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You Decide ’11 – Week 1 Results!

Each day in February I give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last five days. The results will be posted every Tuesday. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!

And here are the first poll results!


All amonts are rounded up except in the case of breaking ties.

Out of 1,184 replies to the question:

What is Your Favorite Current Avengers Title?

You decided that your favorite was:

30% Secret Avengers

25% Avengers Academy

24% New Avengers

21% The Avengers

Out of 1,662 replies to the question:

Who Are Your Favorite Non-Founding Members of the Satellite Era JLA?

You decided that your favorite was:

26% Green Arrow

15% Firestorm

14% Zatanna

10% Black Canary

9% Hawkman

8% Elongated Man

6.68% Phantom Stranger

6.5% Atom

5% Red Tornado

2% Hawkgirl

Check back next Tuesday for the latest results, and check back every day to vote on the You Decide ’11 question of the day!


That should be You Decide ’11, not ’09 at the bottom.

Granted, the 2 Bendis books together win out, but the top 2 Avengers books individually are the non-Bendis. Interesting.

No surprise that GA wins out, although given the comments, I’d’ve thought someone else might have won. I think I voted Elongated Man, cuz he’s awesome, but I was unsure if the poll was for the best character WHILE ON the JLA, or THE BEST character. I haven’t read enough JLA to answer the first.

Oh, and the link to the master list goes to the ’09 questions, also. FYI

I voted for Firestorm because I thought he was awesome back when his first series came out (yeah, I’m that old), and I graduated from high school in ’85, the same year Ronnie Raymond did. :)

Seriously, I always thought FS was cool due to his origin, his rogue’s gallery and his power set. How many other heroes are two people in one? Other than Starhawk…And Doctor Occult…and technically Bruce Banner/The Hulk…

The strong showings by Green Arrow, Zatanna and Black Canary were about what I expected. Firestorm is a bit of a surprise.

I feel like a lot of people who voted for something other than Avengers Academy probably weren’t reading Avengers Academy.

To be fair, I only read the first story, but I thought Secret Avengers was the worst of the current series. I guess I should be glad Avengers Academy scored as high as it did.

For a while there the only Avengers I cared about anymore were Marvel Adventures Avengers and Mini-Marvels. Actually that’s still true, except we can’t have nice things.

Yeah, I think Avengers Academy must have done very well in the favorite:monthly readers ratio. I’m really enjoying it, and it ranks up there with Runaways for me in best introductions of a new team.

Firestorm isn’t a surprise. Truthfully, I like him because of his comic stories, but if I’m being honest, there’s no doubt that the cartoon played a part in the decision. I’m sure it did for some others as well (Superfriends was clearly centered on him for at least two seasons…we know that branding lasts).

If he wasn’t eligible, then I would have gone GA. Doesn’t surprise me that these are 1 and 2.

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