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You Decide ’11 – Week 4 Results!

Each day in February I gave you folks a poll question. Each poll lasts five days. The results are posted every Tuesday. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!

And here are the next batch of poll results!


All amounts are rounded up except in the case of breaking ties.

Out of 1,026 replies to the question:

Who is your least favorite member of the Fantastic Four?

You decided that your least-favorite was:

40% Human Torch

28% Mister Fantastic

22% Invisible Woman

10% The Thing

Out of 906 replies to the question:

Which of these characters do you like the best?

You decided that the character you liked best was:

30% Iron Man (Tony Stark)

26% Thor

25% Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

19% Flash (Barry Allen)

Out of 1,099 replies to the question:

Which decade had the most good Marvel comics?

You decided that the decade with the most good Marvel comics was:

34% 1980s

24% 2000s

18.74% 1960s

18.74% 1970s

4% 1990s

Out of 7,005 replies to the question:

Which pair of male friends is the best “bro-mance” in superhero comics?

You decided that the best “bro-mance” was:

26% Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

13% Luke Cage and Iron Fist

9% Superman and Batman

8% Green Lantern (Hal) and Green Arrow (Ollie)

4.45% Deadpool and Cable

4.41% Spider-Man and Human Torch

4.38% Nightcrawler and Wolverine

3.43% Beast and Wonder Man

3.33% The Thing and the Human Torch

3.08% Green Lantern (Hal) and Flash (Barry)

2.93% Batman and Commissioner Gordon

2.8% Robin/Red Robin and Superboy

1.83% Deadshot and Catman

1.61% Flash (Wally) and Nightwing/Batman (Dick Grayson)

1.37% Daredevil and Foggy Nelson

1.06% Iron Man and Captain America

1.04% Captain America and Falcon

0.74% Hulk and Rick Jones

0.74% Mister Fantastic and the Thing

0.7% Nick Fury and Dum Dum Dugan

0.63% Hawkeye and Captain America

0.6% Thor and Hercules

0.59% Superman and Jimmy Olsen

0.59% Green Lantern (Alan) and Flash (Jay)

0.57% Cyborg and Beast Boy

0.54% Starman and the Shade

0.54% Iron Man and James Rhodes

0.53% Beast and Iceman

0.31% Thor and Captain America

0.26% Peter Parker and Harry Osborn

0.23% Iceman and Angel

0.21% Flash (Barry) and Elongated Man

0.19% Thor and Iron Man

0.17% Hawkman and Atom

0.13% Thor and Balder

0.13% Orion and Lightray

0.09% Mister Miracle and Oberon

0.07% Clark Kent and Pete Ross

Out of 1,693 replies to the question:

Who is your least favorite Green Lantern Corps member from Earth?

You decided that your least favorite was:

30% John Stewart

26% Hal Jordan

23% Kyle Rayner

22% Guy Gardner

Out of 823 replies to the question:

Who do you think would win in a fight?

You decided that the winner would be:

63% Daredevil

37% Captain America (James Barnes)

Out of 339 replies to the question:

What was your favorite Milestone ongoing title?

You decided that your favorite was:

41% Static

17% Icon

14% Xombi

13% Blood Syndicate

10% Hardware

4% Shadow Cabinet

1% Heroes

0% Kobalt

Check back next Tuesday for the last results, and be sure to keep voting in the remaining open polls!!


These results suggest comic fans care a lot about bro-mances. Let the armchair psychology begin.


Nah, whenever you see a poll question get a gigantic amount of votes, it just means that it was linked on the front page of CBR, so a lot more people saw it (and voted in it).

Wasn’t it Dick Grayson vs Bucky Barnes?

That was a later poll.

I wonder if the recent question about the best ’80s Marvel runs produced a lot of last-minute votes for the ’80s as the best decade.
I was surprised the 2000s did so well. I must admit that I came in just over halfway through the decade, and there’s a lot I still don’t know about, but the books I’ve read have been wildly inconsistent. There are some great stories, but also a lot of garbage. And all the huge events from the second half of the decade really interfered with some otherwise good series.

It’s hard to believe that Captain America and Iron Man outranks Captain America and Falcon.

It’s funny that the Torch is the least popular, and by such a big margin. In the early days, he seems to have been the breakout star character. Or at least the most heavily promoted, as he got his own series very quickly, not to mention all the guest appearances in Spider-Man.

I wonder if the recent question about the best ’80s Marvel runs produced a lot of last-minute votes for the ’80s as the best decade.

It did not.

Possibly that exposure of Human Torch also worked against him for some people…though I do agree that he probably has had more guest spots in other comics than other FFers. That said, he’s also more “typical superhero” than the others.

Amusing also to notice the balanced distribution of votes in Green Lantern question…

Yay – Beetle and Booster have the undisputed crown – as well they should!

204 people other than me voted for Batman and Gordon as the best bro-mance. That makes me feel good about myself for some reason.

I just noticed that Apollo + Midnighter are gone from the Bromance list.

Is that because no-one voted for them or because you disqualified them for being a romance rather than a bromance?

It is a f*cking JOKE that the 60s didn’t win best Marvel decade. A lot of comic fans are woefully ignorant of history.

I just noticed that Apollo + Midnighter are gone from the Bromance list.

They were never there, for the “they are a romance, not a bro-mance” reasoning.

Just because the 60s was the first decade for Marvel, doesn’t mean it was the best, John. It was influential, ground-breaking, and imaginative sure, but it was the 80s that was able to add another layer of depth and really push Marvel to new heights. For instance, if I want to show someone how good say Daredevil is, I would show them anything from the 80s WAAAY before I showed them anything from the 60s purely due to how vastly different the character was in the 60s as compared to now.

Also, on a different note, I like how closely divided the Green Lantern poll is. I guess it’s a testament to the franchise that none of those was a runaway victor.

Funny how the Green Lantern poll was so close. That was definitely the hardest for me.

And I’m proud to be part of the four percent to vote for the 90’s as the best Marvel Comics decade. Though I might have been the only one who wasn’t joking.

@ John T.

i voted for the ’70s in the Marvel decade poll. Each decade has its highlights & low lights, but i think that the 70s was such an expansion of what writers & artists could do that it was on balance the best decade. i actually started reading in the early ’80s & love lots of that decade as well. The ’60s marvels are very seminal, but i don’t know if you can say that decade had the ‘best’ comics of any decade.

Let’s put up several titles from different decades in comparision to see how they match up.
Matt J. has already used Daredevil. What about X-Men? What ‘decade’ would be best for them? Or Captain America, Avengers, Thor, Spidey, etc.

What about titles that started in the ’70s, like Marvel’s horror line that didn’t exist in the ’60s?

Brian, that might be interesting to take one title & see what decade fans think is the highlight. i know that i love Busiek on Avengers, but i don’t know if i would rate that decade as the best of the Avengers. Daredevil, X-men, Thor, Cap would be interesting polls.


It would actually be pretty disappointing if the 60s won for best decade. It would mean that in the past 40 years Marvel hasn’t been able to do anything better than what they started with. That doesn’t take anything away from the importance of the 60s stories. It just shows that people feel like storytelling has evolved and improved over time, which I would hope it would.

What, no love for Kobalt?

Weird, right? That was a fun series.

The 1960s are my second favorite decade in Marvel. I acknowledge the importance, the fun, the sheer creativity. Still, the 1960s comics had a sort of roughness to them that is distancing. And let’s not forget that for every classic issue and storyline, you had two or three that were horrible to the point of being unreadable. Most of the solo Human Torch and Sub-Mariner stories or the Hank Pym stories, they’re nothing to write home about, to put it charitably. Even the best classis runs, like the FF, had issues with the Living Totem or gangster Skrulls. The early Avengers never quite coalesced, nor the early Hulk. Or the whole 1960s run of X-Men, for that matter.

I loved it even so. But I just think the 1980s were more consistent in quality. Not that I can point to EVERYTHING in the 1980s and say it is a good read. I am not blinded by nostalgia. SECRET WARS was horrible, for instance. But most of it, including all the runs in the 1980s runs poll (and those are a lot of runs) they’re all extremely readable, even though not all of them are genius.

I am surprised that the Human Torch “won.” I was pretty sure that Reed and Sue were the “unpopular” ones in the team. In any case.

I am NOT surprise, but very pleased, that Iron Man and Thor beat the DC heroes, particularly Boring Allen.

The 1980s rule, the 1990s suck, and the 1960s and 1970s are both respectable. We all know that is more or less the general opinion. But the 2000s receiving so many votes took me by surprise. Then again, the poll asks which decade had the most good comics. I can’t deny that the 2000s had lots of good Marvel comics (but lots of horrible ones too). There is also the silent majority that actually likes Bendis. I mean, the man sells, someone must like his comics.

Bromance. No surprise in the 1st and 2nd positions. Now, Superman and Batman? They have an interesting dynamic, but they’re not bros.

John “won” the Green Lantern poll. Again, no surprise here. He is a supporting character. The obvious vote for those who don’t hate any of the 4 characters. The other 3 got similar numbers, but I’m surprised that Hal is 3% more hated than Kyle.

They were never there, for the “they are a romance, not a bro-mance” reasoning.

Really? I must have been fooled by all of the people who mentioned them in the comments into thinking they’d actually been an option on the list.

John “won” the Green Lantern poll. Again, no surprise here.

I thought it was a big surprise. I can’t fathom why anyone would dislike John and LIKE Guy.

(Well, I actually can fathom a reason, but it is putting WAY too much stock into an on-line poll…)

Really? I must have been fooled by all of the people who mentioned them in the comments into thinking they’d actually been an option on the list.

Yeah, they were mentioned a lot in the comments, but they were never in the actual poll.

John Stewart is the least favorite? Racists, all of you.

“There are some great stories, but also a lot of garbage.” Yeah, welcome to every decade of anything, ever. And lets not kid ourselves into thinking Secret Wars 1/2, Acts of Vengeance, and Atlantis Attacks were anything to write home about.

Wow. DC really wrote itself into a corner with the GLs.

Jeremy –

Events suck, as a rule. Secret Wars was almost total crap (I say almost, because the concept of Doctor Doom stealing God’s power is pretty cool). Secret Wars II was even worse than total crap. Acts of Vengeance was sort of obvious, but sort of fun (seeing all the Big Bads of the MU united? That is cool). Atlantis Attacks had no redeeming features at all.

But I think the general high quality of the decade made it so that a lot of the tie-ins by the regular writers were pretty good. They got some dubious concepts and did the best they could. Acts of Vengeance gave us Nocenti’s Daredevil vs. Ultron, Baron’s Punisher vs. Doctor Doom, Peter David’s Grey Hulk vs. Grey Gargoyle. Secret Wars II had the creation of Kurse in Simonson’s Thor, the Avengers and the Molecule Man teaming-up to fix the damage done by the Beyonder, the entire New Mutants traumatized by their death and ressurrection… Lots of interesting stories.

But generally I like the late-1980s a lot less. They’re shading into the 1990s, after all. I suppose what I really like isn’t the 1980s, it’s Jim Shooter’s reign as E-i-C, that goes from 1978 to 1987.

The main thing to take from the GL poll is how close the four GL’s were. None of them is an obviously awful character who provokes fan hatred, at least compared to the other Earth GL’s. I’m sure all of the (insert the GL you voted for here) haters have a hard time believing that.

I’m honestly surprised that Hal Jordan didn’t take the cake for the least liked GL. Still, the fact that he was second and he is the one that the solo title for the longest time speaks volumes.

You’re reaching, Hal is almost tied with Kyle and Guy.

Did you post the Week 5 results?

Ditto, reader zero. Brian, can you please let us know the Week 5 results?

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