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Month of Indy Comics – Spacebound! #1

Every day this month I’ll be reviewing a different independent comic book, based on submissions from the creators of the comic books themselves.

The month continues with Spacebound! #1, a double feature starring two different science fiction stories by Mike Luoma, Meisha and Matthew Grant

The first story in this double feature is Mike Luoma’s Alibi Jones character, who has appeared in a few different comics (and a novel) by Luoma. Alibi Jones is a throwback to the old DC science-fiction characters from Strange Adventures like Star Hawkins. In the story in this issue, which is the first part of a storyline, Alibi Jones gets caught up in a scam where a group of colonists are being sold bad property. They’re being promised a beautiful luxury planet when really the planet they’re headed to is a disaster (and without a breathable atmosphere). Alibi gets involved when an old flame of his seems to be caught up in the scam, as well. She, though, does not realize that the scam involves murder as well as conning people out of their money.

Like I said, this is very reminiscent of the old Strange Adventures stories like Star Hawkins, which is a good thing, as those stories tended to have a real charm about them, just like Alibi Jones. Meisha is a solid artist with good storytelling skills.

Here are two sample pages…

The story probably did not exactly have enough heft to support the cliffhanger (I think it would have worked better as a “done in one,” just like the old Star Hawkins stories), but it was still a fun tale with a compelling main character. I like Alibi Jones and would like to see him in more stories, preferably more done-in-ones, though.

The second story was a bit more disappointing. It is part of a sweeping space epic spinning out of Matthew Grant’s web comic, Mastorism, but I think Grant probably tried to do a little TOO much in the pages given to him. I enjoyed his artwork (his characters have a sort of Seth Fisher mixed with Mike Allred vibe, a good combination in my book!), but the story moved so quickly that I had a really hard time telling the very similar looking alien characters apart.

The introduction, though, was handled quite well, as Grant paints a strong picture of the situation the characters are in. It is when the action starts coming fast and furious that things start to get a bit confusing.

I don’t have any sample pages from Spacebound, but here are a couple of pages from Grant’s Mastorism web comic (which you can read here) that will give you some idea of what I’m talking about.

Imagine a bunch of action scenes with characters like those guys. It can get hard to follow (especially with a lot of blank backgrounds).

Still, the basic set-up for the story is really intriguing, so I’d recommend checking out the web comic to see if his style appeals to you.

Click here to purchase the comic! Less than $5!


Thanks for the review, Brian!

Funny thing? “Alibi Jones: Blind Eye” is meant to be done in one. Granted, it does end with more action implied, but the conflict has been resolved… Ah well, perhaps not as well executed as I’d hoped.

There are some Alibi Jones preview pages here:

Was that the intent, Mike? Looking back, while it did seem to me that there was more to come, I definitely could see how it could be seen as the end of the story. Thanks for that. And thanks for the preview pages – I’ll put a couple of them into the piece!

Yes -that was the intent, Brian. With only 16 pages to tell a story, I was trying to make it feel like it was something larger that we were seeing a part of – might have been TOO successful at that! I had no intent of writing a part two!

It was mighty flattering to have you reference the old Julie Schwartz DC, btw.

If you have any trouble getting the pages from the gallery, please let me know. I’ll send you postable size file myself if need be :)


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