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Wolverine or Two Batmen? Olly Moss Just Blew Your Mind!

Olly Moss is an amazing artist.

But this…this is just trying to blow all of our collective minds!

Well done, Mr. Moss, well done!

Check out his site for more awesome artwork.


This is just going to prove Wertham right about Bruce and Dick.

Holy Eskimo kisses, Batman.

Hello new wallpaper.

Awesomely clever.

Great stuff! Also, like T. mentioned, the two Batmen seem to be kissing, which means that someone has been looking at my fanfic…

It could be two Wolverines! Or Wolverine and Batman!

First appearance of Logan’s hairlip?

This proves that wolverine was based on batman design. Simple and plain as that.

The comments are better than the image!

I’ll see your Wolverine and raise you two Batmen.

Wolverine or two Batmen is literally the plot of The Prestige.

Hilarious point, AJ.

or 3 Wolverines. since he’s everywhere. *rimshot*

Man, this would be a great storyline for an ongoing Dark Claw series.

Yeah, everyone else’s comments are better than mine.

Mind. Blown.

co-sign on Squashua’s idea

AJ Ryan’s comment is already on the road to becoming a meme:


AJ wins the comment contest on this one.

And that picture is awesome. Now that it exists, it’s hard to believe someone didn’t think of this earlier. Great work.

But now that I’ve seen the 2 batmen, I can’t unsee them and just see Wolvie. It’s like he’s not even there anymore!

Nice – but you look at it as Wolverine, why has he got a barbed spike hanging down from his nose?

No wonder MARVEL scrapped that Wolverine costume!

They’re probably getting afraid of being sued for character infringement by DC.


Nice design.

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