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Happy Valentine’s Day from Darkseid!

My pal Adam Knave wanted me to share this Darkseid Valentine’s day comic with you good folks!

Check it out here.


That’s amusing.

Although a strip called “Darkseid IS…Love!” would rule. Hm…

I was reminded that one of the more amusing bits I saw in Wizard several years back was their “Ask Darkseid” column.

And I’ve been watching the Simpsons on DVD a lot lately, and now I’m wondering how interesting it would be to read Darkseid and DeSaad and “hear” the voices of Burns and Smithers. “Hm, DeSaad, who is that Hunger Dog?” “That’s Scott Free, one of the slugs in Fire Pit 7G. May I torture him for you, sir?” “No, DeSaad, I just thought he reminded me of Harold Lloyd, for some reason.”

Hey, I’m working off the top of my head, dammit.

“Matches for kindling perhaps!” “It’s not you, it’s me…” Genius!

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