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Random Thoughts! (March 15, 2011)

Random Thought! Back on Tuesdays where this belongs… It’s Random Thoughts time! Get excited!

Link Thought! GraphiContent for comics. butterbeatleblog for popculture (with new content finally!). The Splash Page Podcast for some awesome comics discussion.

Random Thought! Another change in my work schedule has my Tuesdays back open, so Random Thoughts are back on their original day after a month of Mondays. On the negative side, I now work Wednesdays… why must new comics day also be the busy day at the place I work? Why?

Random Thought! Big hint to people for the future, both here and on other sites: when there’s a discussion of a comic, expect there to be spoilers. Especially when it’s meant to be a detailed discussion.

Random Thought! If anyone else had drawn Punishermax #11, it would have been 1/10th as good. In the hands of Steve Dillon, it was a thing of beauty. The best art I’ve seen from him.

Random Thought! Don’t forget to order a copy of Keeping the World Strange: A Planetary Guide. It features a bunch of great essays by the likes of Tim Callahan, Peter Sanderson, and TWO by myself. One on the ‘Fourth Man’ mystery and the other on the three crossover one-shots.

Random Thought! While Grant Morrison’s attempt to make all of Batman’s history count is all well and good, Paul Pope did it in Batman: Year 100 without all of the hoopla. And he even brought in The Dark Knight Returns!

Random Thought! As is the yearly tradition here on Comics Should be Good, I’ll be joining in with the I’ds of March…

I’d… put Howard Chaykin on a post-World War 2 book starring Nick Fury, Dum Dum, and the rest of the Commandos. Writing and drawing. And MAX just in case.

I’d… get Jonathan Hickman to write and draw a Secret Warriors/SHIELD tie-in one-shot.

I’d… fill the “Flashpoint” one-shots with awesome creative teams that can only do one issue and just let them go wild with their little corner of the alterate reality world.

I’d… see if Warren Ellis wanted to have another try at Hellblazer when he’s available for work-for-hire stuff besides Marvel (as I believe he’s exclusive still, but could be wrong). With the changes at DC, maybe this could happen properly.

I’d… hire Craig Ferguson to write an Aquaman comic.

I’d… release that Marshal Law omnibus that Top Shelf never did if I was DC now that they have the rights.

I’d… end Punishermax after Aaron and Dillon leave the book. That anyone could follow Ennis’s run was a miracle. A second one ain’t gonna happen.

I’d… make Salvador Larroca just use his Moebius style of pencils and leave that photoreference shit behind.

I’d… put Steven Grant and Igor Kordrey on a ‘Solider X’ Nathan Summers/mutant shaman Nate Grey team-up comic.

I’d… work wrestling spots into superhero comics more. Like having James Barnes and Steve Rogers use their shields to deliver a Conchairto or Spider-Man using streetlamps and other objects to deliver a 619. Hell, the Hulk should being Powerbombing people! Only the simple ones, though, because, as wrestling comics have shown, a lot of moves just look awful when drawn.

I’d… create an alternate reality where superhero teams are baseball teams. And Wolverine is a late-in-his-career veteran that gets traded all of the time, somehow winding up on three or four teams per season. Often returning to a team that traded him two seasons previously.

I’d… have Peter Parker get married again. Because it would it amuse me.

I’d… wait five years, find the most out there, avant garde indie cartoonist, and have him/her relaunch The Authority with no restrictions beyond the instruction “Do something that hasn’t been done yet.”

I’d… hire Michael J. Fox as Charlie Sheen’s replacement on Two and a Half Men, because it would be fitting.

I’d… make whatever kids-targeted line of books I’m publishing the place where I put top creators with the eventual goal of having that kill the existing line of books. You know why the Ultimate line of books failed? The regular Marvel universe still exists and is the core of the company.

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Random Comments! Man, you guys like to jump on topics… usually not comic book topics. Weird.

Brian Cronin said: Teams DO occasionally play 4-on-4 during games (when there are two penalties), so it’s not like your analogy, as baseball teams cannot play without a full compliment of fielders. So it’s something they’re used to, and if it that was the only way we could get an actual overtime period, then I’m all for it. Because that’s what I want – no ties and you play overtime until there’s a winner. Feel free to make the periods shorter, if you’d like (like 10 minute periods), but play until there’s a winner. So if the only way to get that set-up was to make it so that it was 4-on-4 (so the periods would likely not go too long), then I’m okay with it.

You make some good points. Shorter periods would be a better solution.

Meanwhile, I think NFL games should take the NBA/MLB approach of just having an extra overtime period. I don’t like sudden death in the NFL. In the NHL, it makes sense, because there’s no real advantage to winning the first face-off in OT. In the NFL, there is. So I would like 10-15 minute overtime periods in the NFL. Play until someone is winning at the end of the game. What’s nuts is that that would lead to MORE exciting games, right? And it’s not like many games would go past the 10-15 minute mark, so what’s the big deal? Currently, overtime is played very, very conservatively because of the sudden death situation. If the teams knew they had 10-15 minutes to play no matter what, then they might actually go for gutsy plays.

Yes, I definitely agree here. Like baseball, football is based around teams basically taking turns in control (not as strictly as baseball, of course), so a sudden death approach never sat right with me entirely.

Taylor Porter said: I know the thoughts are random, but they’re still sometimes vague. What’s the gimmick to SVK? I’ve read a bit about it. Do you just mean the concept? Or is there some other gimmick I don’t know about. And what was it about The Boys #52 that made Highland Laddie more interesting? Was it the fact that Mallory was Alastair Vigors? Or something else?

For SVK, I gave a link. I do trust my readers to bring a little bit to the table from time to time. As for The Boys, you got it. What else COULD it have been? That’s one of those things where either you don’t read what I’m talking about, so why would you care, or you do, and I expect you to be able to keep up. I’m not being purposefully vague, I’m just not spelling out every little detail of every single thought.

Christopher said: Huge Azzarello fan, too. His Hellblazer run is my absolute favorite run on that book ever, which is saying a lot considering the quality the series has had over the years. I haven’t had a chance to get into anything he’s been writing since I jumped back into the weekly comics grind late last year, including First Wave. Will the collection that was just solicited, which includes the Batman/Doc Savage special, be a worthwhile purchase considering the supposed demise of the line?

If it comes out, it’s weaker Azzarello, but still worth checking out if you’re a fan.

As far as turning the comments off? I don’t think we’d be the ones on the losing side of that one, dude. How much easy material do we provide you with on a weekly basis, anyway? Gotta be a third of the column!

Except, with no feedback, I wouldn’t feel guilty about less content, because I wouldn’t hear any of the complaints.

Adam Kirby said: Undertaker’s new entrance music sucks as entrance music. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not that there’s anything wrong with Ain’t No Grave, but it does NOTHING for me when I’m trying to get stoked on the Undertaker walking for four minutes.

I love it. I like that it was used last year and then again in the 02.21.11 videos before it became his entrance music. It got to the point where he HAD to use it.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading. Later.


Hellblazer’s going so well right now with Milligan. You want to ruin that with Ellis (best days are in the rearview)?

Hickman *needs* to be given another series to build off Secret Warriors, I can’t believe that this huge plot he’s been building across two titles that spans the entire history of the Marvel Universe is going to be wrapped up in the remaining three or four issues. It’s just so epic in scope, it feels like there’s so much more to be said!

As for The Authority, I don’t think you need to wait five years, just throw Johnny Ryan on the sucker and let him go!

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 15, 2011 at 3:04 pm

I’d agree with you that the PunisherMax should be ended if Aaron and Dillon leaves the book. Marvel was so damned lucky with that collaboration.

I’d LOVE to see more Igor Kordey art, but I think he’s anti-MARVEL now and busy with the next SECRET HISTORY series.

I’d been waiting for the release of MARSHAL LAW Omnibus for months/years? Where the devil IS it? I want me some senseless ultra-violence!

I’d forget about Ellis on HELLBLAZER and get him the hell back on FELL, DESOLATION JONES, and newuniversal and kick-start him with a few good swift kicks in the arse!

I’d…check for typos if I were you. :b
Batman Year 100 is my absolute favorite Batman book, but I’m not sure it covers EVERY Batman base. Could make for an interesting article though. I’m definitely gonna hunt for that Planetary book when I get the chance.
I’d create a Howard the Duck MAX book.

There was a Howard the Duck MAX mini-series. It was pretty decent.


Here’s a small proposal: PunisherMAX by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Come on, like you wouldn’t read it…


March 15, 2011 at 4:05 pm

I’d… fill the “Flashpoint” one-shots with awesome creative teams that can only do one issue and just let them go wild with their little corner of the alterate reality world.

Much like the Marvel/DC Amalgam comics?

I loved those.

I’d… wait five years, find the most out there, avant garde indie cartoonist, and have him/her relaunch The Authority with no restrictions beyond the instruction “Do something that hasn’t been done yet.”

I’d get Peter Bagge to do a one-shot with The Authority, like he did with Spider-Man and Hulk.
He’d go to town on those characters.

My first thought at reading that issue of New Avengers was “Holy shit! I really want to read a Nick Fury: Nazi Hunter book!”. Most the others sound good, too. My only potential issue is with Igor Kordey. I’ve only read stuff by him twice. He did a decent job on X-Treme X-Men, but his New X-Men art was eye-bleedingly bad. I’m one of the few people who would read the shit out of a book about one or both Nates no matter who was on art, but Kordey has not impressed me much. What has he done that I’ve not read that makes you such a fan?

The thing about the last “I’d” is that… well, it’s not going to work for everybody. Take the Ultimate line. Had good work, but replacing the regular Marvel Universe isn’t something I’d ever want to see. Much of the “Ultimization” outside of USM consisted of “make this character the biggest douchebag possible and have him douche it up with the rest of our douchebag cast”. Fine in short doses, but long term I’d hate it and just give up.

Tom, the omnibus isn’t happening, because DC has the publishing rights to Marshal Law now. Hence why I hope THEY put out the omnibus… or new trades… or something.

I’d heard about Marshal Law getting picked up by DC, but wasn’t sure if the Omni was definitely cancelled. Looking at Top Shelf’s site, they apparently don’t have a listing for it anymore.

I can’t see why DC would pick the book up if they weren’t going to collect the series. DC is probably one of the few publishers that HASN’T published any ML stuff yet.

It will be interesting to see how they get in the stuff with the Mask or Pinhead or Savage Dragon. Probably those concerns are what torpedoed the Top Shelf version.

Wait, a whole post about, say, Age of X issues will contain spoilers?! WTF??!!! (I saw that comment and was amused by it. Spoilers? No shit, sherlock!)

Mostly I like your semi-cryptic one liners, because you indicate to people who have read the books what you’re talking about, but are vague enough not to spoil much for the rest of us. Nice work.

Haven’t read Year 100 in a while. I should give it another look.

And I will say, for the (at minimum) *millionth* time, Kordey’s work on New X-Men was subpar because he had to do it in about a week because Quitely and Van Sciver both blew their deadlines.

Also, it was ten freaking years ago, and he’s done a lot of great work since then.


March 15, 2011 at 7:08 pm

And I will say, for the (at minimum) *millionth* time, Kordey’s work on New X-Men was subpar because he had to do it in about a week because Quitely and Van Sciver both blew their deadlines.

Van Sciver was only supposed to be on for 2-4 issues a year, Quietly on the bulk.
Then it turns out Quietly can’t do 8-10 issues a year, and so Van Sciver was expected to do more than he’d agreed to (and he was trying to work on a Morlocks mini with Geoff Johns at the time).
Van Sciver can’t do that many in a row, especially with no notice he was expected to, and then it went to Kordey.
I’d point the finger at Quietly for agreeing to do more than he could, and at editorial for having no back up plan, or foresight that the problem wouldn’t fix itself.
(That’s a very rough paraphrasing from Van Sciver, as I asked him what happened, in general, during that first year of New X-Men).

I’d put Chris Giarusso in charge of the Avengers. More Elephant Steve!

Say, where are the “I’des of March,” anyway? I’d . . .

. . . . bring back Ryan Choi, because his death was total bullshit.

. . . . get Marvel and DC to do a “versus” miniseries every 4-7 years.

. . . be able to think up more crap on demand, because I’m tapped after two. Sorry about that.

Is ellis done with doktor sleepless or is it another of his hanging chads?

I wouldnt trust him on constantine. He just thumbed his nose at the xmen with his laughably flat astonishing.

What I meant re: The Boys is that I thought that they had already established in Highland Laddie and The Boys that that Mallory was Alastair Vigors. I can’t place it exactly, but I know that they’d already made that one of the points of the mini-series. So when you say that The Boys issue made the mini-series more important, I thought it might be something else, since that revelation was already established beforehand.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 16, 2011 at 3:24 am

I don’t know if you know this or not, Chad, but Howard Chaykin did a four part mini with Garth Ennis called War is Hell for Marvel. Can’t remember if it was placed in WWI or WWII.

No Nick Fury or Dum Dum Dugan, tho’.

Remember Chaykin’s Blackhawk mini series back in the 80’s (ala “Dark Knight” format)? I still can’t believe DC let him get away with that blow job scene in book one. “gurrggelll” “slurp” – Classic Chaykin.

I’d… get Jonathan Hickman to write and draw a Secret Warriors/SHIELD tie-in one-shot.

oh hell yes to that!

I could be wrong on this but doesn’t Ellis have a beef with DC? I’m pretty sure he has been quoted not saying good things about them.

The problem with the Ultimate Universe was that it fell into the same traps the Marvel Universe does: crossover events, ‘marketing’ events (eg, Death of Spider-Man) and convoluted continuity. Ultimate Marvel could have worked with characters and storylines modernized and updated for contemporary readers if they had left it accessible. Who the hell wants to read the Ultimate stuff when you need Wikipedia to keep up with the regular Marvel U. Marvel took a great idea and then fell into the same ol bad habits.


Pretty much any series/line is going to fall into that if it stays around long enough. Unless it’s given a limited run or is self contained, it’s going to happen.


Wouldn’t that be a Con-Shield-To? It doesn’t quite have the same ring. By the way how deep do you think The Hulk could Rock Bottom someone?


March 20, 2011 at 4:01 pm

Hey Chad, is that a quote from you at the top of the cover on THUNDER Agents #5?

Indeed it is. The final sentence of my review of the fourth issue.

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