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I Like the Wonder Woman TV Costume

Entertainment Weekly has the first photo of the new Wonder Woman costume for the upcoming TV series, and I think it looks good on Adrianne Palicki.

I think is a costume that works better in real life than on the comic page.

Read on to take a look and let us know what you think…


The actual design is okay, it takes the good parts of Jim Lee’s costume and dumps the bad parts. Only problem is, it looks really cheap. I hope it’s not the final prototype. I’ve seen better looking Halloween costumes than that.

Leslie Fontenelle

March 18, 2011 at 1:02 pm

I think it looks awful. And not because it’s not faithful to the comics version, because seriously: WW’s classic costume is laughably bad itself, completely inappropriate for the character any way we look at it. This isn’t even an actual improvement over the classic costume, because it kept the ridiculously unpractical-for-crimefighting strapless bustier.

Beyond that, this looks like a cheap “sexy” Halloween costume. And the actress is pretty, but nowhere near beautiful or athletic enough to be Wonder Woman.

Looks like a bondage-lovers dream. Is it made out of the same material as one of those vacubeds?

In other words: Perfect for Wonder Woman. Now all we need is to see her bound each issue, followed by a dom scene where she lays into some dudes and Marston’s original vision will be complete!

Agreed with T. that it looks really cheap. It may look better in the final cut, but I’m not convinced on the costume or the actress.

If they just change the boots to the original red with white stripe and without heels, as well as taking out the two red stars and put a white star on the front of each pants leg, I think it would be perfect.

I am a casual Wonder Woman fan at best. And even I take issue with the pants… Not good. If you can’t pull off the iconic appeal of the original – you are not doing justice to the the source material. I am not saying she needs to be in a thong or anything even close to that. But she should look like she belongs in the suit.. and only the top half works for me sorry. It’s to bad really because i know the actress was most likely the one who refused the bottom half they originally presented to her. Such a shame – was looking forward to this show and now.. I am not anywhere near as interested if this is the look they are going with. Better off not doing – In my opinion..

I don’t say this to be mean – But you tell me where in Wonder Woman lore – where she ever sported blue pants. pretty sure it didn’t happen.

1319 – I don’t think Palicki is the one who made the choice not to wear the briefs. First off, she’s not an A-list actress or anything, so I couldn’t see her having the clout to make such a demand. Second, she never seems to have had any problems showing flesh in the past. She played a porn star in a movie once even.

I think it looks great.

I like it a lot. I’m with Brian on this one. I wish there were a few more stars on the costume and maybe the WW instead of the eagle, but I like the basic design of it.

Of course you like it. Why endanger a press/media relationship with DC/Warner?

I agree that it looks cheap, and the pants are laughable. I don’t even think she could sit down in those, let alone run or kick someone.

Plus, she sort of looks like she’s getting ready for a vivid video shoot.

Personally, I like the pants. However, I just find the costume a little to shiny and latex-y for my taste. The metal feels kinda plastic-y to me as well. Overall though, not bad, I was expecting MUCH worse.

I’m in agreement on the cheap factor. This costume takes all the elements that work the least over the years in my opinion – the strapless factor, the shiny factor, the heels factor, the clashing silver and gold (which I have always disliked) – and then further muddies them into a cheap Halloween knockoff.

The make-up is also atrocious. She should be wearing the kind of make up that looks like she isn’t wearing any at all. The hair is also not good, it should be longer and more layered…this is just kind of laying on her head looking like a bad thick (again, cheap) wig.

Palicki is a beautiful woman, but none of this does anything for her…and to cap it off, she looks horribly uncomfortable in it.

She looks like a hooker.

I think it’s pretty good, although I agree that high heels are a mistake. (I won’t be surprised if the stunt team demands the heels be changed.) It’s close enough to the standard aspects of her suit over the years, and she is instantly recognisable as Wonder Woman to the average person.

It does have that rubbery look that plagues most TV and movie versions of super-hero costumes. I hope that if the show does well, they can increase the costume budget and find a better fabric.

For those who hate it and think it differs to much from the comics version, go have a look at the Cathy Lee Crosby suit to see how bad it could have been.

I could get into this more if the blue on the bottom was the darker blue the trunks have typically been. Instead it’s more of a baffling periwinkle color that lacks visual impact.

The lines of this costume aren’t bad at all, in terms of update it to include pants but keep the basic Wonder Woman silhouette. If they could fix the color theory it would be a substantial improvement on the Jim Lee costume.

I really like the top. WW’s costume has been minutely altered so many times in the past 40 years that the idea of staying too faithful to the original is moot because WHICH original are we talking about? But I agree that it does look sort of cheap, like something you’d get from one of those pop-up costume shops you see in strip malls the week before Halloween. On the other hand, I think the reason it looks so cheap is because of the color choices. The designers chose to go with really bright, vibrant primaries that give the outfit a more “comic book-y” feel, and ironically that’s what makes it look like something with lower quality.

And the boots have got to go. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be red. And, while in the comics we can suspend our disbelief that any super-heroine would be able to operate in heels that high, on a TV show or movie where a real person has to run in them, there’s absolutely no way they’d make any sense.


Yea she really has the “Oh my god, I really just signed up for this, didn’t I?” face…that’s never a good sign.

Can’t really say I had much hope on this show outside the fact it could be a glorious trainwreck though, so I’m being bias.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 18, 2011 at 1:46 pm

I agree with Ms. Thompson on the make-up, especially the lipstick, it shouldn’t be that thick; and the hairdo as well, it could be better if shorter (or longer and smoother).

Maybe, she should wear a leather jacket.

Well, I guess we’ll see how the pilot does, eh?

The haters are ridiculous – it sure looks like Wonder Woman to me, and she looks great in the costume.

Looks fantastic, design-wise, too bad the material looks like shit.

The actress can’t pull it off.

The lipstick and tight top are too much.

Otherwise, I guess it’s OK, but don’t expect a second season.

Ugh. Heels. Hopefully she or her stuntwoman has strong ankles if she has to run or kick.

The gold metal bits look far too much like molded plastic.

I’m curious to see how this looks in action, but my first reaction is not good. I love the movie costumes of Batman, Iron Man and what I’ve seen of both Thor and Captain America. But first Green Lantern and now WW aren’t giving me much confidence going forward.

Though the materials are awful, I see where the concept is going. I still wish that the comics would go back to the concept of original design and slap some straps on it.

Count me as a hater then.

Had I seen this picture un-captioned, I would have thought it was an amateur Halloween/ ComiCon/Hooker photo. I’m too out of touch to know who the actress is. She bears no resemblance to any classic Wonder Woman portrayal. The hair and makeup is all wrong, and not flattering to her. She definitely has the deer in the headlights look.

I lost track of all the WW origin rewrites, but this is supposed to be an Olympian goddess no? Why wear makeup?

Being a goddess is about the only legit suspension of disbelief I could accept for fighting crime/evil in strapless top and thong with boots.

Wonder Woman should be zaftig. Accept no alternatives!

Also, that outfit cracks me up. Lynda Carter’s original costume looked much better. This one’s all over the place, from the silver braces, to the bright blue pants, to the heels.

It could’ve been worse.

I like it. She is definitely zaftig to me. If I were going to critique it, I would say that the boots should be red. The material on the eagle and gold tripping looks cheap: I wish it were metal instead of plastic. That probably would have made Ms. Palicki very uncomfortable though. I still like it and hope for the best.

well, my comment didn’t include: she is definitely zaftig to me…. “in the right places”. Not sure how that got erased – sorry about that! LOL

She’s a pretty woman, and I actually like the overall design… but yeah, it looks cheap, like plastic-y Halloween materials, and the make-up is kinda’ prostitute-y…

Doesn’t this random pic look 10x better?

Natural beauty, no garish make-up, muscular, vaguely Greek-ish, real metal and leather vs. fake plastic, designs inspired by history, etc…


Looks like one of those things kids play with where you stick the clothes onto the people in their underwear.

I want to see this thing in action before I render my final verdict.
if it allows a nice range of booby juggling and good ass shots I’m sold.


I wonder how powerful they plan on making their version of the amazon princess?
will she be near superman strength with flight or are they going to the old school
leap tall buildings in a single bound & lift the back of a car in motion to keep the
villains from escaping Linda Carter WW.

Yeah but then that would make sense.

Typo sorry that’s *Jiggling

The actual design is okay, it takes the good parts of Jim Lee’s costume and dumps the bad parts. Only problem is, it looks really cheap. I hope it’s not the final prototype.

I would think that this is just the basic design, and the actual “running around in it” costume will be made out of slightly less, let us say, shiny material.

Bernard the Poet

March 18, 2011 at 4:02 pm

If you are going to have a strapless bustier and high heels, why not go the whole hog at put her in star-spangled knickers as well?

The tiara is really awful too.

It doesn’t work for me.

1. Adrianne Palicki was pretty clearly great casting. I cannot imagine an actress bringing more to the table in terms of physicality and it still does not work.
2. I agree with Kelly that the hair and make-up are not helping. They look like something that you might see in a Halloween costume catalog. Plus, they are at odds with my impression of the character. They broke my suspension of disbelief.
3. The design of the tiara and bodice are not terrible. However, the materials are cheap looking.
4. The pants are just horrible. It is hard to imagine keeping the classic Wonder Woman silhouette using pants, but they did themselves no favors with the skin-tight plastic material they selected. A smarter decision would have been something looser and knee-length.
5. That raises the boots. I wish that DC/WB would ditch them for sandals, or something that gave them a few more options on the bottom half of the costume.

Given how terrible this could have been I give it the thumbs up. Plus, it will likely look better in motion than static, it’s a costume for action after all, not a costume for camera posing.

Brian, you’re crazy. This looks like a photo from a Halloween store catalog. Everything from the shininess to the plastic-looking accents looks cheap. And they seem to have tried to make this actress look as generic as possible.

Look at how the seam in the front of the pants doesn’t line up with the belt. This gives me hope that this is a Photoshop mock-up and that the final product will have more armor and less hooker.

I like the basic concept. I was expecting far worse. It’s basically a modernized version of her classic costume.

too shiny. needs red boots and little white stars running down either the front or sides of the pants

It’s OK to me. Recognizable as Wonder Woman, and I expected it to have pants. I don’t think Palicki looks so much uncomfortable as she might be trying a little too hard to look the part. And the makeup and shine could have been added for the photoshoot.

In other words, I think both Palicki and the costume will work. It’s the storyline that worries me. But I’ll give it a chance.

I am never going to understand the casting for Wonder Women. Palicki is adequate for a Smallville nock off, but Wonder Women in my mind is a complex character who without the physical and emotional stature and presence of a strong feminist women falls flat. Clearly undeserving of both the public and at the time private intentions of her creators. I think in the modern era, Cooke, has captured her best. 

That said, this costume is better then I had pictured the other day, when I first heard it would emulate the garbage being drawn in the #600 ect…Wonder Women comic. Giving WW her deservid No. and take away her iconic stature. Anyway, this costume is to shinny, there are not enough stars, and I hate the boots. Kelly is right on about comfort (again), make up and hair…everything. Practicality and her origin takes a back seat to modern fashion and emulating 2D in 3D. Due to her age and style, she seems more like a Wonder Girl meats Mary Jane Watson. In other words not the mature women in the comic or even the Super Friends. Yet, she channels some iconic resonance. We know it’s WW. Because of the real issue.

In fairness even Cooke could not escape the issue. The bustier is for Wonder Women, what Power Girls “boob window” is…an iconic distraction that undermines the integrity of the character, and in turn leaves an iconic sexual impression that helps keep the character in circulation (and forever part of her S&M heritage). In this case it is what is, and at least they aren’t shying away. Covering up her past is even less respectful then exploiting it somehow. That said, it should help the male teen demographic.  I just don’t see that as being the right choice for a target demographic. Of course it could be worse and part of the propaganda machine sexualizing female icons, making them appear younger and sexualized in order to get our daughters to have body image issues, play the part of bad girl sex toys and supporting industry of cosmetics, fashion, porn ect… Oh wait, that’s what this is. How would Wonder Women stand on this? We may never know.

I guess I should put up and shut up. After I finish my current strip, I will post a WW drawing. I will try and problem solve. That is what art is, innovation. Some people who actually get paid for it, should consider that more seriously. 

She’s got a tiara, bracelets, a lasso, and an eagle on her chest. That’s as much as you need to “be” Wonder Woman. And at least it’s not a hoodie like the Smallville costuming department would have designed.

I don’t hate it, but I’ll need to see it in action before I decide if I like it.

My goodness, but that is…shiny. It doesn’t look particularly Greek does it? If anything it reminds me of the Elseworlds Western that they did. Justice Riders, wasn’t it? I guess that I can see it working for television, although I DO miss Lynda Carter’s original look. If they wanted to update it, why not go with Darwyn Cooke’s design which is fabulous?

Still…much too shiny.

I think I read somewhere that Lynda Carter’s stunt double on the 1970s TV show said the classic costume was extremely difficult to work in because the bare legs did not offer too many opportunities for padding or other protection during more rugged action scenes. That could be a reason that they decided the pants were the way to go.

I’m not mad at the costume over all. As has been said already, I wish the boots were red and the material were less garish and cheap-looking.

I also wish it were a different actress But other than that, it’s nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated.

My only initial reaction was to the boot color. Y U NO RED! And I wonder if the three stars will have like extra super powers or something like the S-shield in Superman II.

I expect we’ll see the pilot as a summer tv movie fill in, but there’s no way that lasts as a series.

@ Ben Cohen:

The bustier is for Wonder Women, what Power Girls “boob window” is…an iconic distraction that undermines the integrity of the character, and in turn leaves an iconic sexual impression that helps keep the character in circulation (and forever part of her S&M heritage). In this case it is what is, and at least they aren’t shying away. Covering up her past is even less respectful then exploiting it somehow.

Power Girl’s peek-a-boo window is different for me. The clevage window came from actual women’s fashion a decade prior to her creation (http://tinyurl.com/4jw7o4z). It was a deliberate reaction against the unisex trend of post-femminist clothing. There is subtext that despite being empowered (Karen Starr was an entrepeneur from Day 1) that she wasn’t “one of them”.

Conversely, H.G. Peter put Wonder Woman in clothes that were decades ahead of their time. Women were not wearing bustiers outside the bedroom until the ’80s (http://tinyurl.com/497rwef). Her bare legs signaled that she was an athlete (http://tinyurl.com/45whfu5) at a time when that was the vanguard of feminism.

Symbolically, those costumes are 180 degrees away from each other.

… an iconic distraction that undermines the integrity of the character, and in turn leaves an iconic sexual impression that helps keep the character in circulation (and forever part of her S&M heritage). In this case it is what is, and at least they aren’t shying away. Covering up her past is even less respectful then exploiting it somehow.

As I have thought about Wonder Woman, I have become progressively more convinced that the efforts remove her sexuality have been a mistake.

Willam Marston was not some pervert. He and his wife were certainly unconvetional, but you cannot really accuse them of not thinking things all the way through. They were genuine first-wave femminists and did a ton of academic work with Olive Byrne (who was apparently their mutual girlfriend and the inspiration for Wonder Woman). They did real academic research into sorrorities and applied that research to the culture of Paradise Island.

In other words, the sexuality of the Golden Age version of the character is not even remotely an accident.

There are really only two reasons that I can think of to excise it. First, is that superhero comics are for young children and that material is inappropriate for that audience. For better and worse, that ship left the dock 25 years ago. The second is that the value system of the Marstons is repellant and, therefore, worthy only of censorship.

I suppose that there are value systems meet that standard, but I have a hard time seeing this one would qualify.

it’s worth a try for current TV sensibilities…
But i smell a trainwreck.

i also find myself bothered by all this “anti-sexual approach to women” brouhaha.
it’s too hypocritical to supposedly want to avoid presenting a woman’s sexuality, when media and all of society as a whole have done nothing but reinforce how much power there is in a woman’s beauty and sexuality.

Wonder Woman as a character has a mythical quality that deserves a level of preservation and reverence.
it’s 2011, but Greek gods and olympian-type characters are still depicted in togas, so what makes Wonder Woman any different?

why not just get the “Smallville” playbook and do Wonder Woman like that? The myth is preserved, but the character is made current.

Zor-El of Argo

March 20, 2011 at 5:03 pm

This costume and make-up job probably is a prototype and will be adjusted. I noticed a few changes in Dean Cain’s Superman costume over the first season before settling on the design that worked best. I’m sure the same will happen with Wonder Wonder. The basic design will remain intact, but finer details and color shades will be played with. Same with the actresses hair style and make-up.

I like the basic design of the costume, a little tweaking and I’ll love it.

I don’t think Lynda Carter “gets” Wonder Woman. I think she played the role great. But she played the Wonder Woman from the Super friends cartoon. Not the Wonder Woman from the current Justice League cartoons or Wonder Woman comics. The problem is I’m not sure which of these incarnations is supposed to be being portrayed in this new TV show. I think if they were going to be doing the current costume from the comic. They should have done it completely. And that Wonder Woman isn’t dipping herself in baby powder before putting on her costume. Drop the latex folks.


March 20, 2011 at 8:58 pm

Suddenly, I’m interested in watching the show!

Let’s hope it’s based heavily on the early Wonder Woman strips!

Seriously, lose the pants… wait, that didn’t come out quite right…

I don’t understand most of the complaints. I think the costume looks a LOT better than anything we have had in the comics. I would prefer red boots, but that is a pretty minor quibble.

I like the long pants, but the shiny has to go.

The REAL problem, IMHO, isn’t the fiddle, but with who is playing it. I’m not familiar with this actress, but she looks way to frail to be WW. This lady is supposed to be a bad-ass Amazon warrior? I’ve seen several cosplayers on Facebook who were much more convincing.

Its hideous, and its nothing like the classic costume.

This deviantart edit is better: http://bit.ly/dDYVgN but the materials still a little too shiny.

Might want to email NBC about the costume if you don’t like it as I doubt they will go out looking for feedback when they REALLY REALLY need it.

@Dean nice info there.

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