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You Decide ’11 – Superman versus Thor!

Each day this month, I’ll be posting a different poll question – each poll will last five days, and I’ll reveal the results of the finished polls every Tuesday.

This way, for this month, we can see what our readers feel about various comic book questions. For a month, you folks will decide! Click here to see the other questions that you can answer as well as checking out the latest poll results!

Read on for the latest poll question!

In honor of commenter Jack Norris, here is another “who would win in a fight” question!


Thor is a god with a magical hammer. And Superman is vulnerable to magic. Kurt Busiek “forgot” it because Superman is a lot more popular and all, but really…

Grant Morrison had Captain Marvel knock out Superman with a single punch. And Kingdom Come had Superman (and a future age, tougher Superman at that) being seriously hurt by Captain Marvel’s magical lightning. And Thor is the god of magical lightning, and a much more experienced and ruthless warrior than Captain Marvel.

Now, fans of Superman will usually mention his superspeed as a deal-breaker. But the thing is, Superman has fought non-speedsters like Doomsday and Darkseid, and his superspeed was NOT decisive. In fact, it seems to be only useful against mooks.

I’d go with Thor, for all the above reasons.

both are NOT REAL.

(well Thor was once to some people…)

@Rene Busiek has already addressed this complaint many times, for example:


Sure, you can say he’s wrong, but only if you’re a Thor fanboi ;)

When I saw the heading I thought “Ugh, not this again.” Not because I’m sick of “who would win” debates per se (although they’re not really my thing either, because the real answer is always whoever the writer decides should win for the story s/he’s telling), but because it inevitably leads to a lot of harping about JLA/Avengers, a comic I adored and I know some other people didn’t like, and that’s fine too. And fair enough, in a sense, because that’s where the two have fought before, but again, there’s no real answer to this stuff. Any given fan may have their logic for why so-and-so should win, and that’s fine and that’s fun, but t doesn’t mean any of them are clearly “right.”

My feeling is that Superman would win because he’s been consistently shown to be stronger than Thor has. I know this was pre-Crisis and he’s been powered down and up again since then, but Superman has been pounded on by the Hulk without flinching, and Hulk’s definitely out of Thor’s weight class. Magic isn’t like Kryptonite to Superman–he doesn’t immediately weaken around it or anything. Originally the idea was just that he was just as vulnerable to spells and enchantments as anyone else. A few writers have used that to mean that he’s powerless against magical strength, but you’d have to toss out volumes and volumes of Superman stories that demonstrate otherwise to take that as canon.

And that’s fine too–you pick your personal canon, like any reader. Pre-Crisis I always thought Wonder Woman would obviously be stronger than Superman because she was specifically given greater strength than Hercules, Captain Marvel is specifically just as strong as Hercules, and Superman and Captain Marvel had always been shown to have roughly equal strength. But of course no writer ever wrote a story that showed WW as physically stronger than Superman, so fan logic only goes so far.

Thor still is real to some people..check out Asatru and Germanic Neopaganism

I still think Thor’s thousands of years of fighting experience would would allow him to overcome Superman

I say it’s a tie, so I abstain. Despite the phony scenario in JLA/AVENGERS, that is. Superman says Thor hit him harder than anyone ever has, then defeats him in a page or two? Maybe in a double-length version of SUPERMAN #75 (Superman vs. Doomsday), but not in a couple pages.

P.S. Superman’s super-speed is “useless” against super-strong villains only because writers tend to ignore it. If they actually portrayed him using his speed and strength together, he could defeat most of his opponents in a page or so. DC would have to cancel most of his titles and cut him back to a few appearances a year.

I still think Thor’s thousands of years of fighting experience would would allow him to overcome Superman

Well, for that matter, Superman has at least a thousand years of fighting experience himself (along with Wonder Woman) — in Asgard, no less. Because, you know, that happened. (In Action Comics #761.)

Gah..I wish I could edit

@Buttler…if you read the old DC comics Who’s Who, when referring to Hercules in Hercules Unbound (Who may or may not have been the same guy). It says that he appears to have unlimited strength..so basically Captain Marvel could have unlimited strength. You cant really be stronger than that.

The other way to look at it is since Hercules was the one who granted strength greater than his own to Diana you could argue that he could do the same for Captain Marvel or he was possibly talking about his pre-godhood strength level.

Interesting point about Action #761..do you think thats the same as being raised your whole life to fight as a warrior though?

Interesting point about Action #761..do you think thats the same as being raised your whole life to fight as a warrior though?

Not really, no–and to the best of my knowledge I don’t think it’s ever been used to make Superman out to be some kind of ultimate warrior now or anything. The point of the story was that he spent a thousand years with Wonder Woman and still only had eyes for Lois, and I think it’s only been referred to in that context. It’s just an interesting footnote that leapt to mind when you mentioned the thousands of years of experience.

Oh I know, as soon as you mentioned the issue I remembered it. It made for a good counter point

Seems to me like Superman would beat anyone/anything.

Busiek made good points, John.

Still, it’s very inconsistent. For instance, Atlas, a magic-powered anti-hero in James Robinson’s run, has been able to sort of beat Superman. Earth’s magic-users were also VERY effective against kryptonians in the same run.

Sure, between knockout with one punch (as in the case of Captain Marvel), to hold his own and sort of prevail (as in the case of Wonder Woman) there is a range of treatments of Superman’s vulnerability. But I think Thor with mjolnir hits considerably harder than Wonder Woman with her bare hands. Plus, she lacks Thor’s experience.

My money is still on Thor, even though it would be a very close fight.

Rob, I’m trying to guess who would win as based on how the characters are usually written. Since Superman usually doesn’t use his superspeed against superstrong opponents, I don’t see why he’d use it against Thor, even though he should.

Butler, post-Crisis Superman has been killed by Doomsday, and Doomsday is essentially the Hulk. And Thor is, at least, in Hulk’s class in asskickery, and so don’t discount Thor so easily.

Now, if we’re talking Pre-Crisis, then it would be… strange. In Elliot S! Maggin stories, Superman would often fight a magic sword-wielding Viking warrior that was a lot like Thor, and I remember their fights were very inconclusive. Pre-Crisis Superman had strength truly without limit, but at the same time his vulnerability to magic was even greater.

Does Thor have any particular good long range attacks? I sort of feel like Superman ought to be able to whittle Thor down with lots of long range heat vision + super speed + flying. I realize the Supes almost never chooses to fight that way, but that’s usually because his opponents can either fly as well as he can, the presence of innocent bystanders requires Superman to use melee attacks to protect said bystanders, or Superman doesn’t want to use lethal force. None of those really apply in this scenario.

In power, they’re about equal. However, I’d say Superman has more experience in superpowered combat (as in, he’s fought a LOT of enemies with all kinds of abilities, while Thor is usually limited to fighting superstrong brutes.) Plus, let’s face it, Supes is smarter. If he can’t take Thor hand-to-hand he’ll trick him into throwing his hammer away, then suck out all the air around him or something… DC’s heroes are used to think their way out more than Marvel’s.

BTW, while I too didn’t completely agree with all of Busiek’s decisions in JLA/AVENGERS, that’s still about the last, do-it-for-the-fun-of-it Big Event there’s been in comics since (it was followed soon after by Identity Crisis and it’s been downhill ever since) so I don’t like to criticize it much.

>I realize the Supes almost never chooses to fight that way

That is the point, Thok. Superman never uses superspeed and ranged attacks to easily win fights against big enemies. Why people keep assuming he’d use it in these kind of hypothetical battles? It seems to me a sort of “I like Superman better, so he will use everything he has, while Thor I don’t like that much, so Thor would not use everything he has.”

Theoretically, Thor could also cheat like hell, and just create a big dimensional portal to suck his toughter enemies through, coupled with a massive whirlwind to push them thru the portal. So Thor could conjure magic wind to push a guy that is vulnerable to magic through a magic portal.

But no, Thor doesn’t fight like that either.

Yeah, you’re a regular laugh riot, you are.

I love Thor, but give me a break.

As someone once pointed out, Supes’ name is not just-as-good-as-the next-guy-man. It goes against the core idea of the character for Thor to beat him.

The core idea of Superman isn’t that he is a physically invincible warrior. It’s that he represents neverending hope and the highest aspirations of the human race and things like that.

Thor’s core idea is that he is a millennia-old warrior god. Even if you believe Superman would win, I think it’s a mistake to discount Thor so easily. This is battle, not a “who is the most inspiring figure” (Superman wins that, without a doubt).

This is the sort of question that the Internet was created for! “To allow us to know what some nerd thinks about Star Trek!” Awesome I love it

Surely the MAJOR reason Supes doesn’t often use super speed is because of a weakness bigger than K-metal Plot contrivances! I mean most fights would be over in 2 seconds and no onlooker would really know what actually happened. It would be like a big budget popcorn action movie where the hero gets shot in the head in the first 10mins and the credits roll.

Similiary with Thor, I mean really the other Avengers could just sit at home twiddle there thumbs and let him handle everything. Pretty boring team dynamic from a story telling perspective though isn’t it!

As for my take, I reckon Supes. Ya know why cause I like him better! Thats the only real reason I can think of!

DC power levels are usually presented in a very inconsistent manner. They have to be, so that Batman can be a threat to White Martians and Cheetah can be menacing to Wonder Woman even as she is presented as “second only to Superman”.

Marvel is not nearly as bad in this regard, although their record is hardly perfect either.

Also, both Superman and Thor have been presented with significant variation in their power levels along time, although it is only really noticeable with Superman – in Thor’s case it is practically an “Informed Weakness”.

Byrne’s Superman would be lucky to land a couple of punches in most depictions of Thor, even forgetting about the specific weakness to magic. It is my understanding that he got far better since, but still, this one must go to Thor, hands down.

And yes, I know that Busiek disagrees. He is a great writer, and this subject is one of those where I can’t agree with him. Reputation aside, Marvel characters usually overpower DC characters quite decisively, at least when Grant Morrison isn’t writing the DC characters.

Really I don’t know how that is so cut and dried?

I mean Squirel Girl and Doc Doom comes to mind


Hulk’s definitely out of Thor’s weight class.

How or when did that happen? In the 1960s and 1970 it was something of a running gag that the two of them never managed to finish their confrontations

And really, considering that the Hulk often had a hard time defeating Wolverine, Thing or Namor, I always found it obvious that Thor would eventually overpower Hulk. The best presentation of a fight between the two is IMO Hulk #255 by Bill Mantlo, where Thor admits that he usually holds back and avoids using the Mjolnir on Hulk out of consideration for Bruce Banner.

I’ve read a lot of Thor-Hulk fights over the years, but I’ve never seen one that suggested that Thor was close to as strong as Hulk. Thor’s got a lot of other advantages as a warrior–the hammer, flying, speed, combat experience, lightning, et cetera–and he uses them to his best advantage in, well, surviving confrontations with the Hulk, which is usually the best you can hope for. In fact, “you’re nothing without your hammer” is a big theme in Hulk-Thor confrontations. The one time I can really remember them “finishing” a fight (Thor #385), it went a lot like Daredevil’s classic fight with Namor: Hulk beat the tar out of him but found that no matter how much he pounded him and how hopeless it was, Thor just wouldn’t stay down. Finally Hulk just had to stop beating on him and leave.

Thor’s a God, Superman is a Kryptonian (even though a lot of fanboys turned writers write him like he was a God).

Thor is the God of Thunder. He can make it so that the skies darken and the clouds prevent the light from the sun from ever falling on the battlefield.

Thor has the stamina of a God, whereas Superman can only continue fighting for only as long as the reserves of yellow solar energy within his cells last.

The longer they fight, the weaker Superman will become cut off from the yellow radiation of the sun, while Thor will not tire.

Now, this all depends on which versions of the characters are fighting.

Of it’s a leveled-playing field, Thor has the advantage, whereas if the contender is the Silver Age/Birthright/ASS/Secret Origin version of Superman, which has any and all powers he requieres for the convinience of the plot, then Superman gets the win.

Think of it like this: is Thor fighting “Superman” or is he fighting “the Superman that can fire white energy blasts from his fingers and is armed with giant celophane shield “?

The impression I got from reading Thor/Hulk fight comics was that Thor is stronger than baseline Hulk, especially when wearing his belt of strength, but when the Hulk gets mad and hits upper limits he surpasses Thor. At least that was what Bill Mantlo depicted.

I don’t like these ‘Who Would Win?’-type questions. Battles are only interesting because of the reasons behind them, and for what is at stake. A battle for no reason is simply boring (something a lot of comic-book writers don’t seem to understand). And simple questions of ‘Who is stronger?’ are boring, too.
Also, there’s a lot more to determine the outcome of a fight than power or skill. Planning and luck have a lot to do with it, and all sorts of factors such as environment and fatigue and emotional influences.

I would imagine that either one would have a decent chance of winning a fight. From my limited knowledge, I would go with Thor, because he’s a warrior-god and because he would be better at long-range attacks what with hammer-throws and weather-controlling. On the other hand, Thor can only fly when holding his hammer, so an aerial fight would probably favour Superman.
I’m not really familiar with the modern Superman, so that makes this much harder for me.

I didn’t read that issue, unfortunately. Did you read Defenders #10, Incredible Hulk #255, or even JIM #112?

Did you read Defenders #10, Incredible Hulk #255, or even JIM #112?

I have read those (although it’s been a long time with Journey into Mystery), and it seems pretty consistent as far as I’ve seen. Thor can hurt Hulk with the hammer, or at least send him flying, and he can withstand a Hulk punch better than most, but although he talks a good game he doesn’t have the same kind of hand-to-hand strength. And of course it’s all relative, because “the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets” isn’t just talk, so even if Thor could grapple with a mildly peeved Hulk, he wouldn’t have a chance against a truly enraged Hulk on a brute-strength level. That’s not to say, of course, that he couldn’t use his smarts to find a non-pummeling way to take him down.

Who would win in a fight: Henry Cavill or Chris Hemsworth??

As long as we’re taking “Thor vs.” tangents, though, one story I’ve been meaning to reread lately was the one where Thor fought Dracula. Not because those two issues were particularly good–they weren’t–but because I can’t remember if they addressed the fact that Mjolnir should be especially rough on a vampire because it’s a religious symbol. Drac was powered up from Sif’s blood at the time, which probably made a difference, but I’d think that would at least have been an issue.

As far as Thor vs Hulk..the closest we’ve ever gotten to a decision was Thor 385. At the end of that fight Hulk was still fresh to go, but he was bored with the fight. Thor on the other hand had definitely gotten the worst of the fight as he was near the end of his endurance and his face was one giant bruise.

As for Superman not using all his powers. It depends on who he’s fighting. They implied he was using superspeed against Doomsday because at one point I believe Booster Gold mentions Doomsday was moving/reacting at superhuman speed.
Also, During Our Worlds At War Superman trained with Mongul in order to learn how to use all his abilities in combination to fight the Imperiex drones. So there is some precedence for Superman combining his abilities in a fight.

Im also not completely sure about Busieks answer. In his argument he points out a sword enchanted to cut through anything would cut through Superman. Then wouldnt Mjolnir which is enchanted to the point of being able to break through near everything be powerful enough to knock Superman on his rear.

I love Thor #385.

It has a very dark depiction of the Hulk as an almost malicious engine of destruction, and at the same time, the monster teaches Thor a lesson, because Thor was fighting uniquely for his pride, and in the heat of battle he became just as monstrous as the Hulk, but… he was also very obstinate and brave. So it’s ambiguous how good Thor ends up looking.

If I remember right, it’s a colaboration between Stan Lee and Jim Shooter. I always liked those.

i voted for thor because soup or man is totally boring. he puts the wad in dork wad. i hate that super man.

Here’s the Superman/Thor fight as I see it:

Thor throws his hammer at Supes, who easily catches it with his super-speed. “Say, this is pretty neat!” Being worthy,Superman now also has the power of Thor.

So Ryan H is correct; SuperThor for the win :)

Supes. But he coulda beat post crisis byrne Supes (who was Beaten by booster gold! Once IIRC)

Well, when DC published its entry on Superman in Who’s Who in late ’86, it said he could “easily lift the weight of the Great Pyramid, were it possible to do so without destroying the structure.” This was after the Byrne relaunch, mind you, and the word easily indicates this wasn’t anywhere near his upper limit. At the same time, the Marvel Universe Guide had Thor’s strength level at 95 tons. Using the companies’ own guides as the basis for comparison, it’s hard to see a scenario where Supes wouldn’t clean Thor’s clock (unless Thor cold-cocked him with Mjolnir before Supes knew he was there). The disparity in power level would also seem to negate Thor’s martial skills, too; it’s like asking Bruce Lee to use his fighting skills to stop a 5,000 ton freight train coming at him at 70 miles an hour.

Well according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Thor can bench from 95-100 tons, and according to All-Star Superman, Superman can carry around a key in his pocket that weighs 100 000 tons.

So my vote is: comics are silly.

(but between the choices, Superman)

It’s not comics that are silly, it’s fanboys turned writers with a hard on for the 60s and a grudge against the 80s that are beholden to the Silver Age that make them silly.

I think the whole “Superman is vulnerable to magic” thing messes up peoples’ thinking. Physics are still physics. Would a punch from a brute who got his strength through magic harm Superman more than a punch of equal power from a brute who got his strength from cosmic rays?

If we pit two humans of equal size and strength against each other, who would you put your money on? The reporter who was raised on a farm or the career soldier with a hammer?

It might come down to heat vision vs lightning. but in a “no killing” fight, just how useful are laser beams?

Bring the thunder. Thor wins!

I think that Superman’s vulnerability to magic means that he reacts to magic the same way that regular people react to the non-magical things that he is invulnerable to.

A regular bullet won’t pierce Superman’s skin, but a magic bullet will the same way that a regular bullet will pierce an average person’s skin.

A regular bolt of lighting won’t harm Superman, but a magic bolt of lightining will.

A lightining bolt cast down by Storm won’t harm him, but one cast down by Thor will because Thor’s lightining is magical.

Basically, Superman has no defense against magic the same way regular people don’t have any defense against bullets, metal bars, speeding cars, or any other objects that are used against Superman.

Thor calls the lightning through magical means, but isn’t it still just lightning?

Superman is fighting at a construction site. His foe cuts the cable, causing a wrecking ball to fall on Superman’s head.

Magneto used his magnetic power to unravel the cable.
Marvel Girl used her TK to pull the cotter pin.
Green Lantern cut it with giant green scissors.
Golden Age Green Lantern cut it with giant green scissors.
The Spectre made scissors grow giant and cut it.
The Punisher shot it.
Doctor Strange used an incantation to send the cable to another dimension.

The wrecking ball falls in any case. Is one of those balls supposed to hurt Superman more than another?

Thor creates the lightining through magic, so isn’t the lightining therefore magical in nature?

If Magneto binds lose pieces of metal together into a wrecking ball that is held solely by the power of his magnetism, then the ball is not a real wrecking ball, but a makeshift metal ball he made himself.

if Marvel Girl encases a wrecking ball within a telekenetic field and hurls it at Superman, the first thing that will hit Superman will be the TK field around the ball, not the ball itself.

The question would be, does Thor CALL lightining, or does he CREATE lightining? He is the God of Thunder, so I believe the inference would be that he creates it.

Okay, Wikipedia says this:

“As the Norse god of Thunder, Thor can summon the elements of the storm (lightning; rain; wind; snow) and uses Mjolnir as a tool to focus this ability, although the hammer cannot command artificial weather, only natural.”

The inference here would be that Thor, without Mjolnir, can “summon the elements of the storm”, and he uses Mjolnir “as a tool to focus this ability”, meaning that the ability is within himself and not the hammer.

It ays that the hammer “cannot command artificial weather, only natural”. What should we infer from that? That all weather Thor summons is natural, or that HE can control artificial weather but the hammer cannot?

MLJames and DHole –

Please, don’t take into account the Official Handbook. It’s totally bullshit. Comic book writers mostly have no sense of scale. Even characters weaker than Thor, such as Sasquatch, have been seen lifting or throwing objects much heavier than 100 tons!

If you forgive me for being a total geek, here is what I copied and pasted from a guy that could say it better than me:

“Let’s use the Thing for an example. The Official Handbook says he can lift 85 tons. 85 tons sounds like a lot, but it corresponds to a block of stone 2.77m on a side… ”

I still think DC heroes, in general, can lift much greater weights than Marvel heroes. But the disparity is nowhere near as great as indicated by the Official Handbook, that basically just pulls some random numbers from its ass.

Roger Stern wrote a book called The Science of Supeman, which, from what I recall from what I’ve read about it, aims to explain how his powers work.

Even though Thor would give him a great fight, I’ve gotta go with Superman here.

Thor is not a original comics character. It’s stupid.

You might as well do a Superman vs. Muhammed Ali.

Stan Lee’s and Jack Kirby’s interpretation of Thor is original to comics, just like the version that has shown up in DC comics and in Liefelds’s comics is original to those.

Arguably, Marvel’s Thor has displaced the mythological Thor as the most well-known depiction of the character.

It amazes me that people can still use Ali as a reference and expect it to hold any meaning to anyone who didn’t read the comic when it came out.

How about trying something more current next time? Nothing against you, it’s the use of an outdated old comic as a reference that bothers me. It’s not hip, it’s not current, it’s outdated.

If Superman were to fight a real-world sports star today it wouldn’t be a boxer, it would probably be an extreme sports fighter.

Who comes to mind that can fit that spot? You know, a name that might mean something to someone who isn’t old enough to remember when people called World War I the Great War (just kidding… partly).

I meant an ultimate fighter, as in Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Of course, if we leaned toward wrestling, Superman would fight The Rock.

I think this comes down to “is Superman a better fighter than Beta Ray Bill?” Because if Bill could hold his own against Thor long enough to gain control of Mjolnir–and thus beat Thor by becoming him–then I have to imagine that Superman could do the same.

I think that the best way to gage how Superman would do against Thor is by looking at his previous bouts with other beings of similar caliber, mainly Orion and Darkseid (Orion being, after all, Kirby’s DC version of Thor).

I think that Superman’s vulnerability to magic means that he reacts to magic the same way that regular people react to the non-magical things that he is invulnerable to.

A regular bullet won’t pierce Superman’s skin, but a magic bullet will the same way that a regular bullet will pierce an average person’s skin.

A regular bolt of lighting won’t harm Superman, but a magic bolt of lightining will.

A lightining bolt cast down by Storm won’t harm him, but one cast down by Thor will because Thor’s lightining is magical.

Basically, Superman has no defense against magic the same way regular people don’t have any defense against bullets, metal bars, speeding cars, or any other objects that are used against Superman.

That’s not it at all.

If a bullet is enchanted by magic to be able to pierce things and do damage then it would hurt Superman. If a bullet is enchanted by magic to be really fast + tough + damaging then it would do exactly the same damage to Superman as a non-magic bullet that was that fast + touch + damaging (so probably no damage at all).

Unless I’m mistaken Thor’s hammer is magical in nature but the damage it does is physical not magical so Superman would be as invulnerable to it as he would be to any non-magical hammer that powerful. The same goes for the lightning.

So Superman would wup Thor’s arse!

Yeah, can’t fault Busiek’s reasoning there.

That’s really the interpretation that makes the most sense unless you want to argue that Superman is super-allergic to everything magic-related the same way he’s to kryptonite. But strangely Hulk and many, many others would not be for some reason.

But that’s not to say that Superman would easily defeat Thor, it would still be one heck of a battle. Could go either way, but I see the Man of Steel come out on top more often than not.

I like Thor. I dislike Superman.

You know, arguments like this ARE what superhero fandom are all about, and waiting for an “official” resolution to confirm or deny any theory used to be something to look forward to. If you were wrong you said “oh” and moved on. It’s the ATTITUDE some fans have today- basically I AM RIGHT AND YOU SUCK DAMMIT!- that ruins the fun of it. Superhero battles cannot always end in draws, you know, that’s boring too.

Also, while I understand many of the reasons behind the comics’ choices- if Superman DID use his Superspeed in every battle he would always win in an eyeblink- I feel that they need to at least throw in a handwave at the fans. Something like “Superman doesn’t have the Flash’s coordination, and might wreck his surroundings if he used his superspeed too often in battle” works for me. It’s when they never bother to even say even that that I get annoyed.

bernard the poet

February 28, 2011 at 9:26 am

Superman should win.

Thor is a bit of a one-trick-pony, sure, he can do lightning bolts and the whole dimensional portal thing, but generally he just hits his enemies with his hammer as hard as he can. Superman has demonstrated a far greater williness to use a range of weapons and powers. Whether it is superventriliquilism or gold krytonite, Superman always finds a way.

Of course, my theory is rather hampered by that god-awful Doomsday story – where he spent eleven issues hitting his head against a brick wall and never once thought, “maybe it is time for plan B”.

Its not a matter of Superman losing his powers in the presence of magic..its a question of “Does Thors magic hammer by-pass Supermans invulnerability”. We know Thor can charge his hammer with some kind of energy (one of Simonsons greatest visuals is Thor holding a glowing Mjolnir just before he goes medieval on someone) ..is that energy magic?

I still can’t picture it. Thor is the one who fought Thanos to a stalemate and faced Galactus about four times. Superman basically never did anything comparable (post-Crisis anyway).

Thor for the win, hands down.

Superman wins he’s simply stronger and has more ways to win than Thor, but it would be a great fight because of Superman’s weakness to magic. But once Superman figures that out he would find a way to remove Thor from his hammer then it’s lights out. Sorry but as someone who has no allegiance to either hero, even the biggest fanboy has to realise when their guy is on the losing end.

Now to me the thing that makes JLA/Avengers great is the response from the other members of the Avengers when Superman beats Thor. It’s one of my favorite sequences in any comic seeing the Avengers take it personal and beat Superman’s ass until Aquaman saves him was a brilliant idea and always gets high marks to Busiek from me.

If nothing else, Superman wins due to his ability to think at super speed. It’s not used much, but occasionally, Supes & Flash are depicted at talking [and thus thinking] at superspeed. Therefore, no matter what Thor can do, Supes can outthink/out-speed him.

Supes wins!


@ Luis Dantas:

Superman fought against Imperiex & restarted the entire universe. So, he’s actually done more than Thor [although Thor also fought the Celestials, not just Galactus].

i like Thor, especially when it is shown just how powerful he is, but he’s not in Supes class in powers.


“It amazes me that people can still use Ali as a reference and expect it to hold any meaning to anyone who didn’t read the comic when it came out.”

Why would that be amazing? Do you think every single young person, without exception, is necessarily ignorant of all events that predate them? Now, while many indeed are, that all are, is an amazing assertion! :D

I present myself as the single counter-example that suffices to disprove your blanket non-existence theorem, having not read the comic in question until this century, yet having no problem understanding the reference.

For me the problem with the magic vulnerability is that it’s SO inconsistently portrayed as to be practically meaningless. Sometimes it is portrayed as a minor annoyance, like a bee sting. He’s still pretty invulnerable to it, it just makes him flinch a little more than usual before he beats the guy. Other times it’s more damaging than a mere annoyance, enough to really hurt him, but he can overcome it through sheer force of will or by getting mad enough. Other times it’s shown totally taking him out and weakening him almost as badly as Kryptonite. Like Kryptonite, once it’s unleashed on him he’ll be shown as powerless against it and sapped of all strength. I’ve seen it depicted all over the map.

Stefan Wenger

March 2, 2011 at 9:31 pm

I voted Superman, based on intelligence and ingenuity… but it’s kind of a toss-up because Thor’s power levels seem to vary depending on who’s writing him.

It makes no difference who fights Superman because DC will never allow him to lose to Marvel character anyway.

Well I think superman wld win yes thor is a god but over the years how many men hav beaten gods and superman fights lex all the time and if u say well he can do this or that think abot this professor x can contol both their minds and make them kill themselves its not about who can do what its about who can find eachothers weakness the fastest and I just like superman and if it won’t 4 superman most of ur comics wldnt b around and bside who wants a god as a superhero anyway its really no fun where is bing a god u hav nothing 2 worry about and that’s not much of a superhero and that case mayb tthe gods will favor superman and give him their power it dnt matter how u look at it any1 cld win I just dnt c how mans best and most powerful superhero cld lose 2 a god when lesser men hav killed gods so think whatever u like it wld b a good fight no matter who win

Are yall kidding me!?! A 5 yr old boy with kryptonite would beat Superman. Batman tired beat him in comics, cartoons, games…Thor is a GOD! A warrior god. He has more fighting abilities than Superman & powers that would kill him instantly…ever heard of Odinforce…Thor holds back against ppl like Hulk etc bcuz if he didnt comic dun in like half a page

You said nothing new there marvel can’t come up with anything that beats superman not even thor they didn’t even come up with that idea and that just sorry that y thor wasn’t and still ain’t as popluar as superman thor is a god not a superhero and if he’s not a god then some1 can kill him marvel wirters shld hav wrote about odin he was a lot more interesting no 1 wants 2 read about a god beating some1 up. So superman wins cause he’s not a god.

Wonder Woman is basically a Goddess, yet she can’t beat Supes so I’d give it to Supes.

Who would win in a fight, my father or your father?

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