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You Decide ’11 – Week 2 Results!

Each day in February I give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last five days. The results will be posted every Tuesday. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!

And here are the next batch of poll results!


All amonts are rounded up except in the case of breaking ties.

Out of 1,123 replies to the question:

Who is Your Favorite Regular Fantastic Four Writer?

You decided that your favorite was:

26% Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

25% John Byrne

17.99% Mark Waid (since his ranking wouldn’t have changed, I didn’t adjust Waid’s numbers, but do note he was not an option for the first 30 votes cast, so you figure he would pick up a percentage point or two had he been – even had he gotten all 30, though, he would have remained in 3rd place)

17.90% Jonathan Hickman

4% Walter Simonson

2.05% Mark Millar

1.6% Tom DeFalco

0.8% Chris Claremont

0.71% Roger Stern

0.62% Stan Lee (solo)

0.62% Carlos Pacheco

0.62% J. Michael Straczynski

0.53% Jim Lee and Brandon Choi

0.53% Dwayne McDuffie

0.45% Steve Englehart

0.27% Marv Wolfman

0.18% Roy Thomas

0.18% Len Wein

0% Gerry Conway

0% Doug Moench

Out of 1,553 replies to the question:

Who is Batman’s second-best villain?

You decided that the second-best was::

31% Two-Face

28% Ra’s al Ghul

14% Catwoman

9% Riddler

3.28% Bane

3.16% Penguin

3.16% Scarecrow

2.32% Simon Hurt

1.74% Hush

1.55% Hugo Strange

1.22% Mister Freeze

0.52% Clayface

0.32% Killer Croc

Out of 996 replies to the question:

Which current ongoing Vertigo series is your favorite?

You decided that your favorite was:

30% Fables

20% Scalped

10% The Unwritten

9% Hellblazer

8% Sweet Tooth

6% American Vampire

4.82% I, Zombie

4.62% DMZ

4.52% Northlanders

2% House of Mystery

0.2% Jack of Fables

Out of 721 replies to the question:

What’s your favorite series Brian Michael Bendis is currently writing?

You decided that your favorite was:

28% Ultimate Spider-Man

26% New Avengers

18% Avengers

14% Powers

12% Scarlet

2% Ultimate Doom

Out of 826 replies to the question:

Which is your favorite one of Marvel’s “Double Feature” titles?

You decided that your favorite was:

40% Tales of Suspense – Iron Man and Captain America

39% Strange Tales – Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD and Doctor Strange

8% Amazing Adventures – Inhumans and Black Widow

5.08% Tales to Astonish – Namor and Hulk

4.96% Tales to Astonish – Giant Man and Hulk

3% Strange Tales – Human Torch and Doctor Strange

Out of 587 replies to the question:

What’s Your Favorite Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Collaboration?

You decided that your favorite was:

49% Batman: The Long Halloween

16% Superman For All Seasons

8% Challengers of the Unknown

6.81% Spider-Man: Blue

6.64% Daredevil: Yellow

5% Batman: Dark Victory

2.9% Batman: Haunted Knight (the collection of their Halloween one-shots)

2.73% Catwoman: When In Rome

2% Hulk: Gray

1% Wolverine and Gambit: Victims

Out of 1,193 replies to the question:

Who is the Greatest Avengers Villain?

You decided that your favorite was:

48% Ultron

28% Kang

14% The Masters of Evil

6% Loki

3% The Dark Avengers

0.42% The Hood’s Crime Syndicate

Check back next Tuesday for the latest results, and check back every day to vote on the You Decide ’11 question of the day!


Way to place, Kang!

Shocking! Thought that SCALPED and CHALLENGERS of the UNKNOWN would place 1st!!!

All who dare to challenge the MIGHT of ULTRON must FALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

Amazed that someone voted for Wolverine/Gambit. Do I need to re-read this?

Damn – I missed some of those somehow.

I’m glad to see Challengers of the Unknown scored as high as it did. It’s easily the best thing Jeph Loeb has written, but I suspect not many people have actually read it. In fact I’d be willing to bet that most people who didn’t vote for it haven’t read it.

You’re number one in my book, Harvey.

I’m shocked the Strange/Fury era of Strange Tales didn’t beat the Cap/Iron Man Tales of Suspense, even though I see it was incredibly close. It seems that Kirby at his 4th best (I think it’s safe to say that his Cap isn’t quite on the level of his FF, 4th World, or Thor stuff) beats Steranko and Ditko at their VERY best. Not sure if I agree.

Also, I can’t believe that anyone voted for Tom Defalco in the FF poll. To the people that voted for that stuff, have you tried to read it since 1996, or are you just voting on memory? Seriously, it’s baaaaaad.

But I completely believe nobody voted for Doug Moench. I remember several years ago finding out that Moench and Sienkiewicz had done 10 or so issues of FF together prior to their Moon Knight run, and I speedily hunted them all down, incredibly excited to read them. I finally sat down to read them all, and after about three issues I couldn’t bear anymore. I sold them on eBay without a second thought. I LOVE Moench and Sienkiewicz, but man, they were not a good match for FF.

Lastly, I’m a bit surprised that the Masters of Evil finished so far behind Ultron and Kang, if only because Under Siege placed so high in the top 100 storylines poll.

I thought UNWRITTEN would be first. Best Vertigo series in the stands, imho.

Kang the Conqueror

February 16, 2011 at 4:21 pm

Bah, foolish ones! You were being mind-controlled by Ultron, one of his favorite tricks!

I, the invincible Kang, shall now go back in time and arrange for this vote to have the possible correct result!

If it had worked, we wouldn’t be reading your comment now. What happened Kang, Avengers stop you again? You kind of suck for a “conqueror.”

I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised that John Byrne scored so high, and almost beat Lee/Kirby!

His FF run was pure gold, but for some reason those who like Byrne usually aren’t outspoken (this poster excluded). There are far more outspoken Byrne haters than fans. Or, to be more precise, lots of people who don’t exactly hate Byrne, but still feel the need to diminish his work. Half of the comments in the original thread had stuff like “Byrne seemed good at the day, but his stuff has aged worse than everybody else’s”.

I’ve read more people defending the indefensible with Englehart and deFalco than defending Byrne.

Was I the only one who still liked Byrne’s 1980s work? I feared.

Silent (almost) majority of Byrne fans, speak your mind!

And yeah, 1.6% is still too high for deFalco. He was that bad. Moench also deserved his 0%.

Is that Wolverine/Gambit thing real, or are you just screwing with us?

Well, Rene, I guess I kind of feel both ways about Byrne. I hated Byrne’s WW, for example, and enjoyed his Superman run but wasn’t a fan of the changes it made, but I loved his FF run. I also enjoyed his Alpha Flight at the time, but haven’t reread it in decades, so I can’t really say how it’s aged. The thing of his I’ve liked best in recent years was his Cap/Batman crossover, and it helped that it wouldn’t affect continuity one way or another.

Byrne can be a little hit or miss. I thought his work on FF was top notch. I have just re-read his Alpha Flight and it is a good run. I liked his Superman revision and most of the changes he brought. Byrne’s tenure on West Coast Avengers never matched his FF work. I did like his brief stay on the Hulk.His Wonder Woman was so-so, his Amazing Spider-man reboot– was not as good. The Byrne book that I really liked that no one ever talks about is Jack Kirby’s Fourth World. That book had great energy and Byrne really brought the Kirby creators to life like no one else could (besides Kirby).

Yeah, whoever voted for DeFalco’s FF run really needs to defend that position. I…can’t get my head around it. The characterisation was woeful, the plots were trashy silver age throwback nonsense, and really, nothing of particular note came out of it at all. Great to see Simonson in fourth though! Man, I still wish his run had gone on longer.

I’m with James, Unwritten all the way!

Plus, it seems like I’m one of the only ones that loved Hulk: Gray.

Plus Plus, I’m loving this feature.

According to Brian’s percentages, 18 people voted Tom DeFalco as the best FF writer. I think this revelation should spawn a federal investigation.

I would wager that the folks who voted for DeFalco’s run only did so to be pricks and they are probably reading your comments and feeling very proud of themselves right now.

I agree with you guys. I love Byrne’s FF and Alpha Flight. His Superman I loved too, but a little less.

West Coast Avengers was pointlessly destructive (and inspired Bendis to boot), and Wonder Woman was disappointing.

Still, I don’t think his later stuff invalidades the fact that his FF run was genius. I think it’s totally adequate that Lee/Kirby + Byrne got almost half of all votes. I feel like those two runs are the ones that you should tell people to read to understand what the FF is about.

As for the deFalco voters… let’s be honest, nostalgia is a factor for every comic book fan, but some people take it too far, and will support all runs that happened when they first got hooked into comics, no matter how vile.

@ funkmasterdre & anyone else wondering if these results are a skewed by ‘pranksters’.

i voted for Wolvie/Gambit as i hadn’t read any of the options, but just wanted to throw a wrench into that particular poll.

However, even i would never vote for Tom DeFalco’s run on FF for anything except maybe worst thing that i’ve ever bought, read, and/or held in my hand. It was amazingly awful, especially with Paul Ryan’s totally pedestrian artwork.


I didn’t vote in this poll, and I ‘m sure I wouldn’t have voted for DeFalco’s FF run, but then again I wouldn’t voted for Byrne’s run either. As much as I liked Byrne’s run, I could never stand the inclusion of She Hulk (if you can’t write the FF with the four core characters, than you’re not writing the FF) and that whole Johnny/Alicia romance/marriage?? Made no sense.

I’d give DeFalco this much in his run, at least he tried to make that Johnny/Alicia marriage work.

Nice to see Lee and Kirby plus Byrne get their dues. Although I’ve not read anything by Jonathan Hickman, for a new writer to get nearly 20% of the vote is no mean feat – even with the ‘new stuff gets voted on’ skew.

‘Batman villain’ was closer than I thought but Ra’s al Ghul is the best Bats villain from the last 40 years, but Toof deserves the gong.

I forgot to vote on Tales of Suspense /Strange Tales – having got the reprints I would definite vote Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD and Doctor Strange as I found a lot of ToS didn’t compare to prime Ditko & Steranko.
Has anyone else found Iron Man pretty lame pre-Colan (Jack Frost? Scarecrow? Mr Doll? Red Barbarian? other Doctor Strange? Good grief those bad guys were awful). Cap was also better later on when he 1st got his own title.

Has anyone else found Iron Man pretty lame pre-Colan

Yep, agreed. That’s one reason why Nick & Doc Strange was an easy call for me.

LOVE that the Riddler beat out Bane…

Jonathan Hickman? LOL

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