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You Decide ’11 – Which Is Your Favorite One of Marvel’s “Double Feature” Titles?

Each day this month, I’ll be posting a different poll question – each poll will last five days, and I’ll reveal the results of the finished polls every Tuesday.

This way, for this month, we can see what our readers feel about various comic book questions. For a month, you folks will decide! Click here to see the other questions that you can answer as well as checking out the latest poll results!

Read on for the latest poll question!


For the good girl art and not the stories.

Loved the Lee/Ditko Dr. Strange, and the SHIELD stories were lots of fun, so that’s where my vote goes!

I have about 90% of those Tales of Suspense issues with Cap and Iron man and they are still some of my favourites so an easy decision for me.

Hey Brian,

Are we ever going to get answers to cover games #30 and #31?


Kirby’s Cap and and Colan’s Iron Man are tops for me!

Really hard to pick against Strange Tales with the Torch and the Thing and Doc Strange, but I had to go with Astonish feat. Giant-Man and the Hulk. I dug Giant-Man when I was a small fry.

I wasn’t born yet when these came out, but I do have issues of the 70s series MARVEL DOUBLE FEATURE featuring Cap and Iron Man, so TALES OF SUSPENSE gets my vote.

The first respectable stash of back issues I ever came across (way back in ’74 or so in a used book store I frequented in Texarkana, about 40 miles from my home), or at least paid attention to, was a dozen-plus iTALES TO ASTONISHes starting with the very issue pictured above, so that title wins out for me.

AMAZING ADVENTURES!! Not so much for the Inhumans’s stories, but I have always been a HUGE fan of the Black Widow. As a kid, issues of DD featuring Natasha were my favorites. Then I found out about her solo tales in AA and tracked em all down.

Still have all the originals in my collection!! Fun reads.

“If you can find a greater mag than this one, let US know! We’ll buy it OURSELVES!”

Man was Stan Lee a good writer. Can you imagine if comics allowed themselves to be so unabashedly fun and bombastic as that anymore?

Neither here nor there, but in reading a lot of these stories inthe Essentials, I found it amazing how much more I enjoyed almost all of them once they hit “Vol. 2″ and become full length stories.

Are you running out of ideas? ;)

Is this poll only geared towards buyers over 50 years old? Haven’t read any of these…..

Strange tales with Fury and Doc, for me- Ditko doctor strange, closely followed by Steranko on Nick Fury- can’t complain about that level of creative team.

Kirby’s Captain America fight scenes in ToS make it the winner. It was fun to see how many pages he could go without Cap’s feet touching the ground.

James, lighten up. I wasn’t able to vote on either the Bendis or favorite Avengers titles since I don’t read any current Marvels. So quit yer bitchin’ about one poll geared for people who like the old titles.

My answer to this surprised me. I would have thought I’d go for Tales of Suspense for the Cap stories alone (and Brian’s Tales of Suspense Top Five was all Iron Man, so I reckon those stories were pretty well-liked as well), but I had to go for Strange Tales. The combination of way-out Ditko craziness in the Dr. Strange stories and Nick Fury’s pulse-pounding adventure yarns just blows my mind, even now.

Pretty easy to pick Tales of Suspense for the Cap stories alone. Occasionally, the Iron Man feature was an added bonus…

Man, you totally missed Ka-Zar (by Kirby and Barry Smith) and Doctor Doom (by Wally Wood)… you don’t get better than that!

STRANGE TALES with Nick Fury and Dr Strange. Imagine being able to buy that combo for 12 cents every month!

Hey, what about “Iron Man & Sub-Mariner?” Ok, so it was only one issue….

Did you leave out “Astonishing Tales” on purpose? It started the same time as Amazing Adventures, and for the first ten issues or so had Ka-Zar and Dr. Doom. For at least part of that time, Ka-Zar was drawn by Barry Smith (before he added Windsor to his name) and Dr. Doom by Wally Wood.

Man, you totally missed Ka-Zar (by Kirby and Barry Smith) and Doctor Doom (by Wally Wood)… you don’t get better than that!

Yeah, that was just a mistake on my part. It launching at the same time as Amazing Adventures with both having A names just caused me to conflate the two into one book. Ah well, sorry!

Also, I suppose that you two folks being the first ones to point out that Astonishing Tales is missing after hundreds of votes were already cast is a good sign it probably was not going to do very well in the voting. ;)

Man, I loved those Ka-Zar and Doom stories–especially Doom. Still would have gone for Strange & Fury tho.

Just to be contrary, I will add my write in vote for Astonishing Tales also, if only on the strength of the Doom story in issue #8. It is here where Conway adds to the Doom mythos by showing the annual battle to set his mother’s soul free. Roger Stern gives kudos to t
he story and it was the inspiration for his GN Doctor Strange/Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment.


Otherwise, I do like the Strange Tales with Steranko’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and Doctor Strange.

Strange Tales with Doc and Nick is number one with a bullet, but number two might have been Doom and Ka-Zar. Nothing beats Ditko and Steranko, but Wood and Windsor-Smith comes close.

Captain America/Nomad! Oh wait, you mean good second features…

@John – have you ever heard of taking the piss?

I put the smiley there to show I was being a smart arse. Yes, sometimes its fun to joke around and take pot shots.

Its fun, try it sometime!

Well, I didn’t NOTICE that Astonishing Tales was missing, but I might have voted for it.

Fairly new here so forgive the goofy question – where are the results posted?

Later tonight, Dylan!

I’ve read one issue of Amazing Adventures (plus a few later issues with the Beast), but that’s all. I’ve read a few reprints from the others, but only from one feature per series, (I’ve read some Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and a couple of Hulk reprints), so I don’t really have a clear idea of what each series as a whole would be like. So I don’t think I’ll be able to vote on this one.

Why don’t you have Strange Tales with Doctor Strange and Cloak & Dagger? THAT I’ve read.

Don’t forget Strange Tales with Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night! Too bad there were only 2 issues!

I think I have all of the issues of the Titles listed. For me, it’s Strange Tales easily as no other book features characters with opposite method of combating evil, science and sorcery! Ditko’s Doc Strange rules! Nothing ever comes close to it since! Kirby then Steranko on Fury, that boggles the mind. Tales of Suspense comes second due to my all time favorite character, Captain America being done by Kirby!

I forgot to mention before that I have read one issue of Tales To Astonish, but it starred Giant-Man with a Wasp back-up, so it’s not technically on your list. It’s the only comic I’ve ever owned that’s older than I am.

The Hulk serial with the leader, which I first read in Hulk Annuals in the early 1970s, almost got me to vote for one of the Tales to Astonish runs, but neither the Sub-Mariner stories and the Giant-Man stories did much for meen I actually read them. So my vote goes for Strange Tales with Dr. Strange and SHIELD – Ditko, Everett and Severin on Doc, and Kirby, (other) Severin, and Steranko on Nick. Good stuff!

@T.: That’s not good writing. That’s brilliant promoting and showmanship, but not good writing.
And as for the poll, nothing beats Ditko on Strange and Kirby and Steranko on Nick Fury.

Tales of Suspense is the only one that had two features I liked, so it wins in a walk.

I voted for ToS because I read every issue starting with Iron Man’s first appearance within the last year or so. And I love both IM and Cap. I only read the SHEILD stories in Strange Tales, but they were pretty great too. It was a tough call.

And here I was, looking for “Solo Avengers/Avengers Spotlight”

Anything with Steve Rogers written by Stan Lee will always get my vote!

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