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Month of LGBT Comics – This Gay Existence #1

All this month I’ll be reviewing different comic books with LGBT themes (LGBT standing for “Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender”), based on submissions from the creators of the comic books themselves. Here is an archive of the comics featured so far!

The month continues with the first issue of Adam Fair’s brutally hilarious The Gay Existence…

Fair basically sets up the concept of the comic in this introductory page, starring the lead of This Gay Existence, Eddie (and his art school roommate, Zed)…

That’s basically what the book is about. Eddie being an angry, gay geek, expressing his anger in a variety of crass but amusing ways, intermixed with angry tangential jokes by Fair, which are also quite amusing.

As an example of the tangential stuff, “dealing with ridicule as a gay teenager” bingo…

and also a recurring bit is shows on “The Homo Network”….

But most of the comic spotlights on Eddie, whether it is him bitching about gay stereotypes…

or messing around with his small group of gay friends, including this hilariously screwed-up scare he’s putting into one of his buddies…

The bit about stereotypes is in the format these strips originally appeared in (when they were just on the web), but now that they’re a print comic, they’re in the format of the last comic shown above.

Fair has a decidedly bitty and edgy sense of humor, which is right up my alley. Honestly, I think I was pre-disposed to like it going in as it reminded me of one of my favorite indie comics, Mark P. Slee’s Go Die, which was also an extremely bitter comic book (this isn’t as good as Go Die, which was even FURTHER over-the-top in its crassness), but it is in the same mold, and I really appreciate comics like that.

So I’d recommend this issue.

You can buy a copy here (there are some more samples there, too) or read more about Fair at his This Gay Existence website.


This series is a lot of fun. I’d spotted it on the web somewhere, but I might just collect this. Eddie and Fine are clever characters.
And ohhh, that Bingo card. I’ve landed on a few of those too. :(
This Gay Existence strikes chords with so many because most all of us who are gay have lived with the phobia and bashing. If you haven’t experienced gay bashing it’s because your parents locked you in your room all through high school.
Kudos for the review.

Awesome review. I had not heard of this comic before. I just bought the first issue. And I’ll take it over to my local gay bookstore.


wow – thanks for the shoutout Brian! its very much appreciated.
i strain to make TGE a funny gay comic.
hopefully the 2nd and 3rd issues go over well, as they feature longer stories (as opposed to an issue of mini-strips).
thanks again sir!

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