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You Decide ’11 – Who is the best superhero bro-mance?

Each day this month, I’ll be posting a different poll question – each poll will last five days, and I’ll reveal the results of the finished polls every Tuesday.

This way, for this month, we can see what our readers feel about various comic book questions. For a month, you folks will decide! Click here to see the other questions that you can answer as well as checking out the latest poll results!

Read on for the latest poll question!


Wonder Man and Beast appears twice (though I doubt it will help their chances)

The lack of a Wally West/Kyle Rayner option makes me a sad Keanu

Booster and Beetle….perfect.

When with Luke Cage and Ironfist. I don’t think there is a better bromance.

This is tough. Or it would be tough, if Booster and Beetle weren’t on the list.

Too many to decide so I went with Supes/Bats.

Blue and Gold were a no brainer for me, which is incredible seeing as how the options included GL/GA and Power Man/Iron Fist.

I pick Fist and Cage. Here’s to interracial bromance!

For me it’s Power Man and Iron Fist, hand’s down. Blue and Gold is my number 2, a relationship that spans space and time.

Catman and Deadshot will never, ever win this, but they’re still my favourites. The testosterone alone is worth it.

I wish you split up Batman and Superman into pre-Crisis and post-Crisis, because I’d totally vote for pre-Crisis Batman and Superman bromance but hate the post-Crisis bromance.

Blue & Gold across the multiverse

Thing/Torch, Supes/Bats.

Tough call, with several great choices, but I went with Luke & Danny. It’s completely random and there’s no reason it should work, but it just does.

I am radically opposed to equal the term “bromance” to “best friend”. Wally and Dick are best friends. Hal and Barry are best friends. Ted and Michael definitively were best friends who shared a bromance. Really, though all of them are close (even bestest) friends, I see really few bromates there…

So many great pairings. I came down to Blue and Gold or Starman and Shade. Starman is still my all time favorite comic book series, so I went with it.

Apollo and Midnighter -

i HAD to go with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, because they’re the ones whose whole THING, intially was that they were buddies who fought crime and stuff. everyone else was writers adding relationships to characters for depth. also, everyone else has alternate options.

superman is friend with pretty much everyone.

The most difficult question yet. But no matter which pair I compare against Bruce and Clark, they always come out on top.

This is tougher than expected. Bro-mances really vary run-to-run and era-to-era.

I would vote for GL Kyle Rayner and GL Guy Gardner if they were an option, but Conner Kent and Tim Drake is also a favorite.

Cable and Deadpool.

cable/deadpool and maddrox/strong guy should have made this list

I went with Supes/Bat only because I failed to see, in my opinion, the best bromance: Rorschach and Night Owl.

slowly but surely senility is creeping in. After combing the list twice for cable/deadpool I still didn’t find it and wrote about how saddened I was by their lack of inclusion. I’ll driving on the sidewalk, and forgetting relatives names in no time.

Fury and Dum Dum without a doubt.

Where is Batman and Robin?! Idiots.

Blue and Gold, of course, though Luke Cage and Iron Fist are nice too, and Deadshot/Catman is definitely worth notice (and possibly written consciously as one).
Some couples there which i would just consider regular friendships though…

So many good ones

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold – bwahaha. Legendary. Also Red Robin/Superboy, hope to see them in one team

Well…no Guy and Kyle, so I had to plump for Ted and Booster. Not a bad choice however.

When I think bromance, I htink real buds, not like Hal and Ollie (y favorites) where Ollie is always trying to teach Hal something or kill him or being brought back from the dead. I picked Daredavel and Foggy, but if I could specify pre-crisis (or pre Dark Knight), I would Batman- Superman.

Dick and Bruce?

The World’s Finest Bromance, you might say? Yeah,
Superman and Batman by a mile. They even raised a
kid together!

This was probably the toughest so far, but I wish that Hercules and Amadeus Cho has been on there too.

Yeah batman and robin kinda defines duo I mean they even made it into the US cables, weird that they arent on here.

but I went with Deadpool and Cable, their personalities were so mis-matched that when they got together it was hilarious. I was real sad when that series end.

Dick and Bruce?

Damn, good one. Like Morrison I don’t subscribe to Bruce and Dick as father and son either so I think this would have been great option.

Batman adopted Dick well before Morrison took over the title.

The Thing, Mr Fantastic. The realism in there friendship despite there larger than life apperances is amazing. Complete opposites with a huge respect for one another, and I don’t think Ben trusts anyone more then he does Reed. Even though Reed blames himself for his condition. Also the way they interact as part of the F4 is great, Ben loves Sue and Jonny even though he rides him. Reed has brought his best friend into his family. Awesome.

I know Bruce adopted Dick before Morrison took over the title, but that’s just bad writing and characterization to me. I don’t think the father-son dynamic ever really applied to them until later writers tried to shoehorn them into the roles. I think Morrison himself was making a statement about this when he had Dick trying to revive Bruce in the Lazarus pits and had Dick emphasize that he and Bruce was brothers as well as best friends, but conspicuously said nothing about father and son. I don’t think that was a casual omission, I think it was a deliberate statement on Morrison’s part.

Blue and Gold all the way. Bwah ha ha!

There isn’t a greater bromance in comics than Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord). Those two were truly best friends and brothers, and the loss of Ted and its emotional effects on Booster resonate to this very day.

Oh, sorry, T, I actually misread your post. I thought you were saying Morrison subscribed to Bruce and Dick as father son, not the opposite. Gotcha.

One that also did not make the list, though you really may not think of it is Peter Parker/Johnny Storm. Particularly relevant given the events in Fantastic Four #587…

Weirdly, the first one that came to mind when I saw the question was Beast & Wonder Man, but now I’m torn between Hal/Ollie and Luke/Fist. Sometimes it’s ridiculous what a Bronze Age reader I am. I may have to go with Luke/Fist just because it’s the most constant of the three–and also the most awesome. (I do enjoy the Blue & Gold, but for me they’re not in the same league.)

Fixer and Mach V from Thunderbolts

Apollo and Midnighter.

Oh Yes….

Yeah, a lot of these choices just come across as regular friendships.
A bromance (I really do hate that word) is a platonic relationship between two guys who are seemingly always together.
When you see one of them out around town working solo, your first thought is, “Where’s the other guy?”
I don’t get that with Cap/Hawkeye or Superman/Batman or Iron Fist/Luke Cage or any of the Thor matchings.

With Ted gone, it’s like Booster is missing his right arm. When you have to constantly time travel to see a best buddy, you know it’s a friendship of the ages.

What, no Blok and Timberwolf from the Legion of Super-Heroes?

I’m surprised that only one other person has mentioned it so far – but, yes, I was surprised not to see Hercules/Cho listed as well. It certainly doesn’t have the history that the other bromances have, but if you think of the “active” bromances going on in comics right now (i.e. – if you see one guy on his own you immediately wonder where the hell the other guy is), I think you’d have to go with Herc & Cho. What a truly fun, entertaining and refreshing series that was (especially as most of it was going on during that mope fest known as “Dark Reign”).

To be honest though, I kind of lost track of them after Incredible Hercules ended and it transitioned over into “Prince of Power”.. Have they brought Herc back from the dead yet?

Oh, yeah, my choice would have to be Booster/Beetle. Even if Herc/Cho were listed, Booster/Beetle have the historical cred at this point . . .

Spider-Man and Human Torch are on there, dlfurman.

I pick Johnny and Ben. For thirty plus years they’ve been friends who are as close as brothers – there for each other over and over again. Where other friendships don’t pair equals or disappear with time and reboots, their friendship has endured.

The Torch and the Thing, especially poignant the way their final (for now) scene in FF #587 played out.

Tommy Monaghan and Natt the Hat.

My first thought before even looking at the list was Beast and Wonder Man, so they got my vote. Herc and Cho would have been a contender if they were an option. A lot of good choices, though. While they’re not always associated with each other, I’ve always enjoyed the interaction between Hawkeye and Cap. But Booster and Beetle will be winning this hands down, I predict.

I picked Booster and Beetle, but Johnny and Ben were very close. I understand the sentiment for Clark and Bruce, but I never felt like the two would be buddies just hanging out, more a mutual respect. Beast and Wonder Man made the late 70’s Avengers; I still picture them drunk and singing walking down the street leaning against each other.

Oh yeah, Tommy and Nat would have been a good choice, too. Good call. How about Jesse Custer and Proinsias Cassidy?

Beetle and Booster
Iron Fist and Cage
Catman and Deadshot

For me those three pairs are in a class of their own because whenever I think of one, I think of the other.

I went with Blake and Lawton because I don’t feel they get enough love, but all 3 are deserving.

good idea for a poll, I went with Bats and Gordon, though Wally and Dick would have been a close second…

@MIchael P. I blame age and looking for Peter Parker/Johnny Storm not Spider-Man/Torch.
Thanks muchly!

I feel so strongly about this one. Luke and the Fist. Best buddy comic ever.

Honestly, I want to see these two in a TV series together. (Granted, they’d have done best in the 80’s, but…)

I also thought of Beast and Wonder Man immediately, even before looking at the list. Although, once I saw it it did seem to me that Cage and Fist might be the best choice.


February 20, 2011 at 1:59 pm

Cap and Hawkeye. Thin line between love and hate.

Superman and Batman don’t seem like a real Bromance . Does Bruce even like Clark? Or care to hang with him? Most modern writers have Batman barely tolerating Superman. It feels forced if you read Post crisis Comics.

Brandon McKinnis

February 20, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Every option but Luke Cage and Danny Rand is the wrong answer.

Kinda disappointed that Hercules and Amadeus Cho didn’t make this list. Easily the best buddy comedy in comics this decade.

Ronald Kearschner

February 20, 2011 at 2:22 pm

What, no Quantum and Woody?
I’m not sure what a bromance is, really. I’m thinking the classic buddy cop relationship. First thought was Beast/Wondy. One’s kind of a clown, the other’s serious and back from the dead. Then I realized I had to vote for Hawkeye/Cap. Hawkeye would always provoke Cap, to keep him from brooding, but he obviuosly loved and respected Cap. Cap learned to live in the modern world and trust himself with a partner again with Hawkeye’s help. The FF has a family dynamic, Cap and Hawkeye are friends but not quite equals who get on each other’s nerve but always have each other’s back.

all good choices was hard to pick but i went with beast boy and cyborg for one not only are those two hilerious together but beast boy has never given up on cyborg even through the bad times. plus those two are such a strange combo a man who has cybernetic parts and a guy who is more beast. proving any thing is possible in comics.

Blue & Gold, Beetle & Booster. Are there any better out there? Not to my reckoning.

Blue & Gold. They just love being together and they work best in that duo dynamic.

Supes/Bats only because I didn’t see Batman and Robin. I’m hoping I missed it and it wasn’t some sort of ridiculous misstep.

Went with Cage and Iron Fist, but was tempted by Cap and Falcon and especially Beast and Wonder Man, a personal favourite of mine from back in the day.

Rorshcach and NIte Owl were an interesting pair as well, though not in the same league as these guys listed here.

I’m gonna go with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Not only is it a solid bromance, but for that period it was the defining characteristic of their comic book lives. If not for their interplay they easily could have been lost in the shuffle.

So many! Went with Cage and Iron Fist – for sentimental reasons.

Luke Cage and Danny Rand all the way, best bromance. No pair is more defined by it and its still going strong. This is basically their thing.

The worlds finest bromance goes to the Worlds finest!

Though I loved Cable and Deadpool, I thought the friendship there was a bit one sided in regards to this – Deadpool thought Cable was great, but a lot of the time Cable seemed to think of Deadpool as a mixture of disturbing but oddly endearing pawn and a pest.

I voted for Luke Cage/Iron Fist, as unlike a lot of the pairs here, I kind of feel that they are actually one of the biggest parts of the growth of each character, rather than either something inherant to the setup of either (Thing/Torch) or a long lasting friendship which lacks reprecussions.

Incidentally, I hate the word “bromance”, it feels like an incredibly tacky word which doesn’t need to exist, especially as I don’t even like “bro” on its own.

Come on, everyone… Sure, Superman and Batman go way back, but, while they may be buddy buddy now, they’ve had major problems with each other in the past. Batman has clear trust issues that I think preclude him from having a “Bromance” with anyone, including Dick. If I had to pick one for DC, I would go with Supes and Olsen. I just get a vibe from those two.

For Marvel, I think that Bruce and Rick are up there, for sure. Although, I don’t see them being as close as they used to seem. I can see the Luke Cage and Iron Fist being a classic “bro-mance”, but I really don’t know enough about them to say for sure.

But, even if I knew more about Cage and Fist, I think I would still HAVE to vote for MATT & FOGGY!!! Nelson is so doe-eyed for Murdock, it’s ridiculous. I mean it goes WAY beyond friendship with those two. And, though Matt treats Foggy like crap… ALOT… nothing makes Matt snap to attention faster than a “Foggy Nelson in distress”. Sure, Matt has had alot of women in his life, but they come and go. Foggy has stayed the course.

Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin

February 20, 2011 at 4:10 pm

@The Mutt

“Tommy Monaghan and Natt the Hat.”

Yes! I’d go with this.

wow…this is a tough one. Being a marvel fan i’d have to go with Reed Richard and Ben Grimm. Luke Cage and Danny Rand would be my 2nd choice.

As for DC, it’s gotta go to Ollie and Hal!!!

Ollie and Hal will always be the definitive comic book bromance in my mind.

As soon as I saw the question, I knew my answer, no other choice came close. I was surprised by all the other options and nodded at many of them before I finally scrolled down to Batman-Superman and clicked it.

Difficult question.

Superman/Batman for the win… IF there was a separate option for the pre-Crisis version.
Since there isn’t, and I won’t support the comic version of Booster (or of Beetle, for that matter) and for some reason Luke/Danny never quite convinced me, I chose Spidey/Torch.

Even though my head knows the correct answer is Luke Cage and Danny Rand, and my heart tells me that it’s Spidey and the Torch, my first instinct before I even saw the choices was Nightcrawler and Wolverine, so that’s where my vote goes.

BB and BG is a no brainer. All of the other ones are good friendships, but those two are the only ones I could think would ever use the term bromance and think it’s cool.

Beast & Wonder Man were my instinctive first choice, but since it hasn’t been very prominent for a long while, my 2nd choice is Beetle & Booster. Heck, Booster’s title’s first story arc was all about saving his bro.

Superboy and Robin, no question

Although shortlived, I really enjoyed the bromance between Iceman and Cannonball at the beginning of Mike Carey’s X-Men run. That relationship really brought the best out of both characters

Couldn’t decide betwen Hal/Ollie and the Blue & Gold so I flipped a coin and voted for Hal & Ollie. My personal favourite is still Catman & Deadshot though.

Could you put down any more choices? haha…

But even with all the options, Booster and Beetle hands down.

Apollo and Midnighter? Thats not a BROmance, thats an actual ROmance. ;)’

Cable and Deadpool for Marvel

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle for DC

It just has to be Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Weapon X #16 shows that in better relation than any other story. That even in death Wolverine and Nightcrawler are still so close that one last joke can still be pulled from the beyond.

Nightcrawler & Wolverine. They work so well together, with their differences bringing out the best in each.

Brian, where is the option for Juggernaut and Black Tom?!

So hard to choose betwen Blue & Gold, Luke and Danny, and Hank and SImon.

Why no Herc and Amadeus Cho?

Had a hard time deciding between Robin and Superboy or Batman and Superman. Went for the world’s teen finest.

World’s Finest, without question

Chris Thrailkill

February 20, 2011 at 8:23 pm

This HAD to be Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Hands down.

Booster and BB were the most like an actual, real-world friendship between two goofy dudes, despite the outlandish situations, where they dragged each other into trouble as often as they supported each other and helped each other out.

Cage and Iron Fist were the most functional and developed, as evidenced by their long and generally fondly remembered book together, and the fact to this day, it’s hard to imagine either turning to anyone else first in almost any type of crisis.

I voted for Starman and the Shade, however, just because in eighty+ issues, they never had a bad interaction. That cannot be said of any other pair on the list.

I know they won’t win, but I voted for Deadshot and Catman because I’m such a fan of Secret Six.

That book delivers; month-in, month-out. I’ve come to really care about the characters and can’t wait for the ‘Get Out of Hell Free’ story.

Too many to choose from…but a lack of Wally West/Kyle Rayner option is disappointing. Gotta go with Luke and Danny, though.

Way too many choices. You could have eliminated at least half of those choices and still had a great, hard question.

I had no issue with voting for Superman and Batman based on the pre-Crisis continuity. Continuity has changed but I haven’t been mindwiped. I read every issue of World’s Finest (and all their other pre-Crisis team-ups) and I still remember them. It was an easy vote for me.


February 20, 2011 at 10:26 pm

Glad to see so many going with my favorite BWAHAHA duo of all-time. Blue & Gold all the way. The new Booster Gold run had me up until the point they got rid of Beetle… again.

I’m surprised to not see more Supes and Batman votes. I mean, that is the classic bro-mance of superheroes,

Human Torch and The Thing, for the smouldering sexuality.

I was going to vote Iron Fist nad Luke Cage, but then I remembered Cable/Deadpool.

They even went to a town together…

When I was a little kid, I thought Green Lantern and Green Arrow were the same guy. Gotta go with them.

Absolutely Luke Cage and Danny Rand. They were a perfect team from personality to powers. And they were a great interracial team, showing Marvel’s early commitment to diversity.

I’m definitely going to get the new Power Man & Iron Fist series but I’m disappointed that it isn’t Luke and Danny back together again.

Danny and Luke!

Best partnership/friendship/bromance/etc EVER! Go read some of the essentials if you’re not a believer.


February 21, 2011 at 2:54 am

Had to go with Beetle and Booster – ever since their friendship was created, it’s come to almost entirely define the characters.
I don’t think any of the others have reached that level – though I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to see Catman and Deadshot kiss, at this point.
Those two be man-crushing something bad.

Booster and Beetle, hands down. At least in my opinion.

Its not as easy a question as you first thing, but at the end of the day, I had to give it to one of the original (and the most long standing) in Jay and Alan (the original Flash and G.L) they’ve been through so much together and are to brothers in the bro-mance sense having been through so much together.



I went with Nick Fury and Dum Dum, 2 WW2 vets, top agents of SHIELD, all badass motherfuckers.

Beetle and Booster – no contest!

Apollo and Midnighter? Thats not a BROmance, thats an actual ROmance. ;)

Exactly what I was going to say.

You say “bro-mance,” the only one I can really believe is Luke Cage and Spider-Man. How can this choice not be on the ballot?

What about Mr. Terrific & Dr. Midnite?

Where’s ka-zar.and Tarzan? Fail

I picked Foggy and DD.

C’mon, Batman and Robin are not an option because they have a real romance. Everybody knows it and Schumacher made it pretty clear. Anyway my choice is DD and Foggy.

Blue & Gold. No brainer.

Fixer and Baron Helmut Zemo

Blue Beetle & Booster Gold, of course!

Leslie Fontenelle

February 21, 2011 at 7:26 am

Power Man and Iron Fist all the way, baby. No contest.

Silver medal goes to Tommy Monaghan and Nat the Hat.

Bronze medal goes to Blue and Gold.

What I want to know is where is Hal Jordan and Sinestro. There is some deep seated, unresolved sexual tension going on right there.

Wolverine and Nightcrawler is the greatest bromance in history. These two should not be friends, but they are. One is a devout Christian, the other is a hard drinking, pre-marital fornicating, villian killer asshole, who by the way is an aethiest; that through it all formed a kinship over 30+ years that is unbreakable. No other ham-fisted bromance comes close.

Wonder Man and Beast was a fairly easy choice, but Power Man and Iron Fist, Captain America and Hawkeye and Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are all serious contenders.

Kurt & Logan, Luke & Danny and Ted & Michael are all yes but Ben & Johnny? Nope! The Johnny and Alicia romance (before the Skrull thing) killed any hope. It’s Bro’s before Ho’s so their out.

For the DC characters, it was a hard choice between Superman/Batman, Booster/Beetle and GL/Flash. Superman/Batman have been teaming up the longest, but there’s been a lot of years where they were teammates more than friends.

So ultimately I voted for GL/Flash, because they’ve been friends and teammates from 1962 to today, and their comics are the foundations of the Silver Age and JLA.

Going back to Valiant, how about Archer & Armstrong ?

Someone bea me to Quantum & Woody.

Ya, BG & BB, and PM & IF are both gr8, but voted Kal & Bruce.

I really hate the term “bromance”, but that aside there are some hard choices for best friends listed. I went with Beast & Wonder Man even though they don’t seem to hang out much any more. Catman & Deadshot is another great one.

Yeah, that’s the thing about the Beast and Wonder Man. Like I said, they were the first ones to come to mind because they were just terrific comic book buddies … for one particular period of the Avengers in the 1970s. There have been callbacks to that friendship every now and then, but for the most part it’s just kind of fallen by the wayside. I would have liked to see Simon just come around to visit every now & then when Beast was in his various X-teams–not a team-up, just to hang out–but for whatever reason the writers weren’t interested in that. That’s why I went with Luke and Fist, because while they’ve been apart every now & then, it’s never been for long (Danny’s death notwithstanding), and they’re always the first to call on each other when they’re in trouble.

Beetle & Booster all the way! BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

I already voted for Booster & Beatle, but all of you commenting on Cage & Rand would be on the verge of swaying me if I still had my vote in my pocket. To be honest, I hadn’t thought of those two in years but, yeah, they kind of were the defining bromance of the 80’s at least in the MU.

By the way, there was a really funny scene in a recent issue of the New Avengers (although I think it was right before the recent reboot). Jessica Jones had recently admitted that she had a crush on Peter Parker in High School, and Spidey, sitting behind Cage in the quinjet, is playing it for all it’s worth, telling Cage that he doesnt’ have to worry, that he respects the fact the Jessica is his wife, etc. , etc., etc. Cage just sits there fuming quietly, almost like he doesn’t want to give Spidey the reaction he’s looking for. Then, after a few moments of silence, Spidey let’s mention that he’d be all for goiing after Danny Rand if Cage is done with him – and that’s what gets the reaction out of Cage.

I know I’m not even coming close to doing it justice, but it was a truly funny moment and a nice retrospective nod by Bendis on the “bromance” that was Cage & Rand.

Oh, and of course, thanks a lot to Kelly for putting this extremely interesting endeavor together. A whole lot of time, money, blood, sweat and tears went into this project on her part, so we should all be very grateful to her for it all.

I got to go with Wonder Man and Beast, but have to throw in Hal Jordan and Green Arrow as a close second.

How about Rocket Racoon and Groot?

I would have thought Roy Harper & Dick Grayson would have been mentioned or at least Flounder & Ogre lol. Seriously though Harper & Grayson sounds like the ultimate bromance right up there with Starsky & Hutch the greatest bromance ever!!!!!!!

When I read the question, I immediately thought Blue and Gold, so I had to pick them.

@Kelly – I hasten to point out that missing Ted isn’t all that much like losing his right arm. After all, Booster already lost the arm once and it pretty much just got better.

CHRIS, bromance is a cheesy term, but it’s either that or “homoerotic relationship”

Power Man and Iron Fist, when written by Jo Duffy — She made me believe that those disparate characters actually had a profound friendship.

Beetle and Booster would have been my pick if Beast and Wonder Man weren’t there. As much as I’m a DC reader, I have to admit that Hank and Simon were one of the first ever fully-realized bromances in comics.

Booster/Beetle. Not my favorite friendship (that would be Beast/Wonder Man) but they have had more stories together.

Seeing all this discussion Beast and Wondy coming to so many peoples minds makes me think Marvel is missing an opportunity by not having these two hang out together more often. I certainly wish that was the case.

My favorites ones are the blue and gold team, but i vote for spidey/torch, because they grew up together in the business and they related because of that!


one of the few comics i could read as a kid and feel like they would be in my neighborhood. and i really helped those 2 characters evolve and come into their own.

nightcrawler and wolverine is a personal favorite.

and booster and beetle could be the luke and danny of the dcu, easily.

Hands down.
They even shared a milkshake in this unofficial appearance.

No Dick and Damian? Thats a literal bromance.

Krazy Kat and Ignatz!

Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy!

GIven the option, I would’ve gone Herc and Amadeus Cho. It coulda been epic…

V Smith, I think the better synonym would be “homosocial relationship”.
As for some suggestions, Apollo and Midnighter are disqualified for having a regular romance or erotic relationship, and Batman and Robin doesn’t fit here either for it’s more mentor/pupil, father/son or daddy/chicken -relationship depending on who is reading or writing them.

I think Superman and Jimmy Olsen is a no-brainer. If you ask anyone in the world….who is Jimmy Olsen, they would immediatly respond “Superman’s Pal”.

Very hard not to vote for the Blue and Gold.

There was no Option for Juggernaut and Sammy the Squidboy, Or for Usagi and Gen.

Batman (Bruce) and Robin (Dick) ? Why is this not on the list, has got to be one of the best known in all of comics.

Went with Superboy and Robin, grew up with that otherwise it would have been Superman and Batman.


Bruce and Dick are lovers, not friends.

Yeah I’d say Kal & Jimmy is right there.

Seriously: No Hercules and Amadeus Cho on this list? Pak’s entire Herc series revolved around his bromance with Amadeus!

Oh come on, no Herc and Cho? No wolverine and spiderman?

Write-in vote for Hercules and Amadeus Cho. I just described their book to my friend a few days ago as “the best bro-mance ever.”

AS is correct. The technical term is homoSOCIAL relationship. “Homoerotic” implies some amount of sexual attraction.

And maybe that is not wrong either, since a lot of people perceives a sexual component in all the bromances listed in the poll.

Enormous as it is, I’d have included a few others:

Spider-Man and Daredevil.

Cyclops and Wolverine (they bicker and fight a lot, but they’ve had their moments).

Peter Parker and Flash Thompson.

Cannonball and Sunspot.

Doug Ramsey and Warlock.

Blue Starman and Congorilla.

>> Had to go with Beetle and Booster – ever since their friendship was created, it’s come to almost entirely define the characters. <<

Agree. I may like other bromances–Beast and Wonder Man, Luke Cage and Iron Fist–better, but I think Beetle and Booster epitomize the comic-book bromance. You can't get more bromantic than those two.

Wow. So many good choices… just by a hair, I choose the Blue & Gold over Power Man & Iron Fist. As others have said, the latter pair might be the more dynamic duo, but Ted & Booster epitomize the superhero bromance, plus they’re so linked to each other that Ted can’t stop showing up in Booster’s book even once he’s dead.

But by the way, anyone who hasn’t should check out the new FVL-written Power Man & Iron Fist series, it’s fantastic.

Well apparently Tony/Rhody puts me in the minority.

My favourite Bromance wasn’t on there. Black Tom/Juggernaut. The efforts he went to in the Thunderstrike series for Black Tom was one of my favourite Juggernaut moments.

“And here’s money for the Fire Department to replace their truck.”

“You didn’t rob a bank for this, did you?”

“Geeze, I used my ATM card.”

“You have an ATM card?”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

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Comics Should Be Good accepts review copies. Anything sent to us will (for better or for worse) end up reviewed on the blog. See where to send the review copies.

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