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Every day this month I will share with you the first (at least as far as I know) U.S. professional work by a notable comic book creator. Here is an archive of the creators who have been featured so far.

Today’s featured creator is Dwayne McDuffie!


The late Dwayne McDuffie was a popular comic book writer who created a number of notable characters for Marvel Comics and, most importantly, his own company, Milestone Media. He later became an acclaimed animation writer (where he also adapted one of his Milestone characters, Static, into a popular animated series).

McDuffie broke into the world of comics in the late 1980s as an assistant editor at Marvel Comics.

In 1988, McDuffie’s first writing assignment was published, a short Wonder Man story in Solo Avengers #13, co-written by fellow assistant editor, Gregory Wright (art by Jackson Guice).

In the story, Wonder Man is working as a stunt man for a film and quits after feeling disrespected by the director. Some unknown creature ends up possessing the film’s star, thinking him to be Wonder Man (because, naturally, they looked a lot alike). When the entity discovers its mistake, it then attacks Wonder Man in different forms…

The next year, in 1989, McDuffie had his first solo comic book story(although here, too, he worked with another writer, Robin D. Chaplik, for the plot of the series) on the prestige format two-issue series, She-Hulk: Ceremony (art by June Brigman and Stan Drake).

Here are the first few pages…

Soon after She-Hulk: Ceremony came out, Damage Control (created by McDuffie) debuted and his comic-writing career began to take off!


Holy shit, that She Hulk art is awesome. I never cared about Power Pack, but now that I know she drew it, I’m gonna have to look it up.

I like the “I survived Heaven’s Gate” shirt on the one guy – wonder if that was scripted by one of the two writers, on an ad-lib by Jackson.

Huh, I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting to see Wonder Man punching a giant mutated bunny at any point today. We really did lose a genuinely creative mind when Dwayne McDuffie died.

June Brigman is such a great artist. I think in the right era with the right book choices she would have been more of a superstar.

June Brigman did great job on Power Pack, and is a wonderful artist. But I think that Stan Drake’s inking is what makes those panels really special.

More reasons to miss Dwayne McDuffie.

I love June Brigman. Why isn’t she a bigger name?

Oklahoma Indians don’t technically have reservations, except for the Osage. There is tribal land, but it’s not the same thing. But you see that mistake a lot, even here.
I wonder if the Keewazi are anywhere near Broxton.

That Wonder Man story reminds me of the Real Ghostbusters episode where they metafictively had the Ghostbusters visit the set of the movie, where they were then attacked by a ghost that took over movie props.

Whoah. Yeah. That She-Hulk story looks great.

Sad that the Heaven’s Gate thing sort of took on a second meaning, but I don’t think anyone survived the cult.


March 8, 2011 at 4:54 pm

What’s June Brigman from?
I’ve not heard of her, or seen her work before, but that looks great.

And is that THE Stan Drake?
I only know him from Glamorpuss – I had no idea he ever moved over into superhero comics.
From my limited knowledge of his work, that 5th panel of She-Hulk watching tv does look like one of his.

Obviously, co-writer Robin D. Chaplik would serve as an inspiration for the reporter from Blood Syndicate… or at least a chance for Maestro to name-drop a friend. Given that John Rozum was a member of Damage Control, it’s not like that was uncommon.

Your Funkiness– June Brigman is most famous for Power Pack. She also drew the fourth New Mutants Annual, and I know I’ve seen one or two other books she did, but I can’t remember what they were.

Yeah, that’s the same Stan Drake that Sim has been featuring in Glamourpuss. He did a few projects for Marvel at the end of his career. He actually did an arc on Power Pack during Inferno that was absolutely terrifying when I was a kid. I think a number of the comic strip serial artists moved into comics. Al Williamson and Dan Barry immediately come to mind.

What’s June Brigman from?
I’ve not heard of her, or seen her work before, but that looks great.

Funkmeister: June Brigman spent the past 15 years or so drawing the newspaper strip Brenda Starr, the art chores on which she took over from Eisner Hall of Fame member Ramona Fradon. June’s husband, Roy Richardson, was her inker on Brenda.

Night Swordsman

March 20, 2011 at 10:21 am

I was without internet access for over a month. I had no idea Mr McDuffie died until last week. He was a truly nice and generous person, having met him in person. He will be missed.

As for June Brigman, read the first four issues of Power Pack. The book was ok after that, but those first four issues were incredible, great writing and art.

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