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You Decide ’11 – What’s your favorite series Brian Michael Bendis is currently writing?

Each day this month, I’ll be posting a different poll question – each poll will last five days, and I’ll reveal the results of the finished polls every Tuesday.

This way, for this month, we can see what our readers feel about various comic book questions. For a month, you folks will decide! Click here to see the other questions that you can answer as well as checking out the latest poll results!

Read on for the latest poll question!


Wow…. six series, damn

Ultimate Spider-Man FTW. New Avengers is a close second.

This is a crappy poll – namely because I don’t read anything by Bendis – and don’t really have any desire too ( which means I cant’ vote! ;) ).

I used to read Powers and Ultimate Spiderman, but lost interest in both.

New Avengers is best, but plain Avengers is also quite good.

I voted New Avengers, but I think my actual favorite thing he’s writing right now are those interview back-up stories running in Avengers/New Avengers. I like seeing how he is taking their backstories and meshing them with a more contemporary sensibility, even if sometimes the result is a little off.

Plus, those back-ups play into Bendis’s biggest strength/fixation, writing dialogue.

I love the Avengers books and Ultimate Spider-man is great but Scarlet is one of the best books on the racks right now.

A toss-up between Powers & Ultimate Spider-Man, the only 2 that I still read (I haven’t read Scarlet, but this is the internet and ignorance is no excuse for not having an opinion).

All those books are excellent (don’t know how Powers is at the moment, but I’m a fan), but his best work is Scarlet, it’s just brilliant.


I dislike his Avengers work, but I do enjoy Powers, and USM is the only Ultimate series I like at all.

Is he “currently” writing powers?

I always look forward to when I receive each year’s new issue of Powers.

Ultimate Spider-Man continues to be my favorite book Marvel publishes. It’s probably the best source of Spider-Man fiction on the market right now.

Unless this would be too negative, could we get a ‘None’ option for applicable questions/polls?

My favorite is the pro cop-killing series.

That’s about 4 too many. I like Bendis’s writing, but jeez, give another voice a chance.

Does anyone else think USM is the best it’s ever been right now? Series 1 was great, but it was mostly creative re-imaginings of classic Amazing Spider-Man stories… but with the current series, I feel like Bendis has gone completely off the map provided by the classic stories, and is now totally doing his own thing, which is serving the book really well. The whole cast of Peter, Gwen, MJ, Torch, Iceman, and Kitty is fantastic and they all play off each other really well. It’s almost like an Ultimate Teen Titans, but with Marvel characters.

I’m with everyone else that thought Ultimatum was horrendous, but sometimes even the bad stories can pave the way for good ones, and we wouldn’t have this cast in Ultimate Spider-Man without the garbage that was Ultimatum.

Does he count as “currently” writing Powers? I haven’t seen an issue in… I don’t even know how long.

Agreed with Mecha-Shiva. I love POWERS but averaging two issues a year hardly counts as “currently writing” and is more like “I’ll write an issue on those nights when I just can’t get to sleep…”

The only other one on there I read is UC Spidey and I have to admit, I’m still loving it as much if not more than I did when it first started. Still really liking Bendis’ take on the characters, though I’ll admit to feeling nervous about how the whole “Death Of Spider-Man” storyline will play out in a series whose cast is just coming off one major status quo upheaval already…

New Avengers is really good, although the most recent issue isn’t quite up to the usual standards. I haven’t read regular Avengers in a few months. The others I haven’t read at all. I didn’t even know Ultimate Doom existed.

Scarlet. Because it’s all monologue, and I think he’s the best monologue writer to work in comics, ever.

I love Powers, and the quality is still high, but it comes out so infrequently that I can’t vote for it.

Ultimate Spider-Man is excellent. It’s as good as ever and one of my favorite reads every month.

And Scarlet is only pro-CROOKED cop killing.

Scarlet, without a doubt. Of course, the only other Bendis series I ever liked was Alias…

I like the one that Bendis isn’t writing.

The last trade Powers just came out a couple months ago, so it seems current enough for me. Barely squeaked past Ultimate Spider-Man for my vote.

New Avengers with Immonen was fantastic, loved their last issue and sad that ended.

David Eric Carpenter

February 8, 2011 at 11:37 am

Ultimate Spider-man for me…I fell off the Powers wagon during the last relaunch.

It’s a shame. At one point he was flat out my favorite writer, and I still count some of his work as classics (even as recently as Alias), but so much of his regular series work has been disappointing.

Ultimate Spidey is what got me into comic books in high school. I used to read the entire Ultimate line, but Ultimatum provided a perfect jumping-off point for me. Is the post-Ultimatum USM worth reading?

I used to read New Avengers in hardcover, but during Secret Invasion it stopped having a plot and started being side stories that required you buy Secret Invasion. Really felt like I was being cheated. Does it become self contained at some point?

I could only vote for POWERS. I was never really into his Avengers’s work, and I haven’t read the rest.

Can he really be writing six titles? How does he have the time? I just find that to be staggering. Is it possible he is working with “finishers” or something?

Anyway, I don’t read Bendis’ stuff, not when I got a taste of his Avengers Disassembled crap and he turned Scarlet Witch into a complete nutjob, but Ragnel at Written Word summed up my feelings on how Wanda has been treated so I won’t go into that here. I am just not that impressed with the man’s writing. I think he can start of strong and end weak; my buddy loaned me I think it was Secret Six, the Ultimate story where Osborn gets loose and creates a Sinister Six, and while the beginning was decent enough the ending was ‘Meh’ to me.

Where is the “There is no such thing as a good Bendis title” choice?

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