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You Decide ’11 – Battle of the Second Tier!

Each day this month, I’ll be posting a different poll question – each poll will last five days, and I’ll reveal the results of the finished polls every Tuesday.

This way, for this month, we can see what our readers feel about various comic book questions. For a month, you folks will decide! Click here to see the other questions that you can answer as well as checking out the latest poll results!

Read on for the latest poll question!


Flash by a large margin.

Then Thor and Iron Man.

For me, in order: Hal, Thor, Barry, Tony.

Didn’t even need to consider it. Thor, without question.

Hal, Thor, Tony, Barry

I went with iron Man, but at times in the past I would’ve said Thor.

It was actually hard for me not to say Thor, because Thor’s pretty freaking awesome, and I’ve always loved the sheer scale of his solo adventures. But Hal was my absolute favorite as a kid in the 1970s, and that carries over to the present day, even if there’s a lot about the Johns revival of the character that I don’t like. (For that matter, I haven’t much liked much that’s been done with Hal since the early 1990s, but that doesn’t make me not like Hal.) Barry was always the least interesting to me of the JLA founders, although I was a faithful reader of his comic in the ’70s because I enjoyed the stories and his rogues’ gallery. Iron Man too I read pretty faithfully in the late ’70s and early ’80s, but I can’t say I ever found Tony likable as a character–and today, of course, much less so.

If it had been Wally or Kyle it might have changed things, but I’m not big on pre-Crisis DC. Iron Man is cool visually but I always thought Tony Stark was a bit annoying/arrogant. A lot of depictions of Hal seem similar. Barry seems cool, but I don’t know too much about him.

Thor I’ve followed on and off for years. A bit odd, personality-wise, (that’s gods for you) but overall very cool and conducive to great adventures.

And that Simonson run seals the deal! So be it!

See: ookerdookers

big gaps between these four

1. Flash (Barry is in the top 10 ever)
2. Green Lantern
3. Iron Man
4. Thor (if he isn’t in the bottom 10, he’s close)

I am more of a Marvel guy, and I love flawed characters, so I have to say Iron Man is, by far, my favorite character of the four. Yes, even with Civil War.

Thor comes in second, for the innate awesomeness of a Viking God with a magic hammer.

Hal Jordan next, since he is one of the most flawed scoundrels of the main DC icons.

Barry Allen I liked a lot more as the dead hero that served as inspiration for the younger generation, than as the resurrected guy that is sort of boring and out-of-place and pointless.

Barry, in theory. The absent-minded-professor as cop-turned-superhero is damn near my favorite core concept for a character in comics. Plus Infantino laid down a really cool, really unique

I’m not so much a fan of the last 30-35 years of the character’s development, (and I haven’t read any of the new stuff) but he’s a character I’d love to write.

Then Iron Man, ’cause I liked the movie.
Then…. I guess Hal, although he’s my least favorite of the Green Lanterns.
Then Thor. And you’ll see why in a couple weeks.

Hard call for me between Barry and Hal. Went for Barry, he’s never slaughtered his comrades!

Why is this “second tier”? All of these strike me as MAJOR heroes of their respective universes!

Anyway; I’ve always preferred thinking heroes, so my choices go: Allen, Jordan, Stark, Thor. Oh sure, Stark might be the smartest in the sense of being an inventor, but Flash always found new ways to use his powers to solve challenges (in fact that was the main appeal of his series originally, more than just beating the villains.) Early Hal Jordan was like that, too, but Barry is an actual scientist. Stark was, ironically, more action-oriented than either (being a Marvel Hero, I guess); Thor obviously comes last, but don’t think he’s an idiot, while he mostly fights stubbornly until he wins, he CAN be very clever (ask Loki.)

Thor. Then I suppose Tony, Barry (who I don’t like as much as Wally at this point), and Hal (although I fear I will never enjoy any GL book as much as I used to. There is simply way too much baggage now, and Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner keep floating about to remind me of that).

Yeah, I agree with Sijo. I think all these characters as A level.

I’ve voted Green Lantern – I’m loving whats Johns is doing.

I cant deal with Thor’s dialogue, so for me, he’s last! ;)

Thor, so instantly that the Flash was caught flat-footed.

1. Hal Jordan-My all-time favorite character. Flawed but ultimately heroic ever since I was young I was a fan of Hal and the GL mythos.

2. Barry Allen-My second favorite hero ever, represents the best of the DCU. He’s everything that I would like to heroes to have if they were real.

3. Thor-The character does nothing for me on his own but in The Avengers to me is where he shines.

4. Iron Man-The only time i’ve ever really like Tony was when RDJ was playing him in the movie aside from that even in The Avengers comic he was never a character that did anything for me.

Leslie Fontenelle

February 20, 2011 at 12:35 am

Thor by a large margin, followed by Iron Man.

Thor is DA MAN, supreme smack-talk master (as Dave’s Longbox once demonstrated) and unequalled bringer of beatdowns. I like the vast scale of his adventures, his adversaries are invariably fascinating, the whole Asgard cast is brilliant and ripe with possibilities, and Mjolnir is pure awesome shaped like a hammer.

Iron Man is another great character, but nowhere as interesting as Thor (though I DO like his massive personal flaws; when written well, Stark is one of the most nuanced characters in mainstream comics).

Barry Allen would land third place by default, strictly because Jordan is my all-time least favorite Green Lantern. If the poll had either Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Arisia, Ch’p, John Stewart or Kilowog instead of Jordan, Allen would be my 4th choice.

The first time I saw Hal’s adventures as GL, I was still a small child and even THEN I immediately realized that someone who used the greatest weapon in the universe (limited only by his willpower and imagination!!) to create BIG BOXING GLOVES was simply too stupid to deserve the ring. As the years passed, that impression was repeatedly confirmed in any story where Hal Jordan was the ring-bearer. I remember finding it hilarious when the GL writers began talking about how Hal was allegedly the Greatest of all GLs, the best of ‘em all… because if that was really the absolute best the GL Corps could offer, the Guardians’ hiring practices needed a massive overhaul.

And Barry Allen is really only third because Hal Jordan sucks so very hard… Barry himself was never that much of a character either; the truth is that he was better off as a “fallen hero”/inspiration to younger heroes, and his successor was actually a better character. Bringing Barry Allen back was a mistake, pitiful pandering to some creators’ empty nostalgia, a return to a stale and calcified familiarity that is both pointless and depressing for this longtime reader.

Hal, Thor, Tony, Barry… although it does depend on the writing. I’d actually take the modern Tony over many writer’s renditions of Thor, it’s just that when Thor’s done well he’s totally radiant.

Had to go with Thor. He has a big hammer. It goes smash. Hard to argue against that.

1. Iron Man (Tony Stark)
2. Flash (Barry Allen)
3. Thor
4. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Thor by a landslide for me. Hal and Tony would be more or less tied for second. Barry Allen is so far in 4th place the other 3 can’t even see him.

None of these are second tier to me. Second tier characters are more like Wonder Man, Dr Fate, Hawkman, Hawkeye; characters who the public doesn’t know that well.

Guess it has to be Tony Stark by default.

There was a reason why Barry Allen & Hal Jordan were killed off; they are boring ass characters.

My least favourite Flash, my least favourite Green Lantern or a couple of Marvel guys who’ve never interested me that much (though I like the Ultimate versions of both).

I’ve gone for The Flash, but it’s an unenthusiastic vote.

Aren’t all of these first tier characters?

Compared to Superman, Batman and Spiderman, yes, I can see how these qualify as “second tier” characters. (Of course, that implies a large number of tiers needed on a structure that’s going to have a place for, say, Stiltman)

1. Iron Man
2. Flash
3. Green Lantern
4. Thor

I value fictions that value characters with intelligence, so Tony is one of my very favourite super heroes. Tony is as smart as Reed Richards but more interesting (ignoring the Extremis mis-step) because his intelligence must (and does) suffice, without the help of a super power per se.

Barry and Hal both lucked into extremely powerful abilities, but Barry on average displayed more intelligence in using his.

Thor grew up supernaturally strong before he was given powerful magical weapons. His average adventure, however glorious, requires no significant intelligence so much as a dedication to hitting things.

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