro? Really disappointing. The finished product looks nice but if the artist wasn’t up to the assignment he should have passed on it.

Guess I should explain my comment, since a bunch of other people commented on it as well

It’s not detracting from the art, which is gorgeous, but it does detract from the overall piece. It’s a very ugly font that looks silly on most places because of how simplistic and childish looks. Look at it this way: if the artist in question had drawn awesome cover (which he did!) and then colored it in MS Paint with flat colors, wouldn’t it detract from the overall feel of the art? There would be no denying that the line work was great, but the colors would probably work against it.

And there’s plenty of FREE comic book fonts that look much better.


Best line is drawn ever!

Wow, we have some simply STUNNING pieces this week!

Nick Perk’s recreation is AMAZING! So much so that I’m giving it the Best Drawn Award this week. HOWEVER-

Cannan Graal gets my vote for favorite piece for:

–Best use of the basic idea.

–Best recreation of a cover from that time (it even has creases!) Graal really stuns me with his mastery of various art styles!

–Just being well drawn and FUNNY! :D

The rest were good, but these two simply exceeded everything else. Best TLIID so far indeed!

A lot of gems this week, thank you artists.

My favorites were Canaan’s, Michael’s and Nick’s. All looked great.

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